Why Am I Still In Pain?

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Arnoux Goran, Founder at Total Health Mastery

Arnoux Goran, Founder at Total Health Mastery

This week’s podcast is part two of Arnoux Goran, medical intuitive and creator of Total Health Mastery USA. If you didn’t listen to last week’s episode, I would highly recommend that you go back and catch up. You will come away inspired to tap into your intuition as you deal with your life’s emotional aspects and finally heal. While on the podcast last week, Arnoux graciously agreed to do a reading on me to help determine why I am still struggling with my health.

We started with a prayer, then we continued with Arnoux asking me questions about my stress levels, and we used Muscle Testing, also called Applied Kinesiology, to confirm his findings. Although there are many skeptics of muscle testing, Arnoux pointed out that there have been double-blind studies to prove Dr. Omura’s Bi-Digital O-Ring Testing. With muscle testing, your body inherently knows what is right. When you say a false statement, your muscles weaken, and the O-Ring breaks. However, when you say something true, the O-Ring bond remains strong. We need to listen to our bodies more to determine what we need.

Through muscle testing, we determined that illness is half emotional and half physical. To clear any past emotional traumas, I need to learn Arnoux’s 5 Steps of Emotional Clearing or work with a healer who can walk me through each of the five steps. I also need to vent, whether through working out, screaming in my car, or doing anything to let off steam. Clearing the energetic interference of emotional trauma is the first step.

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Secondly, Arnoux believes a previous head trauma also is causing health issues. I had a head injury when I was a little girl and didn’t even remember. Arnoux thinks that working with someone trained in neurocranial restructuring will heal my pain, brain fog, and symptoms related to my childhood head trauma. Neuro cranial restructuring works with the bones in your head and opens up the skull allowing the brain fluid to move around correctly.

The next major issue for me is that my pH levels are too low, meaning too acidic. High acidity in the body happens when the blood pH is below the desired level of 7.4. The symptoms of low PH levels Arnoux described mirror the ones I experience daily.

  • Gums easily bleed
  • Swollen and painful joints
  • Muscle pain
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Insomnia from pain

To increase your pH levels, you need to do an alkalizing program but be careful to use the right brands as most vitamins contain toxic ingredients. Arnoux’s recommendations for alkalinity is:

  • Premier Research Labs Vitamin D3 (a nonsynthetic organic source)
  • Omica Organics Fulvic Acid (zero toxicity of excipients)
  • pH Salts (Developed by Dr. Robert Young, author of “The pH Miracle”)
  • Premier Research Lab Coral Legend (The most bioavailable coral of the 104 types on planet Earth, totally radiation and chemical-free)
  • VitaMineral Green is one of the few greens powders that don’t try to trick you with sugar (maltodextrin), contain caffeine, or include any extracted protein powder. VitaMineral Green uses only organic or better than organic ingredients dehydrated at a low temperature with enzymes and probiotics. To sum it up, Arnoux said, “Basically, it’s awesome.”

You can learn about picking supplements and other ways to heal yourself through his program online at totalhealthmasteryUSA.com.

I am excited to implement these recommendations and visit Arnoux’s recommended practitioners. I will report back in the next few weeks to give you an update on my healing journey with Arnoux’s suggestions. In the meantime, visit Arnoux’s website totalhealthmasteryUSA.com.

This we’re back again with Arnoux for part two. And I’m definitely a little nervous and putting myself out there because he is going to do a live session and I’m recording it so you guys can all hear it and see what’s going to happen.

Mimi MacLean  00:03

Welcome to the heal podcast for all things related to Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses. I’m Mimi MacLean, Mom of five, founder of Lyme360, and a Lyme warrior. Tune in each week to hear from doctors, health practitioners and experts to hear about their treatments, struggles and triumphs to help you on your healing journey. I’m here to heal with you. Okay, we’re back with heal podcast. This is Mimi, and we’re back again with Arnoux for part two. And I’m definitely a little nervous and putting myself out there because he is going to do a live session and I’m recording it so you guys can all hear it and see what’s going to happen.

Arnoux  00:43

All right, well, thank you, Mimi for having me today. There were a couple things I wanted to share with you about my background before we start your session. But I do want to be very clear that today’s intention is to give you a medical intuitive reading, and design your entire program so that you can be completely healthy. And when you are completely healthy, we’ll have another follow up show where we can talk about what you did and how it worked and all the good stuff and let everyone know that you’re better or that you’re at where you want to be. But I just want to let you know, you asked yesterday how I developed all these trainings, I talked about praying and receiving answers, but I didn’t talk about was the fact that I literally spent 10s of thousands, probably more than $100,000 by now on courses, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars and on books. And I’ve literally spent, I think it was like six, eight months, just reading books all day, like 12 hours a day, all I did was read and read and read and read books on health. And that’s how I really got to this place was I just studied and studied and studied. And most people wouldn’t live on their credit cards and just study all day. And even if they did, they may not be able to understand it all because I also had two years of chemistry, physics and biology, because I was pre med. And so I read all these books and all these studies, and I could actually understand what they were saying. Whereas a lot of my friends were saying I didn’t understand anything that someone so said, because it’s all written in Chinese. And I said, Well, that’s because he’s using all these terms that you’d have to have taken chemistry to understand or have taken biology to understand. Like, I understand why you guys didn’t understand what they were saying. But here’s what they were saying. And having grown up as an interpreter, I started translating for my parents when I was three, and basically was their professional, unpaid interpreter. So I when was 17, I developed an ability to take things that are hard to understand and explain them easily. And then I worked as a tutor from the age of 11. Because when I was 11, my fifth grade teacher saw that I was finishing every assignment and half the time of the rest of the class and asked me if I would tutor this kid that had been injured when he was three, and he was kind of slower. So I basically was his private tutor for the whole year. And then I worked my way through college as a tutor, I taught martial arts. And so teaching has been my profession since I was 11. And I’ve taken a bajillion courses on public speaking and teaching. So all these things have come together to work to allow me to help people in the way that I do. So it wasn’t just that one thing I told you, I just want you to know that I worked really, really hard and studied a lot and I spent tons of money on studying and my protege marriage, she says if you take our nose health courses, it would be like spending $100,000 on books, reading all the books, and then having it all put in the correct order of what you need to know. without all the stuff that isn’t true, and have all that stuff removed. That would be what it’s like. And I think that is a pretty accurate description. I just don’t like sitting at myself because it sounds like you’re showing off. But

Mimi MacLean  03:24

You’re obviously very, very intelligent. So that helps.

Arnoux  03:27

Thank God for that. Right. So I want you to understand a bit about my background, and I have helped thousands of people. So now it’s your turn. So are you ready?

Mimi MacLean  03:36

I’m ready.

Arnoux  03:37

Okay, so I want to do a little prayer as we start. Is that okay with you?

Mimi MacLean  03:40


Arnoux  03:42

I know people pray in different ways. I’m just going to pray in the way I pray and I hope that’s okay with you. Dear God, great spirit creator, angels and spirit guides good and true ancestors, beings of light enlightened beings. Father sky Mother Earth in the four directions we pray to you at this time. They pray for Archangel Michael’s protection around me, me and anyone that’s with her any beings that are in her home and around her home, we pray the same for myself. We pray for only the truth and the highest truth to be spoken for the beautiful soul of Mimi at this time. We pray that every answer that she needs to develop the health that she desires in her heart and soul be given today that she achieved this beautiful dream of perfect health for the rest of her life. Thank you God. Amen. Oh, and so it is. Okay, so can you tell me what your symptoms are?

Mimi MacLean  04:37

Yes, my symptoms right now are I have severe arthritis pain, like all my joints. You could actually if you touch my joints they are hot. I can’t even open like my arms. I can’t open them all away. You know, like my arm. It only opens like that far. You can see it. Yeah, straighten and then I also not only my joints, but just the rest of my I don’t know if it’s like under the skin, if it’s the muscle if it’s like, almost like a layer, like I’m not a doctor, so I don’t like a myofascial like a layer. It just feels like it’s like inflamed on fire, it just, it hurts. And then my memory my brain, it’s like really bad brain. It’s gotten worse, where I’m like, I, like you’ve been doing these podcasts, it’s really hard for me to remember words and pull out words and remember names and kind of it’s getting harder and harder actually. So those two things and then exhaustion usually, like usually by like, eight o’clock or seven o’clock, I’m on the couch, and I’m done.

Arnoux  05:37

Okay, so exhaustion, brain fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, you can’t move your right arm very far back. And then you have burning and inflammation in the basically under the skin and the facia of your body. Is that in your whole body? Did you say?

Mimi MacLean  05:53

Yeah, pretty much, especially at night when I’m sleeping and like I sweat at night, like really badly, too.

Arnoux  05:58

You have night sweats, and then do you wake up in the middle of the night?

Mimi MacLean  06:01

Mm hmm. About four o’clock, and then I usually have a hard time getting back to bed.

Arnoux  06:06

So about once every night you wake up and can’t go back to sleep easily?

Mimi MacLean  06:09


Arnoux  06:10

Okay, anything else.

Mimi MacLean  06:12

I used to have other stuff. I used to have neurological problems. I couldn’t walk in a straight line. And I couldn’t like lift my leg more than like, if I lift my leg on one leg it fall over. And I couldn’t like walk in the street, like put in front of each other. So that was pretty bad. I mean, I’ve had other things like heart palpitations, ear ringing. My eyesight. I’ve noticed in the past, like two weeks, I’ve never really needed readers. And all of a sudden I did, but I did need them. Like, when I was in the thick of Lyme, I needed them. But now I’m needing themm again. And I haven’t needed him out for a while. So like all my symptoms are kind of getting worse again.

Arnoux  06:46

Mm hmm. So are all those things better, except for the eyesight. You just mentioned, like being able to walk okay.

Mimi MacLean  06:54

I was bad for a while, but I actually got treated, I did a hyperthermia treatment where I went into like a sauna. And that like a Heat Shock Protein therapy like where he was able to manipulate my brain. And I was able to walk after that like in a straight line. Because he had some neurological device that straighten that out. And then for like four months afterwards, I was able to like, I walked out of there no pain, like I felt like I was back to normal, like, awesome. And then after four months, like I’ve kind of like the pain starts again, a little bit more exhaustion. Like I used to be in bed 20 days a month, and now I’m in bed, five days of the month flip flopped, but I still am not like I go through the day and I look fine. like everyone’s like, Oh my god, you look great. And I’m like, but they have no idea. I’m in pain. The pain is out of control.

Arnoux  07:39

Okay, so of the symptoms you just mentioned, how many of those are you still dealing with.

Mimi MacLean  07:44

Everything but the neurological. So I still have the pain in my joints. I still have the myofascial, whatever you call it pain, the brain fog memory, like anything like the brain I was talking about, but I still have an issue with that. And then the exhaustion. I don’t wake up like the refresh. I’m kind of like, like, dreading it.

Arnoux  08:00

Sure. And you wake up at four in the morning and can’t go back to sleep well. And your eyes are getting tired. And then five days a month, you stay in bed all day.

Mimi MacLean  08:10

Yep. And they’re not consecutive, but it will be like two or three days. I’m like, down and out. Like, I’ll have to get up for something. But it’s like, I can’t do much else. Okay, you know, I’d like to get up to like, take the kids to school or something like that. But then I’ll come right back home. Am I just out?

Arnoux  08:23

Okay, so if we had it every day, you were energized. And you didn’t wake up in the middle of night at four in the morning, your eyes weren’t tired anymore, and your brain was working super well. And you didn’t have any more pain? Would you say your health is perfect if we did all that.

Mimi MacLean  08:36

Yes. The only other thing when I have reached that point, like after like my hyperthermia treatment where I’ve reached that and like all now my symptoms were gone. The only other two symptoms that did come out of that, that were still existing is I get hives, I get really bad hives. But right now, like that was the top of the list. And now that’s like on the bottom of the list. But when I’m feeling great that comes to the top of the list, and I get like they almost look like beestings like all around my body from my bottom half. And then also I can’t work out. Anytime I work out, it puts me back like it sets me back into this whole pattern again. So I would like to be able to work out again, just because I know the health benefits, but when I do, it literally wipes me out and it starts this vicious cycle all over again.

Arnoux  09:18

Okay. And then is there a reason why you didn’t go back to this guy again?

Mimi MacLean  09:22

Just financially, it’s really expensive. I just feel like it’s gonna be like every four months. I can’t just keep doing that every four months. And right now he’s not doing treatments. Actually. He’s working on a COVID device. So he’s not focusing on this right now. He’s focusing on COVID.

Arnoux  09:38

Okay, very good. And then what other things did you try? Did people try to tell you what the root cause was? And Has anyone been accurate or been able to help you? Why do you think you have Lyme for example.

Mimi MacLean  09:48

So I do think I’ve had Lyme, just because I’ve had a genetics test done that it came up and it’s not just Lyme, it’s like borrelia babesia bartonella. It’s like the other ones, even more so than the Lyme. So I think test that’s come up positive. I just had an energy test done just on Monday. And she told me my babesia and borrelia were still active. Because I was like, I’m not feeling long. And she’s like, yeah, it’s active again. I think I have a lot of gut issues going on, from what people have told me. And then also, she had mentioned a little bit about heavy metal this time, which hasn’t usually been the case. And what is the root cause? You know, obviously, stress, you know, so,

Arnoux  10:28

Stress, so what stress Are you facing?

Mimi MacLean  10:31

What stresses any woman right now? COVID with kids not facing? Their kids are home? We haven’t had a moment to ourselves since March or whatever, 13th. But yeah, I mean, I think COVID has a lot to do with it. I have a great life. So I’m not complaining, I do have a wonderful life. And so I know a lot of people have a lot worse. But you know, just like I do it to myself, I bite off more than I can chew. Right? Because I like doing things I like staying active. I like being entrepreneurial, and doing like this podcast, and I’m another podcast. So I like staying busy. I like working. But I also have five kids. So it’s like, I do it to myself, but I enjoy it. But I think it takes a toll on my body.

Arnoux  11:10

So you mean, you’re doing more than you really have the energy to do like you’re taking on too much?

Mimi MacLean  11:15

Yes, I’m sure if you ask my family that they’d say that. Yes. But I also find working and doing this kind of stuff that like I’m doing right now, as an outlet for me. Because if I were to like have to cut this back, then it would make me feel like that. I’m just doing that. And then for me, I’m using this as this is what fills me up. In my mind. It doesn’t deplete me, it fills me.

Arnoux  11:36

So it doesn’t cause you stress. No, makes you feel better. So what are the things causing you stress?

Mimi MacLean  11:41

You know, just like every day, one of my kids have something, right? They got cut from a team, they got a bad grade, they don’t feel well, like, you know, just things that come at you. Yeah, nothing is like monumental like, Oh my gosh, you know, I have a friend whose son just got really hurt. Like, I don’t think God have anything. That’s like not, it’s not crazy. So I know that there’s a lot coming at you. I just always have anybody who’s around me is always like, Oh my god, you have so much go. It’s like a five ring circus at all times. I’m like, I know. But that’s kind of what I thrive in. But at the same time, I know. That’s probably what you don’t have a lot of family stuff, baggage.

Arnoux  12:17

So as you talked about all that, and all the things coming at you What’s the emotion that you’re present to in your body?

Mimi MacLean  12:23

What emotion?

Arnoux  12:25

Yeah, what’s the emotion that you’re present to in your body? As you think about all that stuff coming at you?

Mimi MacLean  12:30

I actually didn’t get negative actually came came out. Like I don’t know why I came out a little bit more like, like, I’m gonna take it on. Like I don’t I didn’t wasn’t like, Oh, my God. Like, he didn’t i didn’t get a negative emotion I got I don’t even know what the word of the emotion is. It’s more like, I see energized, but it didn’t make me like, stressed out with that. It’s just kind of like I’m telling other people like I’ll take charge, you know.

Arnoux  12:53

Like a dynamic take charge energy came through? Yeah, that’s what I felt. So the family challenges are not really causing you stress. They’re just causing you to step up. Yeah. Okay, so do you really have any stress then?

Mimi MacLean  13:05

No, I don’t think I do. But when I tell people my life, they’re like, Oh, it’s got to be your life. Because look at your life. It’s causing you stress. I enjoy having my kids home. I enjoy. Like, I just want everyone to be happy. You know, it makes me stressed. Like when my kids aren’t happy. That’s what makes me sad. You know, and like right now, I think that there’s a lot of unhappy kids. So that’s kind of what’s making me sad. But no, I mean, I have. And what’s making me sad is not feeling well, to be honest with you, because I want to go for walks like I love going for walks. And it’s been a beautiful weather here. And I haven’t walked in like two weeks because I have not felt well. And I reserved my energy for working or, you know, my kids, and I don’t really have the energy to walk. I’ve been doing acupuncture, and he even says like you have nothing left. And there’s like, you’re completely depleted. I’m like, I can’t walk. He’s like, I can see why like you have nothing.

Arnoux  13:49

There. So. So really, the big stress is that your body just isn’t functioning very well. And if we can get your body to keep up with your spirit, you’d just be flying.

Mimi MacLean  13:58

Totally. That’s exactly how I feel.

Arnoux  14:00

Yeah. Okay, good. So I’m going to give you a reading on what the root causes are. And obviously, I’m not a Western medical doctor, but I love medical intuition. And I find that it’s extremely useful. I first learned about it when I was 16. And I read Carolyn Mason’s book Anatomy of the Spirit. Have you ever heard of her read her books? No, I have not. Well, I really loved that book. And in the book, she talked about how she was doing medical intuition, which I’d never heard of. And she talked about this guy that had AIDS and he called her for a reading, which I also didn’t know what that meant. And she told him that the reason he had AIDS was because he was Gain Wintel’s dad. And she wanted him to go talk to his dad and do a healthy lifestyle program with her friend that was a holistic health practitioner. I had no idea what that meant. I just saw in my mind maybe running on a treadmill and eating lots of vegetables like what what the heck does that mean? Right? Well, six weeks later, he called her and said he tested negative for HIV and had no symptoms. And I just got this electric chill through my whole body. Like, oh my god, I wish I could do that. I wish I could be like her, you know, like a lightning bolt. And so eight years later, I could do it. And I was able to help a lot of people that no one could help because no one could figure out what was really wrong. Like, why they were that way. And it doesn’t sound like anyone’s able to figure out for you. What’s really at the root cause of why you’re not feeling that great. So, whenever I give someone a reading, I always want to preface it with Hey, it’s just a reading. It’s not always 100% accurate. You know, and one of my trainings, the teacher said, the US government uses intuition. They hire people who are very intuitive to spy on other countries, and they have a 95% accuracy. Now, I might be more than 95% accurate, but I’m not guaranteeing 100%. Just so you know.

Mimi MacLean  15:47

Nothing is not even the Igenex tests are 100%.

Arnoux  15:50

Well, Carolyn may said that medical intuition is scientifically proven to be more accurate than any form of scientific testing. So there you go. So let’s just see what we get. Okay, is that alright? Yes. So what is causing these symptoms? Hmm. Okay, so are you able to do self muscle testing? Do you know what muscle testing is? I’ve ever heard that.

Mimi MacLean  16:15

Yes, or not on myself, and I’ve had it done.

Arnoux  16:18

Okay. So for anyone who’s watching, it doesn’t know bioenergetic testing or muscle testing is scientifically proven to work. And if you’re interested, there’s a doctor named Omura. But how’s the United States government patent on his method of muscle testing, which he only acquired because he submitted a double blind study. So there is no reason for anyone to go googling and say, oh, it there’s lots of evidence that it doesn’t work? Well, you can do it wrong. And there can be reasons why it doesn’t work. But it is proven to work if done right. So I just want to verify what I’m getting by having you muscle test. Is that okay with you? Mm hmm. It’s just a fun way to check. So for a self test, what you can do is make a ring with your ring finger and your thumb. And you’re going to take your other hand, and you’re going to make a bird beak out of your thumb and your pointer finger and your middle finger. Right. Okay.

Mimi MacLean  17:08

So just so you know, okay, this is gonna be a little tricky. I had an accident when I was 15. And so I have limited movement in my left hand. So we’ll try. Okay. Okay, that was the source of a lot of my problems. But anyway,

Arnoux  17:25

You got in an accident when you were 15, right? Mm hmm. We’ll come back to that. So let’s see if you can do it, use your ring finger little bit less strong. It doesn’t really matter. Okay, perfect. And then make a circle and don’t lock your knuckle. There you go. And then with your other hand, see if you can put the bird beak in there, and just try to open

Mimi MacLean  17:45

The backside or the front side.

Arnoux  17:47

Whatever is more comfortable for you. Yeah, and see if you can open. And what you want to do is say my name is Mimi, and it should stay strong and closed.

Mimi MacLean  17:57

My name is Mimi.

Arnoux  17:59

Yeah. And then say my name is Frank, and it should open up. My name’s Frank. Yeah. All right. So you can do it. Yeah, I want you to test and say, the root cause of my health symptoms, is ancestral trauma.

Mimi MacLean  18:13

The root cause of my health symptoms is ancestral trauma.

Arnoux  18:19

What did you get out of yes? So no?

Mimi MacLean  18:21

if it opens is that a yes or no?

Arnoux  18:23

Let’s try again, we’re gonna say that if it stays strong and solid, that’s, that’s Yes. And if it opens, that means no. All right. Okay. So let’s, let’s test for say I have health challenges.

Mimi MacLean  18:36

I have health challenges. It is staying.

Arnoux  18:40

Yes, okay, good. And then say the root cause is spiritual.

Mimi MacLean  18:45

The root cause is spiritual. No.

Arnoux  18:48

Now, I say the root causes mental root causes mental?

Mimi MacLean  18:53


Arnoux  18:55

The root cause is emotional.

Mimi MacLean  18:58


Arnoux  18:59

Okay. And the root cause is also physical. Try that.

Mimi MacLean  19:04


Arnoux  19:05

Okay. So we have an emotional and a physical root cause let’s try this. So the root cause is more than 50% emotional.

Mimi MacLean  19:13

The root cause is more than 50% emotional. No.

Arnoux  19:18

Okay, good. Say the emotional root cause can be cleared with the five steps.

Mimi MacLean  19:25

Emotional root cause can be cleared with the five steps. Yes.

Arnoux  19:30

Say I need another tool to clear the emotional root cause.

Mimi MacLean  19:36

I need another tool to clear the emotional root cause. how’s that gonna?

Arnoux  19:44

Hopefully, it’ll open up is it staying solid. Yeah. Okay, so that we need the five steps and something else. So what we’re finding out here, so so the other tool I need is the seven steps.

Mimi MacLean  19:56

The other tool I need is the seven steps. Yes.

Arnoux  19:59

Okay. So those are opened up. Yeah, that means no. And it stayed closed on the five steps, right? Yes. Okay. So say the other tool I need for the emotional root cause is venting.

Mimi MacLean  20:15

Stayed shut.

Arnoux  20:16

Okay, and say those are the only two tools I need for the emotional root cause?

Mimi MacLean  20:20

Are these the only two tools I need for the emotional root? Cause? Yes.

Arnoux  20:26

Okay, good.

Mimi MacLean  20:27

You know what’s funny is I almost can I know what it’s gonna do before I test it?

Arnoux  20:31

Good. So you’re not you’re very, of course, you’re very in tune with your bodies all that means. So when we’re doing this muscle test, and we’re just asking your body what it knows, and you’re getting the answer before your muscles even express it. So what I’m getting intuitively is that you have a repeating pattern that the five steps will erase, that’s really the cause of why you’ve attracted this experience in your life. So the five steps clears out repeating negative patterns from the past. And as you begin to use the five steps and look at what the old things are, that happened in the past, I think you’re gonna find some of them, at least happened to your ancestors, like your parents, grandparents, who knows how many generations back, and that it’s causing a repeating pattern to occur in your life right now. In other words, you inherited it, at least part of it. And if we undo that first, then the other physical stuff is much more likely to work and or come to you as far as addressing the physical root causes, because we have a physical, at least one physical root cause to look at. But we also have some pattern thing that’s attracting the experience that we need to work out. Does that makes sense?

Mimi MacLean  21:51

Yes, totally.

Arnoux  21:52

Yeah. So I have this client named Karen, who didn’t want to sign up. And I said, why not? And she said, Well, I want to take it to use it as a coach with other people. But I don’t really need it for myself, because I don’t have anything to clear. I said okay, well, what’s your number one goal in life and her number one goal was to make more money and expand for business, and I said, and how to make you feel that you haven’t done that yet. And she said, I feel fine, because I know I’m going to, but I actually do feel a little bit overwhelmed, because there’s so much to do, and I never have enough time to do it all. I said okay where do you have the overwhelm in your body, it was in her tummy. And what happened was her experience of being overwhelmed and that there wasn’t enough time in the day wasn’t actually based in reality, it was an experience that she was creating. Because then she took the course. And she erased the feeling of overwhelm that she had. And she thought, Well, I’m just overwhelmed, because there’s too much to do. But the reality is, she was having the experience that there was too much to do, because she had the programming, the patterning, that she was overwhelmed. Once she erased that during the course, she said she went back to her office instead of your desk. And for the first time ever, she didn’t feel like she didn’t have enough time, she felt like she had plenty of time to do everything. And that week, two different opportunities showed up that she said I think might have been there before, but I never saw them. Because I was so busy, I didn’t feel like I had enough time to even look at them. But I looked at them. And I took them on. And within one week, my company went from being in the red to being in the black. And so she was experiencing overwhelm, and therefore creating it and having the experience thinking that the experience was caused by the external world, not realizing she was actually creating it and attracting it. And once we got rid of the part of her the patterning that was causing the experience, she stopped having the experience. And as a result, her whole reality shifted before her eyes, and the physical things of what to do just came to her. They just showed up that week. And she could see them, even though they might have been there before because her eyes were open to seeing them. Whereas before the feeling of overwhelmed blocked it. And so it’s similar with you that you’ve got these pictures, meaning these old memories from the past that have created these repeating patterns of having these health challenges. So we’ve got to work on that and remove that stuff. And then we have to work on venting, which I’ll get to in a second. In order for you to do the five steps, you have two pathways. One is to take the seven steps course and then take the course after where you learn the five steps and do it yourself. The other pathway is to hire someone on my team like my protege Merit, we’ll see if we can get you on her calendar because she’s actually booked in sending all of her referrals to other people on our team. So maybe you’ll work with someone else. So those are the two options, you know, work with someone one on one, or take the training, learn to do it yourself. So let’s just see which one would be better for Mimi. The fastest way would be for you to work with merit. And I asked her if she could fit you in. Hopefully won’t bump anyone else. I mean it will, but she’s the best. So let’s do that. She’s not very expensive just so you know Could be a lot more expensive. So that would probably be that’s what I’m getting is the best thing to do. And then you can always take the courses later as you’re so inspired, but we want to get you to your result fastest. That’s the first thing. So the second thing is venting. Do you know what I meant by that by venting?

Mimi MacLean  25:16

No, I just assume screaming in my car with music on so no one could hear me.

Arnoux  25:22

That’s pretty accurate. That’s pretty accurate. I don’t know if you can hear the rain, but it’s pouring rain where I’m at right now. And it’s kind of like letting the rain down and just let it come out. So whether it’s screaming in your car, or punching pillows, or crying, or going to a gym and punching a punching bag, basically it’s screaming, kicking, throwing, punching, or crying and just releasing the emotion, very cathartically. That’s venting is. So you might have built up a lot of stuff that you need to just get off your chest by, like you say, screaming in your car. That is affecting your body.

Mimi MacLean  26:02

Mm hmm. Which is hard for me to do. Because I’m not typically an emotional, I am emotional sensitive person, but I typically don’t show it.

Arnoux  26:10

Yeah. So generally, someone who doesn’t find it easy to vent has more stuff to vent, because they haven’t been doing it. You don’t naturally just, you know, talk to someone and say, Can I get this off my chest and blah, blah, blah? And then you feel better? Like? Probably don’t do it very often or very much at all? And who knows how much is built up guard your whole lifetime? Mm hmm. Let’s just see, is there anything else maybe needs to know about venting? What to vent about? So what are you most frustrated or angry about in your life right now, that you might feel you might want to scream about? or cry about?

Mimi MacLean  26:46

I don’t know. I mean, obviously, I think everyone’s in this situation like this COVID mess. Schools and all that which I’m frustrated about. But you know what, there’s nothing to vent because everyone’s feeling that way. But I don’t know. I mean, as far as venting, I don’t know. I mean, I feel like I have, I’m just tired of talking about it. Like just to like my husband or whoever will listen. So I’ve gotten to the point where like, I have worked with other professionals and read a lot and done a lot where I’ve gotten to the point now where I don’t hold a lot of anger. And I used to hold a lot more anger at things in the past, there’s nothing to vent, because I can’t change it. Like, you know, I’ve gotten to a point where like, it is what it is, I’m not gonna change like you you’re not getting you weren’t, you’re not gonna change your parents or you work and change your parent situation. So it’s like the same thing with me, I’m not going to change my family’s situation. So an A, just because you can’t beat them doesn’t mean you should join them. So it’s kind of like, if you choose if you want to choose to do that, I’m gonna choose to do this, and I love you from afar, but doesn’t mean I have to be a part of the mess. You know, and I kind of kind of take that approach now with everything in life. But I don’t know if that’s accurate or not?

Arnoux  27:53

Well, those are very healthy mental choices, right, we can choose to take different perspectives, and the only one I would maybe recommend is not everyone is suffering, because of COVID not everyone is having a bad time, you can change that perspective to you know what, I’m just gonna give you an example. Like, I get to spend more time with my kids now. And it’s only for a limited amount of time. But it’s, it’s the time I’m going to enjoy and then everyone can find their own positive perspective. And most of what you said, um, everything other than that is really a positive perspective is really powerful to choose. And you might still have some frustration, anger, sadness, other things stuck in your body that need to get out of your body that you need to scream out or cry out, which has nothing to do with the fact that you are so wise to choose that everything is cool the way it is. And I’m not going to try to change it, I’m just going to be okay with it all. Like, that’s a really wise perspective. And you probably still need to go for a drive and sit in your car and scream a little bit about COVID and about your kids and all the stuff.

Mimi MacLean  28:59

And yeah, I mean, I think for COVID is not even like my family situation. Because I do think like, I feel like we’re all good. We’re all happy. I can’t it’s more me internalizing, like what’s happening, like, around like what I hear, or just knowing and hearing what other people in this world are probably, you know, having suicide rates or higher I’m taking in or the outside stuff like, like I My heart goes out to the kids that are stuck in an apartment with abusive parents or you know, they don’t have food. That’s what’s breaking my heart, not necessarily my personal situation.

Arnoux  29:34

Okay, well, if you can vent about anything like that, but also about all the years of frustration that you’ve had to go through and trying to fix your body and having it not work. I’m sure that you need to cry or yell about that. until there’s nothing left to cry or yell about. And just as a side note, especially for everyone watching, one of the best things you can do for all the people who are struggling and Today’s environment like all the kids who are with abusive parents, is to actually heal all the negative emotions you feel about it. If you can heal your sadness and your anger and your frustration, and whatever you feel helplessness about how other people are suffering, you’re going to help end their suffering that way faster than anything else you can do. Because whatever you resist persists, and if you’re triggered or upset about their situation being terrible, you’re holding their situation in time, that if you can become neutral to it, and just accept, it’s their experience as a soul, then you actually become powerful and being able to do something about it. And at the very least, you’re not putting out that energy locking them into that experience. And you might find that they themselves find a way to change it. Because now you’ve changed and your reality can therefore change around you. Now how to do that would be to take my seven steps course. First, of course, after learn the five steps, and ERT, and completion, the four major tools of transformation that we talked about last time, and then apply those tools to all your feelings about the state of the world. This is something everyone can do. And I really believe that the state of the world is a reflection of the state of each individual. And if each individual can erase all their upset feelings in general, then we’re going to see the state of the world change. And those who are leaders on the planet, need to erase all the negative feelings that we have about the state of the world about all problems we have, we have the meta problems, you know, pollution, global warming, plastic in the oceans, poverty, starvation, sex trafficking, like all these horrible, horrible things that exist on our planet, are a reflection of the consciousness of humankind. And if those things trigger us, then we have to erase those triggers, so that we can then watch it disappear. If that’s part of what your stress is and you’re going to want to work on that. But for us, specifically for your health, just get in your car and scream, until you can’t think of anything else to scream about. They may not even be that much. And then of course, we’ll set you up with merit or someone on our team to go through and remove the patterning that’s causing you to have this experience of being unhealthy in your life. So that’s going to take care of the emotional root cause. Now let’s look at the physical root cause. Are you ready?

Mimi MacLean  32:18


Arnoux  32:18

Do you have any questions so far?

Mimi MacLean  32:19

No, no, I totally got it.

Arnoux  32:21

Okay, good. Take a deep breath. Let that go.Mm hmm. Did you have a head trauma?

Mimi MacLean  32:35

It’s funny that you say that you’re like, the third person has said that to me? And I don’t know. I mean, no, not that I know of. I mean, the only other thing I could say, and somebody another person has brought that up to me, was like, they’re like, Oh, it was just only a couple years ago.

Arnoux  32:53

A recent head trauma.

Mimi MacLean  32:54

That’s what this other person said to me once. And the only thing I can think of it, I didn’t even think it was that big of a deal is I fell when I was skiing. I shouldn’t even say it was skiing, I literally went to stop and I fell and I fell over which was so bizarre and I had a helmet on. And it really kind of shook me up like I was like, really did not feel well for like a day or two. And then I was fine. And I you know, went and got I got treatment on my head. And then I was fine after that. But you’re like literally the third like intuitive person that said it to me. So I’m which I find interesting, because um, and then the only other time is I felt like ice skating. I was ice skating and someone ran into me and I fell over. Those are the only two times I can think of where like I hit my head. But it wasn’t something that was like, Oh, I was in a car accident or I was had a concussion for three months and I couldn’t leave my room. So it was nothing that was like monumental.

Arnoux  33:44

Yeah, well, if you were knocked out or in, let’s say didn’t feel well for a day or two after hitting your head when you fell over skiing. That’s a head trauma for sure. Yeah, I mean, that’s bad. That’s like a concussion type head trauma. And what I’m getting Is that something else happened when you were really little that you just don’t remember you know, most people don’t remember before the age of four. I mean, some people do like I remember everything from being born incense anytime I want to look I can see that. But I developed that ability. So can you but the average person doesn’t remember anything from before four or five. So unless they practice and develop their ability to remember they don’t usually. So I think you had something happened to you when you were younger. We could muscle test to confirm Do you want to try just to see what happens? Okay, so why don’t you Why don’t you muscle test. My name is Mimi, my name is Frank just to make sure we have a good test.

Mimi MacLean  34:34

My name is Mimi. My name is Frank.

Arnoux  34:39

Perfect. I love how you’re doing it that way. It’s great way Okay, then say I had a head trauma before the age of five.

Mimi MacLean  34:44

I had I had tried about before the age of five.

Arnoux  34:48

Okay, say this is one of the root causes of my health challenges today.

Mimi MacLean  34:52

This is one of the root causes and my health challenges today.

Arnoux  34:56

Say this is the biggest root cause.

Mimi MacLean  34:59

This is the biggest root cause?

Arnoux  35:03


Mimi MacLean  35:03

That’s wild. I don’t know why that would be.

Arnoux  35:05

Well, if you had a big head trauma, when you were a little kid, it

Mimi MacLean  35:08

But how would I not know about that. So odd. Anyway.

Arnoux  35:11

You forgot. I mean, you hit your head so hard, but you didn’t.

Mimi MacLean  35:14

Like my mom would have said something, you know, or my dad.

Arnoux  35:16

So maybe they did what they needed to do back then, and they don’t connect it, that would be a problem. Now, most people do not realize that I’ve had time when you’re a kid could be a huge problem when you’re an adult. So there’s a couple things that can happen when you have a head trauma that we need to fix. One is that there is a big energetic blockage to the body. Actually, Western medical doctors figured out almost 100 years ago now that there’s electricity on the skin surface of the body that can be measured. And if you have a trauma to the body, that area will have less or even zero electrical or energetic activity. And that specific area that’s no longer having energetic activity will not absorb nutrition very well or at all, and therefore it can’t self repair and self heal. Also, that lack of functioning will reflex or connect to a different part of the body, usually to a major organ, like your liver, for example. And then your liver may not function properly, or even really function at all. And so then your overall health is completely to use a really technical term jacked up. And so once we undo that damage, and there is a way to do it, then that part of the body starts to fix itself, and the connecting organs starts functioning properly. And then you start to see finally the healing and regeneration that’s been missing all these years. Now, I learned about this through Dr. Bob Marshall’s training program through premier research labs, I’m certified through their process. And then one of his best protegees ever taught me and my students the whole workshop on it, and then I developed a video, so people could just watch it and do it at home, it’s actually really easy to do. They just use special herbs. Some of them are liquefied, most of them are in powder form with special clays. And you basically create like a pack, but it looks like mud. But there’s a specific process you go through because you need to first go from the feet, and the hands and then you go all the way up your body. And finally you get to the head last, so it might take you a few days, you know, it took me 18 hours, six, three hour sessions to fix every single one of these blockages in my body. Dr. Marshall called these blockages, interference fields. And when you remove them from your head, it can change a lot in your health. And it sounds like based on what I’m getting intuitively and the muscle testing that this is the number one priority for you to fix your body. Hmm, is to fix this head trauma. So that’s one thing we got to do. And that’s pretty easy, you know, you can just get that course watch the video and do it yourself, or, like some of my clients lately have been just paying merit to coach them and just do it over zoom. And you just need to order their products, which are not really that expensive, maybe 100 bucks or 200 bucks, rather than like I spent $3,000 paying someone to do it for me. And then after I learned how to do it, you know, I just wanted to make it easier and cheaper for everyone. So that would probably be the easiest way to go is to pay merit to coach you and teach you how to do it, then just get the products and then you can just do it yourself. And you won’t have to spend $3,000 like I did. Okay, yeah, so that’s going to be huge. And then the other thing that generally can happen is that the structure, the actual placement of the bones and joints in your head gets changed. And when the structure gets changed and is off, it changes where your head sits on top of your spine, and throws the structure of your whole body off. Hmm, if we move those bones back in place where they’re supposed to be, then the structure of your body can go back in place. And then a lot of different things can happen. First of all, there’s more room inside your brain, inside your skull for your brain. And the major glands that are there like your pituitary. And if your brain and your glands are being squeezed, fluid can’t move and therefore it doesn’t work right. In other words, you might not have the brain functioning that you want to have because your brain is literally being squeezed.

Mimi MacLean  39:16

Now thatfeels like that every day. I feel like my brain is being squeezed like

Arnoux  39:21

It literally is.

Mimi MacLean  39:22

And it’s interesting because I have gone to an osteopath before, and he does like craniosacral work and last time I went to them before I left la he was like so odd because every time you come here it’s like you’ve been in like an accident that has decapitated you I can’t explain it but he’s like, you literally have nothing no energy from your head to your like it stops like there’s no energy that’s going through your body from your head. He’s like it’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. Yeah, and he keeps saying so kind of I think goes in line with your what you’re talking about.

Arnoux  39:55

Absolutely. And I wouldn’t be surprised when you start clearing the past traumas using the five steps if you see some memories where that happened to you or one of your ancestors.

Mimi MacLean  40:06

So you’re saying it could have even happened to one of my ancestors? Not even just me.

Arnoux  40:10

Yeah, like, what if one of your ancestors was decapitated that way, and now created the repeating pattern of you having that experience in your body, even though it didn’t actually happen to you. And then your kids probably inherited too. And it’s just gonna keep going until we clear it. By the way, when you clear it, it’s probably going to clear it for your kids and your parents. Yeah, it’s pretty amazing to watch that happen. Sometimes both people were like, I’ve had clients work on their PTSD, and then their dad PTSD went away. Their dad stop yelling at their Mom, stop yelling at the other family members just totally killed that. Yeah. So whatever you do to heal yourself on the energetic or emotional mental levels, often affects other people in your family, and sometimes other people that are not even in your family, because you’re a part of the common consciousness. We’re all connected by energy. So you’re going to be healing a lot of people as you heal yourself. But that experience of you having that decapitation there, it might not just be from the head trauma, maybe the head trauma actually happened because of the energetic pattern that attracted the experience, which is why I’m pointing to that as a really important part of your process to rebuild yourself is to remove the patterning that’s causing the experience as well as actually fixing the body. Right. So I learned about what I just told you about the bones being at a place affecting your whole structure from a guy named Derek Howel. And his dad, Dr. Dean Howel, and partly with Derek’s help developed this process that they call neuro cranial restructuring. It’s very new. It’s very hard to find. I mean, I only know about it because someone told me about it. One of my students who is supposed to be dead Actually, that’s a whole other long story. Her name is Wendy now has a full time career doing colon hydrotherapy in the office across from Derrick’s. So, so she told us about him. And it turns out that Derek’s dad had an assistant for 10 years, who is friends with merit I just told you about. So we heard about them from two different sources. But really, literally, if you tried to find them online, you wouldn’t find them. Like it’s very underground. It’s just word of mouth. And there’s only a handful of practitioners that they’ve trained, that are doing it full time around the world. When I went to see Derek, the very first time that he adjusted my head and created more space inside my head, I realized that my brain had been squeezed by my skull my entire life.

Mimi MacLean  42:29

And what was that from?

Arnoux  42:31

The headache? I had? It was from my skull eas was literally squeezing my brain. Ah, like, you know what you’re feeling like your head is weak. I didn’t notice it. I was just so used to it that it was always that way. And when he adjusted, it, literally moved the side of my face, just a tiny bit to the side. I could feel all the space there. And it was like this giant relief, like, Oh, my God, it’s not being squeezed anymore. Yeah. So I, I was the first time I ever became aware of the fact that my entire life, my skull was squeezing my brain. And it relieved this massive amount of stress from my body.

Mimi MacLean  43:06

Was it were you born that way? Or did you something happened to you? You don’t know?

Arnoux  43:10

Well, it’s probably a combination, because we inherit our parents structures, I had a lot of head traumas. You know, when I did the interference, feel removal I’m telling you about, I had an interference, from here, all the way up all the way around. So my whole head was completely jacked up. from playing baseball, playing football, being a martial artist growing up with crazy parents, you know, a lot of I had a lot of head traumas. So of course, the structure of my face and head got messed up too. But there’s other things that will screw up the structure of your face, and your head, like dental work really pulls everything in and tightens everything up. a root canal, filling, any type of drilling, anything like that. It’s like it twists and twists inside your face and head and pulls everything in and squeezes everything. So it only just makes it worse over time. So with Derek was doing and is still doing some not done with all my personal sessions, is creating more space and opening everything back up and putting it in place. Derek said that he could actually take someone who has Down syndrome, and cause them to look like a completely perfectly normal person, by the time he’s done with them.

Mimi MacLean  44:19

Wow. But can he also change their mental capabilities or just their?

Arnoux  44:26

I didn’t go as far as to ask him that. But he did mention some things about improved brain functioning, improved speech functioning. Every single person should have a photographic memory, but they don’t because of the way that their brain isn’t getting enough fluid movement. Just it’s not functioning properly because the structure is not there. And as we create space in the head, then the brain can start working right and developing a photographic memory is exactly what should happen. And he definitely has when we talk, it’s amazing how intelligent he is. And he has a photographic memory and so It seems like those are the two things you need to do to fix your head trauma is have you go see Derek, and work with merit to remove the trauma from the body energetically they interference. Let’s muscle test to confirm, shall we? Mm hmm. Okay, so say, working with Marat to remove the interference, Phillip from my head and from my body is one of the top priorities and fixing my health.

Mimi MacLean  45:26

Okay, working with Merit to remove the head trauma is a priority. Yeah

Arnoux  45:31

They it’s the number one priority for my health.

Mimi MacLean  45:35

Because it’s the number one priority for my health, no.

Arnoux  45:38

Say number two.

Mimi MacLean  45:39

number two, yes.

Arnoux  45:41

Okay, so number one is doing the five steps.

Mimi MacLean  45:45

Number one is doing the five steps. Yeah.

Arnoux  45:47

Okay, good. So we’re really on track here. So number three is going to see Derek.

Mimi MacLean  45:52

Number three is going to see Derek Yeah.

Arnoux  45:55

Okay, good. So we already have your top three priorities of what to do. Say that will resolve more than 90% of my health challenges.

Mimi MacLean  46:04

Yeah, I’m saying no. I knew I was gonna say no, right before.

Arnoux  46:07

Say 75%.

Mimi MacLean  46:09


Arnoux  46:10

60%. Yeah. Okay, so we’re getting closer.

Mimi MacLean  46:17


Arnoux  46:18

Right. Okay, so let’s see what else you need to do. Okay. So say the next big priority is to raise the pH of my body.

Mimi MacLean  46:30

Yeah, I knew that because my that’s what the doctor told me on Monday. That my pH is too high. She said it was too high.

Arnoux  46:37

That’s pretty much impossible.

Mimi MacLean  46:39

It’s too high. Or too though. I need to make it high. It’s too acidic.

Arnoux  46:43

Yes. So that means your pH is too low, too, though.

Mimi MacLean  46:45

Yes. It’s too acidic is what I meant.

Arnoux  46:47

it’s almost impossible to make your pH too low.

Mimi MacLean  46:49

Too high. Yes. Being higher is better for you. Yeah, so it’s too low. Sorry.

Arnoux  46:53

That’s okay. I can’t wait to see what happens after you even just your first round with Derek. Where is Derek? He’s in Orange County in touch. Okay. Yeah, okay, perfect. Yeah, what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go see him while he should probably talk to him. indepent depending on, you know, flight time and all that stuff, how long you want to stay there. But generally what he does is he sees you for an hour, four days in a row. during that first round of four sessions, I think you’re going to experience life changing results. Yeah, I did. And I sent my brother to him. And it was just absolutely mind blowing. And one of my other very longtime clients of 16 years went to see him same thing completely changed everything about how he even experienced reality. I was taking in reality, it’s just incredible. So let’s talk about building up your Ph.

Mimi MacLean  47:39

Okay, good. You know what is funny how my accident hasn’t come up?

Arnoux  47:44

The one when you were 15? Mm hmm. Well, the reality is, in order to fix the head trauma with mera, which is number two priority, you’re gonna have to fix the trauma of that accident when you’re 15. Because you have to go from the feet up and fix all the physical traumas to the body before you can get to the head, huh, means you’re gonna have to fix the physical trauma from when you’re 15. Okay, so what’s included? In part two, or not?

Mimi MacLean  48:07

Yeah, okay. To Ph.

Arnoux  48:09

Yes. So the body is supposed to have alkalinity. In many areas, including the colon, it’s especially in the blood, supposed to be a little bit above neutral, there’s a balance of acid and alkaline in the body. And seven is the number that’s neutral, it’s perfectly in the middle. And your blood is supposed to be at 7.4. A little bit towards the alkaline side 14 is all the way the highest alkaline you can go. If your blood is at 7.2, which is where most people are, you’re going to experience fatigue. And the reason you experienced fatigue is because your blood can’t carry as much oxygen when its pH is at 7.2 as it can when it’s at 7.3 or 7.4. The other thing that happens is that all the toxicity in your body is acid, even carbon dioxide that you breathe out is acidic. And so you start to have the buildup of acid in different parts of the body, which is what happens to pretty much every American that doesn’t know what I’m telling you right now, pretty much everyone in America is going to be super acidic in their body. That’s going to cause all sorts of symptoms, inflammation, pain, lack of minerals for osteoporosis, arthritis, they’re going to find their muscles are tight, they have knots, they don’t recover from workouts. Well, they can’t work out because they can’t even create any more acid at all. Because they’ve reached such a high level of acidity that any more addition to it just fries their system and of course other more degenerative diseases start to show up over time. And as we start to provide the body with the nutrients that remove or counteract the acid in the body, you start to see a lot of things start working better. So if someone has arthritis in their fingers, because there’s acid in there, and we put in the alkalizing minerals that neutralize the acid and the acid comes out, well, the Arthritis might get better, they might go away, because we are addressing the actual root cause. Now the root causes have a heavy metal poisoning, it’s not going to do it, it’s not going to help. But if the problem like in your case is over acidity, we put minerals in to neutralize the acidity. And by minerals, I mean, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, it might look like I’m drinking milk, but I’m actually drinking minerals. This is actually like a super strong mineral water, it’s a couple of different products that are really high in those base minerals. And as we put that into your body, it’s going to start to neutralize the acid buildup. And your blood pH is going to go up. As your blood pH goes up, your oxygen levels are going to go up. And that’s going to give you almost instantly more energy.

Mimi MacLean  50:58

Sounds good I feel like you just described to me.

Arnoux  51:02

Yeah, yeah, and a lot of other people. And the more extreme it is the worst symptoms are. Now I’m very familiar with this, because I had a very, very bad problem with acidity just like you, my gums would bleed just from eating food. my knuckles are all swollen, I had pain in many places in my body, I was super fatigued. Well, all these symptoms I was going through are really symptoms of acidosis too much acid, not enough mineralization. So we just started putting in all the minerals, and the body starts to release the acid. Now if you go slow, it’s going to be really great and comfortable. If you go fast, the acid can come out really quickly. And that can be uncomfortable. We’re talking about diarrhea, and other types of symptoms of the body trying to purge. So if we go fast, and we do a cleanse, to purge it out really quickly and easily without any symptoms. Like I had this client, his name was Rich Friedman, and I met him in 2004. And he had acid reflux so bad that he could not sleep. He had been to every doctor he could afford, he was actually a really wealthy guy, but no amount of money could help. He was 48 years old. And he literally was retired and could not sleep at night because he was in so much pain, and he took painkillers every day. And even the strongest painkillers in the world didn’t work. He said he was sleep between 30 minutes and three hours a day. It was just a matter of the exhaustion overtaking the pain. This was his life. This is how he lived. And what I did was I gave him a huge amount of minerals to take green vegetable juice, mineral broth, handfuls of supplements, during food and in between meals. And it was so much stuff so fast that I had him do an intestinal detox or cleanse, to soak up and flush out all the acid that was automatically going to start coming out as we put in all those acid neutralizers. So during 30 days, and that was how long his program was, he lost 35 pounds. All of his pain went away his doctor because I’m not a doctor, his doctor took him off all his medications, all of them. He was clearly off all his medications in 30 days. And I’m not going to recommend anyone do without their doctor’s help. I’m not an expert in all that stuff. But his doctor told him you don’t need this. So he took him off of it. He started sleeping eight hours a day. Because he could no he wasn’t in pain at all. And then he told me in our last session, because this is only five sessions. He said I started working out because I feel like it now. I always make this joke. I’m sure his wife was really happy about it.

Mimi MacLean  53:27

Yeah, yeah, it’s awesome.

Arnoux  53:29

All we did was an alkalizing program. Okay, and that’s what worked. And he’s like, you got to write a book on acid reflux. You know, many people have been like, what about everything else? Like, that’s only one thing? What about Lyme, so we’re going to create an alkalizing program for you. So let’s just see, she made me do a cleanse. Like that’s too intense. I think we should go a lot slower. And just gently and gradually introduce the minerals and build them up over time. I think it’ll be a lot easier for your lifestyle, because you’re really busy mom, to just once a day, take some stuff, or maybe twice a day, if it’s easier. And then you can take more or build up to twice a day. How does that sound?

Mimi MacLean  54:04

That’s good.

Arnoux  54:05

Okay, so I have the base program that I use for myself and all our clients. I mean, I’ve been researching supplements for about 20 years now. So I have the best of the best stuff. 97.5% of what you buy at the grocery store at the health food store is proven to be poisonous to some degree, even though it’s supposed to be good for you. There’s only a small percentage of supplements on the market that don’t have any toxicity in them whatsoever. So I’m only going to tell you about products like that. So what I’m drinking right now is two different things. It’s pH salts, which was developed by Dr. Robert Young, who wrote a very famous book the pH miracle. And it’s basically sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium and don’t think sodium is bad. Sodium nitrates are bad as preservatives. But sodium like found in celery which is why the Medical Medium tells everyone to drink celery because it’s like the highest source of sodium of most of the vegetables that we eat. It actually is the main alkalizing agent of the body. Whenever My favorite doctor is Dr. David Jebb mentioned our last show. He said that the body is the salt water bag. So it’s basically the main base or alkalizing nutrient of the body is actually organic, natural sodium. So that’s what’s in the PH salts. And then coral legend, which is a product specific to premier research labs. It’s a 104 types of coral on planet Earth, the most absorbent type, and there’s no toxicity, not even radiation from the ocean, in this coral, and it’s really high in calcium, magnesium and has trace minerals. So that’s going to be your base program. And then you’re also going to take some green powder, you can either drink it in a powder form, or in capsule form. The one that we generally go with is called vitamineral green, I know you’re recording this, I’m not going to, you know, type it up and all that vitamineral green. And I like the capsule form because it does taste strong. But if you mix it with a little bit of apple juice, or some agave nectar, you might find you don’t even want to add anything just mixing the water because you’ll get used to the taste naturally over time without trying to force it vitamineral green contains every nutrient the body needs to contains probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, obviously, it’s going to help rebuild your immune system. It’s amazing. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it. But it’s definitely one of the best products, it’s carried by Whole Foods nationwide. And pretty much every health food store carries it. If you look at the ingredients, it’s just absolutely fantastic. So those are the three more basic products. And then the other two things that support that are vitamin d3, which we get from premier research labs because they make some of the most high quality supplements on the planet. And then there’s a product called Fulvic I see it’s actually a nutrient fulvic acid, not folic, but fulvic. And our body needs fulvic acid and vitamin d3 to absorb calcium and the other minerals. And some of my super brilliant doctor friends say they cannot get people alkaline with anything else unless they add in the fulvic acid. Because their bodies might just want to absorb the calcium and everything else without it. So those are the five main pieces. And how much should you take, I would say take half of what it says on the bottle to start and see how you feel if you have diarrhea, it’s too much. That’s not bad, it means a lot of acids coming out really fast. But we don’t want it to be uncomfortable. We want it to be really gentle, we just want you to feel better every day. So start with that, if you don’t have any diarrhea increased by like a quarter of that amount each day. So let’s say for example, on the bottle of vitamineral greens, it says to take a teaspoon a day. Okay, try half a teaspoon first. And then try three quarters of a teaspoon, then try a whole teaspoon, then try a teaspoon and a quarter. So just increase by a little bit each day. And if you feel really great, you can try to go a little faster.

Mimi MacLean  57:47

And what is the highest you go back to?

Arnoux  57:49

Well, with vitamineral Green, I often get readings to tell people to take four tablespoons a day. And when they come back and tell me what happened. It’s usually like oh my god, like I got my life back. I have so much energy, I’m sleeping less. I can’t believe I feel this good. I’m gonna drink this for the rest of my life. And stuff like that. The only one that you can’t take as much as you want to is the coral legend. Don’t take more than a tablespoon of that because it can be difficult for the kidneys to process too much of it. Let’s just see what’s the maximum coral legend for Mimi. Yeah, tablespoons fine. So you need to start real slow with it with all these just gradually build up with the fulvic minerals. So fulvic acid product, there’s two different ones are just Fulvic Acid. And there’s one called sell balancer that comes with a bunch of trace minerals from the ocean I’m gonna have you get the sell balancer. It tastes very strong. So you want to drink it with like a shot with some kind of juice that’s also really strong like grapefruit juice, or lemon juice with a little dash of agave. So it masks the flavor straight up ginger juice mixed with fulvic minerals actually tastes really good. You can mix it with with water, sparkling water, something like that. If you mix it with sparkling water, it will hit your system faster. We’d like to take it as a shot for fun and say, Look, we can take shots and be healthy because these are healthy shots. Right. Wake up in the morning, you’re like okay, get some water and you put your clora legend and your pH salts in it. And that’s your water bottle for the day. And then you take some vitamineral green, and you take a shot of fulvic minerals and a dropper full of vitamin D and that’s your whole alkalizing program really simple to do in five minutes. It doesn’t take a lot of your time. You want to give it to your husband and your kids go ahead. They should be taking it right. You might find they calm, down because all these minerals are calming. Magnesium is the calming mineral but all of them calm the nervous system. Your whole nervous system runs on sodium, potassium, magnesium. Without those it doesn’t run well. So yeah, if you have a kid that’s really hyper, this might be super good for them.

Mimi MacLean  59:55

That’s good. Now how typically long does it take for people to start feeling better?

Arnoux  1:00:01

Within 30 minutes and three hours of taking minerals, generally you’ll notice an energy increase if you’re depleted.

Mimi MacLean  1:00:08

And then how long like in general, like, Okay, I’m like how long they stay in the program with you.

Arnoux  1:00:13

It’s completely individual, like 30 days for someone to have all their symptoms go away. Well, yeah, happens all the time. I happens all the time. But how long is it going to take for you to go see Derek like to get on his calendar? I mean, he booked out. I think January is already booked in February is almost booked. So I’ll tell February at the earliest to see him. Okay. Well, you could ask them if there’s anyone else in your area that you could see, and maybe you can get in with them faster. But I don’t know how much progress you’re gonna see until you see someone like him. Okay, it might, it might take you six months to get to the place where you’re like, Hey, can we do a new show now? Because all my symptoms are gone? I feel amazing. And I want to tell everybody, I don’t know. Let’s do a reading on that. How long will it take for me to feel completely better and have no pain whatsoever? I’m getting about three months, probably right after you see, Derek for the first round will be the magic trick, because you’re gonna do all this other stuff before then.

Mimi MacLean  1:01:07

Right? Okay.

Arnoux  1:01:08

Yeah. So let’s just see now is there anything else that Mimi needs to know? Or is this her entire program, she needs to know more. So you need to increase your water intake to a gallon a day for a week to rehydrate your system and then you can break it down to like half a gallon a day, you need to improve the quality of your water, what kind of water do you drink?

Mimi MacLean  1:01:28

I’ve been drinking water from that zero water filter.

Arnoux  1:01:31

Okay, I want you to look and see if you can get mountain valley spring water delivered to your home. It’s delivered in most states nationwide. Even just recently, one of my clients, I read her and told her she was dehydrated. But she’s like I drink so much water. I said so quality of the water, she switched to Mountain Valley. And within one day, she felt completely better. Because the quality of the water plays a huge role in what you can absorb and and how much you actually want to drink. You don’t want to drink it if it doesn’t feel really good. Their water is the only water I know of that is delivered or can be delivered in a glass bottle, you can get a three gallon or a five gallon glass bottle, put it in a cooler, and you’ll have instant hot and cold water on demand. And you’ll drink a lot more water because you’ll love it. Okay, what else does Mimi need to know, your good fat intake is too low, you need to increase your good fat intake 100% of Americans tested are deficient in omega three, one of the major essential oils are good fats. So do a tablespoon of flax oil every day for a month. So you can just do that right in the morning when you take your minerals. In fact, if you take the oil with the minerals, not necessarily in the same cup, it’ll actually help the minerals get into your cells better. Fats carry minerals deeply into cells. So it actually be a good addition. Plus, it’ll increase your hormonal function because all of your hormones, their main fuel to generate hormones comes from good fat, like your thyroid, which generates the hormone that then allows your body to burn fats and carbohydrates. And oxygen on a cellular level requires fat as its main source to make that hormone. So if you’re low on fat, your whole hormonal systems be out of whack. Okay. Okay. That’s it. So I want you to muscle test and say my program is complete.

Mimi MacLean  1:03:15

My program is complete.

Arnoux  1:03:18

Yes. All right, bravo.

Mimi MacLean  1:03:21

That’s awesome. Can you address those cuz you talked about yesterday a little bit eating? Or is that part of the five step like? Well, I learned that once I do the five step.

Arnoux  1:03:29

It’s not related to the five steps at all. So if you want to learn about nutrition and diet, you want to listen to my courses on that. So the solution and foundation, and then the foundation parts one through four. So there’s five courses on that. And if you listen to those, they’re going to inspire you, they’re going to cause you every day to want to be healthier, you’re going to want to do better things. Because of the inspiration. There’s no like, here’s what you have to do, I don’t tell anyone what to eat. I just explained how the body works and how the nutrients work, what food is actually better for you. And then what happens is people get so excited that they just start doing it. And they do whatever is appropriate for them at that time in their life. Sometimes people will listen to it. And then like a year later, they’re like, I’m ready to go full bore now, whereas I just kind of put my toe in the water before it was very unique. But my methodology and explaining things causes inspiration, it causes people to get an action because they want to and I think that’s really exciting for people to hear about that. So if you listen to the solution foundation courses, you’re going to learn all about how the body works, including diet, nutrition, all the different supplements, you need the different type of nutrients. in that program, I teach how to cure addiction, or how to get rid of addiction permanently any type of addiction. It could be food addiction. I mean, the worst addiction of all is actually food addiction. It’s worse than cigarettes. It’s worse than alcohol. But you can learn how to get rid of any addiction with my program. I cover everything from like electromagnetic field protection and dentistry to How to Feed your pets to lasers. I mean, it’s just like there’s 96 hours of training there and I Every single hour, every single hour is going to change your life. So as far as your program goes, I feel like changing your diet is not necessary to achieve the result you want. But it would speed things up. Like if you were to improve the quality of your diet, it would make everything go faster. And you might find that after you’ve done all these things, I’ve told you that that’s the next thing you need to do. But if we give you too much to do, it becomes overwhelming and then counterproductive. Okay,

Mimi MacLean  1:05:27

yeah, awesome. This has been amazing. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to call you back in three months. And say I’m good. I’m finally and put it to bed. I feel great. I just ran a marathon.

Arnoux  1:05:40

All right. I love that every day focus your mind on that you’re healthy. You tell yourself that you’re healthy, writing cursive that you’re healthy. And whatever your health goal is, you know, my body feels wonderful and pain free in my brain works perfectly. I’ve tons of energy, I sleep through the night and read it before you go to bed and read it when you wake up. And it’ll start to program into the cells of your body that that’s your new reality. And I would say start doing that after you have your sessions with merit and clear out all those patterns with the five steps. Okay, I’m gonna give you her website, which is yourspiritdoctor.com, and you can book with her right there. I’m going to text her today and let her know that I have a special request for her to work with you.

Mimi MacLean  1:06:30

Yeah. I appreciate it. And then will you email me also for the head?

Arnoux  1:06:34

Derek? Derek.

Mimi MacLean  1:06:36


Arnoux  1:06:37

Yes, his website is restructureyou.com. Tell him I sent you and asked him if you can get in if he has a cancellation sooner than February, asking if there’s anyone you know, on the east coast where you’re that he’s trained. I know his dad sometimes is in New York, his dad’s a lot more expensive. But that’s awesome. So maybe that would be a way for you to get to see someone sooner because the sooner you can that first round for the better. Of course, Derek’s amazing. So if you fly to Orange County and see him, that’ll be fantastic.

Mimi MacLean  1:07:08

Well, I’ll be home in like two weeks anyway. So that’s just a drive.

Arnoux  1:07:11

I’m thinking Oh, oh, the perfect. So yep. Let’s see if we can get in with him before February. But books February and then just try to maybe he all the cancellation or something that you can take?

Mimi MacLean  1:07:21

Yes, that’d be great.

Arnoux  1:07:23

And then if you want to take the solution and foundation courses, just go to totalHealth Masteryusa.com. That’s my website, and just click on programs. And you’ll see all the courses there and click on the solution, which is the first health course and watch the testimonial videos. I mean, there’s one there, that’s five minutes that we probably have to take down soon. But it’s really inspiring, and I would definitely watch that one just for fun.

Mimi MacLean  1:07:47

Okay, well, thank you. This has been unbelievable. I’m so appreciative of your time and volunteering to do this for me tonight. I really am touched. And I hope that this is going to be the end of my journey that I can just put it to bed now and go on. So I do seems like I have some work cut out. So I’m gonna do it and get it down. I feel great.

Arnoux  1:08:06

Mimi I can’t wait to see you feel better. I told you that doing this and something I don’t normally do. And I charge a lot of money, but it would you know, help your your fans to hear about what I do. But the reality is I just felt bad. Like I felt sad, but I just really wanted to help you.

Mimi MacLean  1:08:21

Oh, I appreciate it. I really do. Thank you so much. And I want to cry and I never cry. So thank you so much. And have a wonderful weekend. Thank you. I really appreciate it.

Arnoux  1:08:32

You’re welcome Amy and feel free to send me an email with some updates as you go along. Okay.

Mimi MacLean  1:08:37

Okay, well definitely keep it you in the loop. Thank you so much. So this wraps up this second part with Arnoux Goran I’m so appreciative of him and please go check out his website at totalHealthMastery. usa.com and I will keep you up to date as I go along this process and reach out if you have any questions and check out Lyme360.com. Thanks so much.



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