Why You Should Look Into CBD for Your Lyme Symptoms

CBD company Joy Organics

CBD Benefits and Joy Organics CBD Products

CBD was a game-changer for me. Chronic Lyme has left me with pains and aches that can range from dull and annoying to full-on debilitating. In the past, I found myself taking multiple Advils hoping the pain would subside. In my journey, I have discovered the power of natural and holistic healing which ultimately led me to discover CBD and its benefits for Lyme symptoms and pain.

I switched to CBD which is anti-inflammatory and helps decrease pain and aches. I found it super helpful for sleeping at night and getting the proper rest needed in order to take on the next day. However, CBD can be a bit of the Wild Wild West when it comes to regulations and new brands popping up every day. Getting a high-quality and trusted source of CBD is essential to not only feel the benefits but also avoid getting scammed or worst of all – getting an adverse reaction to fillers.

Joy Organics is a premium CBD brand that uses organic hemp, and beeswax and is made entirely in the USA. They are a recent discovery for me but have changed the game with high quality, full-spectrum CBD I feel the relief instantly! I am able to get a full night’s rest with their Soft Gels Melatonin and Tropical Sunrise CBD Tincture. If I am ever feeling pain throughout the day, my go-to is the CBD Salve Stick with 250mg of CBD and no THC. 

CBD can be a transformative addition to your self-care and treatment regimen. Let me know what you think after trying out Joy Organics and their CBD products for your Lyme-caused pain and aches.

PS: Joy Organics is hosting a Mother’s Day month-long promo during May with 20% off your entire purchase (a perfect gift for mothers and/or yourself!). CLICK HERE starting May 1st to use the “SPRUNG” discount code and save off your purchase!



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