Investigative Journalist Mary Pfeiffer on the Lyme Epidemic

investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer

Mary Beth Pfeiffer, Author of Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change Investigative Journalism and How Climate Change and Lyme Are Connected Since 2012, Mary Beth has become the leading US investigative journalist on the growth of and controversy surrounding Lyme disease. A hidden menace that she argues has been fostered by a warming world […]

Mud Packing As A Detox for Lyme

mud packing

Have You Heard Of Mud Packing As A Detox Treatment? Have you tried mud packing to help detox your Lyme?  If not, I would strongly recommend it. I recently was introduced to this practice and have come to see the benefits.  You can buy Medi-Body Pack Botanical Clay Pack HERE.  I had a practitioner apply […]

How Lyme Warrior Julie Yakunich Healed and Helps Others

Julie Yakunich, Integrative Health Coach Lyme warrior Julie Yakunich used her project management training to approach her years of chronic symptoms and pain and now is on the other side of remission from Lyme. She went 5 years undiagnosed and has firsthand experienced healing from a complex chronic disease. She uses her experience in her […]

How Jody Levy Healed Her Lyme with The Milk Cleanse

Jody Levy

Jody Levy, Founder of Milk Cleanse Healing Her Body From Biotoxins After struggling with Lyme for 18 years, Jody Levy decided to CEO her health and heal her symptoms. At her friend’s advice, she completed one-week milk cleanse that made her feel the best she had ever had. She hasn’t looked back since and has […]

Lyme Disease, The Perfect Storm

Lyme disease motivational quote

Lyme disease is not just Lyme Lyme disease is the perfect storm. I am not a doctor, but after years of research, hundreds of doctor appointments, talking to countless doctors and Lyme patients, and from my own experience, I believe if you are not getting better from Lyme, there are several things you need to […]

Delicious Food and Healing from Lyme with Traci Weintraub

Gracefully Fed founder Traci Weintraub

Traci Weintraub is a Cook, Author, and Lyme Warrior She Started A Soup Company To Heal Her Lyme  Traci Weintraub is a cook, author, and Lyme warrior whose diagnosis and battle with Lyme inspired her to build an immuno-supportive lifestyle that is just as delicious as nutritious. She created Gracefully Fed to spread her recipes […]

Taking Control of Your Life To Recover from Lyme with Jolene Hart

taking control with Jolene Hart

Jolene Hart, CHC, Beauty Editor-Turned-Health Coach and Author Taking Control of Your Lifestyle and Making Changes That Can Lead to Healing Stress, nutrition, and an imbalance hormone system can all lead to exacerbated chronic Lyme symptoms – it’s essential to prioritize building a lifestyle that enables you to look and feel your best from the […]

Syphilis and Lyme: The Unspoken Relationship

syphilis medical research

Did You Know That Lyme Is Related To Syphilis? It is a fact that no one talks about.  However, I think it is essential to highlight because we can learn a great deal about the similarities between the diseases. Lyme is caused by a spirochete bacteria transmitted by black-legged deer ticks. The corkscrew-shaped bacteria, Borrelia […]

Coffee Enemas – What I Never Thought I Would Do

coffee enemas

Coffee Enemas – A Detox For Those With Chronic Lyme NEVER in a million years would I think coffee enemas be my go-to detox treatment. As my 6-year-old likes to call it, “ Tushy Coffee.” Yes, coffee enemas are precisely what you are envisioning. Room temperature, organic coffee up, you know where! But if you […]

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Chronic Lyme

hyperbaric oxygen

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Lyme Several Lyme warriors I have spoken to, including myself, have tried Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, also called HBOT for Lyme Disease. HBOT is a pressurized environment with high concentrations of oxygen.  You probably have heard of hyperbaric chambers being used for when someone gets the Benz scuba diving.  However, HBOT has […]



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