How to Start Healing Your Lyme Now with Dr. Bill Rawls

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Dr. Bill Rawls, Founder of Vitalplan Dr. Rawls was on the Heal Podcast earlier in the year, so I’m so excited to have him back again now. He is a Lyme doctor who truly feels your pain because he also has had Lyme and has recovered from it. He had pretty much had every Lyme […]

Herbal Healing for Lyme with Dr. Rawls

herbal healing for lyme

Herbal Healing with Dr. Rawls Dr. Bill Rawls, Founder of Vitalplan Dr. Rawls, author of Unlocking Lyme is a Lyme Warrior who used his background as a physician to heal himself from Lyme disease and create a platform to help others. I have used Dr. Rawls’ Vital Plan herbal protocols for a few years, so […]



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