Clearing Emotional Traumato Finally Start Healing Your Lyme with Arnoux Goran

Arnoux Goran Image

Arnoux Goran, Founder at Total Health Mastery Has your healing journey plateaued? In our society, we are trained to believe a pill or a procedure will quickly make us better. Western medicine addresses the symptoms but not the root cause. Did you know the root cause of many chronic illnesses can be an emotional factor? […]

IV Therapy Treatment for Lyme with Dr. Sara Whitney

Dr Sara IV Therapy Image

Dr. Sara is a Licensed Naturopath Doctor Dr. Sara Whitney is a California licensed Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Los Angeles, CA. I was a patient of Dr. Sara and loved how she listened and worked with me to find the root cause of my disease. I wanted to share her expertise with you! As Dr. […]

Herbal Healing for Lyme with Dr. Rawls

herbal healing for lyme

Herbal Healing with Dr. Rawls Dr. Bill Rawls, Founder of Vitalplan Dr. Rawls, author of Unlocking Lyme is a Lyme Warrior who used his background as a physician to heal himself from Lyme disease and create a platform to help others. I have used Dr. Rawls’ Vital Plan herbal protocols for a few years, so […]

Bee Therapy for Lyme with Brooke Geahan from ‘Heal Hive’

Brooke Bee Image

Brooke Geahan, Founder of the Heal Hive Personally, I try to avoid bee stings. They hurt and itch. I had never thought about it as a treatment for chronic illness until reading an article about Brooke Geahan and the Heal Hive. I reached out to Brooke to learn more about her healing journey and was […]

Global Lyme Alliance with Scott Santarella

Global Lyme Alliance CEO Scott

Scott Santarella, CEO of Global Lyme Alliance Global Lyme Alliance CEO Scott Sanatarella joins us on the Lyme360+ podcast to discuss his journey, work with the organization, and his advice for Lyme warriors and their support system, Chronic Lyme can be a lonely disease. No one seems to understand what you are going through, it […]



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