How EMF and 5G Affect Lyme Warriors

EMF guy and expert Nick Penault

Nick Pineault, The EMF Guy Do you know the effects of EMF and 5G on Lyme? How can you protect yourself from them? Tune in to today’s episode with Nick Pineault, also known as the EMF Guy, an expert in EMF and the author of, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMF. His mission is to help […]

FREmedica WAVE1 Event Recording

FREmedica WAVE1 device

Listen to the FREmedica Wave1 For Lyme Event From Last Week If you missed our seminar talk with FREmedica last week, we just uploaded the recording on the Lyme360 podcast for you to listen to and download! Tune in to hear the insightful discussion between WAVE1 founder Stephen Davis, Dr. Keith Pyne, and myself as […]

Wave1 Device for Lyme with CEO Stephen Davis

wave1 ceo Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis, CEO of FREMedica Have you tried the Wave1 device for Lyme?  WAVE 1 is a lightweight and wearable frequency emitter that can restore proper cell function and strengthen immunity to help overcome Lyme disease symptoms and co-infections.  In the podcast, I talk with CEO Stephen Davis, who started the company after having success […]