Healing and Consciousness Summit for Lyme Warriors

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Lyme Warriors! Discover & experience the tools of mind-body medicine [masterclass + mastery sessions]

Lyme warriors! I have a new FREE and ONLINE summit about harnessing energy and consciousness to promote healing within our bodies!

Despite so many medical advances, we live in a time with more chronic conditions than ever before… And we’re experiencing less joy, greater worry, and more psychological burdens. Because the health of your mind and body are inextricably linked, your thoughts and focused intentions can make you sick or make you well. 

Modern-day science backs up what has been understood for thousands of years: You are built to heal. Healing doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. By introducing you to the world’s leading experts on the SCIENCE of healing and consciousness, this event is designed to share practices and protocols to help you elevate your frequency. So you can change your state of being and create a profound but priceless consciousness shift.

Now is the time to reclaim the secrets (and science) of the mind-body connection!

Electropollution. It goes under so many names: EMFs, electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, 5G, cell phone radiation, smart meter radiation, Wi-Fi, dirty electricity…

Experts are saying these non-beneficial energies disrupt our health, causing symptoms of premature aging, memory loss, inflammation and even cancer.

But that’s only what’s happening on one side of the invisible energy coin!

On the other side, there are the many ways that energy, frequency and vibration can be used to bolster your health – energy medicine, PEMFs, sound therapy, herbal and earth medicine, the Schumann resonance, quantum energy, near infrared light protocols…the list goes on.

One fundamental truth is that everything in the universe has a vibration. In the form of electromagnetic frequencies, these energies influence all living things in subtle yet powerful ways – including your health and well-being.

So the question is:

How do we co-create – and heal – with ENERGY, FREQUENCY and VIBRATION?

You have more power to do this than you realize!

At The Science of Healing and Consciousness Masterclass, you’ll learn about:

  • The disconnect between the internal & external you
  • Using light frequencies to stimulate your immune response
  • 3 steps for creating a spiritual Faraday cage
  • How humming can help improve your health
  • How music can tune your biofield & offset EMFs
  • How to harness the healing forces of nature to promote healing
  • Can light restructure the water inside your body? YES!
  • Using low EMF infrared sauna & crystal healing
  • Unlocking the ability to see other people’s energy fields
  • And more!

—>>Explore the science of energy and intention at this complimentary, online event!

You’ll learn how to PROTECT yourself from potentially harmful energies and, at the same time, USE energy, frequency and vibration to optimize your health and live your very best life.

Your host, Lloyd Burrell, has brought together dozens of unique experts (many of them will be new to you!) to reveal the BLOCKS to healing and a diversity of guided techniques designed to remove them.

Daily topics and mastery sessions with Lloyd will include:

—>>Day 1: Science of Consciousness 

Mastery Session: Elevating Consciousness for Higher Healing

—>>Day 2: Meditation: Connecting to Source 

Mastery Session: Higher Healing with Meditation and Mindfulness

—>>Day 3: Overcoming Toxicity 

Mastery Session: The Science of EMFs as a Toxin & How to Protect Yourself

—>>Day 4: Decoding Trauma 

Mastery Session: Healing the Energy of Trauma

—>>Day 5: Exploring the Heart-Mind Connection 

Mastery Session: Higher Healing with Breath

—>>Day 6: Our Inner (& Outer) Terrain 

Mastery Session: Forest Bathing for Health

—>>Day 7: Exploring the Tools 

Mastery Session: Earthing (WHY Is This Your #1 Tool?)

Be sure to mark your calendar for January 16-22, 2023!

Reserve your seat today, and I’ll see you online at The Science of Healing and Consciousness Masterclass!



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