2021 Rewind: Best Lyme Blogs

Mimi MacLean Outdoors Image

Our Top Lyme Blogs of the Year 2021 was a challenging year for many of us, with the COVID pandemic not only isolating us from our communities and loved ones but adding a worry for those of us already immunocompromised. However, I am constantly overwhelmed by how much love and support there is in the […]

New Lyme Movie by Rhisa Parera

lyme movie creator Rhisa Parera

Rhisa Parera, Screenwriter of Your Labs Are Normal If you’re living with Lyme Disease, you know that your labs are never “normal.” You’ve been poked and prodded, tested, and retested. And even though your results always come back “within normal range,” you know that something is wrong.  You’re not alone. In fact, Rhisa Perara has […]

Breakthroughs in Diagnosing Lyme with Gina Lamendella

Regina Lamendella

Regina Lamendella, Executive VP at CSI-Dx  Lyme diagnosis can be difficult to nail down and most times it can be expensive and inaccurate. Gina Lamendella is a microbiologist and the Executive VP of Research and Development at CSI-Dx, a company working to find new and cutting-edge ways to diagnose tick-borne illnesses. Through RNA and data […]

Wave1 Device for Lyme with CEO Stephen Davis

wave1 ceo Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis, CEO of FREMedica Have you tried the Wave1 device for Lyme?  WAVE 1 is a lightweight and wearable frequency emitter that can restore proper cell function and strengthen immunity to help overcome Lyme disease symptoms and co-infections.  In the podcast, I talk with CEO Stephen Davis, who started the company after having success […]

Tick Bootcamp Hosts Share Their Lyme Journeys

Matt Sabatello, and Richard Rich Johannesen, Founders of The Tick Boot Camp Tick Boot Camp Hosts and Building Community  Matt and Richard of Tick Boot Camp join me this week to talk about their Lyme journeys, why they started their podcast, and the importance of community, hope, and advocation.  FindMatt, Richard, and Tick Bootcamp: Tick […]

Her Holistic Lyme Journey and Advice

Lisa Winston holistic Lyme warrior

Lisa Winston is a Lyme warrior and the host of the Mindset Reset tv show! She joined us on our Lyme warrior IG Live Spotlight Series to talk about her Lyme experience, holistic healing, and show. She is still fighting her Chronic Lyme but has achieved 80% of the healing – her fabulous personality and […]

Lyme Disease: Ticks and You Author Shelley Ball

Lyme Disease Ticks and You Author Shelley Ball

Shelley Ball, Chronic Lyme Sufferer and Author of “Lyme Disease, Tick and You” Lyme Disease: Ticks and You – An Essential Read Shelley Ball, a chronic Lyme sufferer and author of “Lyme Disease, Tick and You,” joins us on the Heal Podcast to discuss her experience with this debilitating condition.  She shares some incredible insight […]

Investigative Journalist Mary Pfeiffer on the Lyme Epidemic

investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer

Mary Beth Pfeiffer, Author of Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change Investigative Journalism and How Climate Change and Lyme Are Connected Since 2012, Mary Beth has become the leading US investigative journalist on the growth of and controversy surrounding Lyme disease. A hidden menace that she argues has been fostered by a warming world […]

Mud Packing As A Detox for Lyme

mud packing

Have You Heard Of Mud Packing As A Detox Treatment? Have you tried mud packing to help detox your Lyme?  If not, I would strongly recommend it. I recently was introduced to this practice and have come to see the benefits.  You can buy Medi-Body Pack Botanical Clay Pack HERE.  I had a practitioner apply […]

Detox Your Home with Blogger Luci Petlack

detox blogger Luci Petlack headshot

Jodi Women , Women’s Lifestyle Blogger Detox Your Home and Live More Sustainably Detoxing our lives can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start – that’s where Luci Petlack comes in with her sustainable living blog Luci’s Morsels. She focuses on making sustainable living accessible and attainable with tips on replacing plastic in […]



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