My Story with Chronic Lyme Featured in

chronic lyme organization

“Anything to feel better” Recently, I had the opportunity to write on the Lyme Disease Org blog about my experience with chronic Lyme and alternative treatments. I also joined the founder of Lyme Disease Org, Lorraine Johnson on her podcast to continue the conversation and learn more about her work in spreading awareness and advocating […]

Tick Boot Camp Podcast Feature

Tick Boot Camp x Lyme 360+  I got to chat with Matt and Richard of Tick Boot Camp about my journey with Chronic Lyme, frequency healing, EMF exposure, and why Lyme is the perfect storm! Tick Boot Camp is an amazing platform created by Matt and Rochard all about helping you liberate yourself and others […]

Chronic Lyme Solution Summit 2021

Chronic Lyme Summit Mimi Maclean

Chronic Lyme Solution Summit 2021 As a Lyme Warrior, I was pleased to be asked by Dr. Eva-Maria Hasenbeck to participate in the virtual event focused entirely on this not so “invisible” disease. The Chronic Lyme Disease Solution virtual event will take place July 15-18.  Register for this “Lyme-changing” LIFE-changing event. The summit s a […]



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