Transformational Lyme Coach and Warrior Jake Mayers

Transformational Lyme Coach and Warrior Jake Mayers

 Jake Mayers, Transformational Lyme Coach 

Did you miss our IG Live earlier this week with Jake? (FULL IGTV HERE)⁠

I sat down with Jake to share his Lyme journey, how he got himself to feel better and reclaim his life, and his new exciting coaching plan.⁠ He specializes in coaching men through Lyme, mold, and co-infections. As a mother with a son who has Lyme, I was thrilled to get his insight into the Lyme journey and experience for men. 

Jake officially launched his 12-week Chronic Illness Guide and program today, January 31st, 2022! Click HERE to learn more!

After suffering from viral meningitis and a spinal tap, Jake first saw signs of Lyme but was told it was nothing and he would get over it. It took NINE YEARS to diagnose him with chronic Lyme finally. In 2015, he finally got a Lyme-literate doctor and got his diagnosis. During his young adult years, he was determined to live out his life and, as he described it, “mind over matter and health.”

He combined antibiotics and herbs, but he crashed and hit rock bottom due to his rigorous schedule and work. His neurological symptoms were exaggerated by mold exposure and toxicity.

We talked about transformational coaching long-term change versus helping some get rid of the short-term pains. Becoming a coach is leading by example and first finding the transformation within yourself! Jake’s last words of advice from our interview were for those looking for solutions at home. 

  • Your life is not over and Lyme is not a death sentence if you take the time to figure out what’s wrong and what the steps to getting better are
  • Find a community and support, even before seeking a medical doctor.
  • Before you do anything make sure your body can detox! Saunas and dry brushing are great at-home techniques.

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