Mold Toxicity In Your Home with Expert Brian Karr

Mold toxicity Expert Brian Karr

Brian Karr, Indoor Environmental Consultant How Mold Might Be Hindering Your Healing If you are struggling with mold in your home or you suspect mold exposure, today’s episode is for you. Brian Karr is a second-generation indoor environmental consultant and the VP of Mold Guys Inc, a company dedicated to the detection and remediation of […]

How Can Mold Affect Lyme?

Mold Image

Why You Need to Test for Mold In Your Home and Health! Mold is a fungus that grows, spreads, and releases tiny spores into the air. Some spores land and continue to spread while others stay in the air until we breathe them in. Mold exposure can compromise the respiratory and immune systems and cause […]



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