Chronic Lyme Warrior, Nora Claire on Parasite Cleansing

chronic Lyme warrior nora claire

Nora Claire is a chronic Lyme warrior, and she shared how she has been treating her Lyme. Nora was diagnosed four to five years ago and from the beginning, her treatments have not been based off western-medicine. She does different treatments to help treat Lyme and has done milk cleanses, parasite cleanses, IV treatments, and […]

How Jody Levy Healed Her Lyme with The Milk Cleanse

Jody Levy

Jody Levy, Founder of Milk Cleanse Healing Her Body From Biotoxins After struggling with Lyme for 18 years, Jody Levy decided to CEO her health and heal her symptoms. At her friend’s advice, she completed one-week milk cleanse that made her feel the best she had ever had. She hasn’t looked back since and has […]



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