Ayurveda for Lyme with Justine Lemos PhD

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Justine Lemos Ph.D, Ayurvedic Guru For Lyme warriors, true healing starts within – by tapping into your true self, intuition, and inner guidance. Justine Lemos, Ph.D. is a guide to her clients who want to manifest their most Radiant Self; nutrition, self-care, relationships, beauty, intuition, and bliss. The toolkit for that transformation includes understanding the […]

Ketamine Treatments for Lyme Disease

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What Is Ketamine & How Is It Used In Lyme Patients? Ketamine is a safe, effective drug approved by the FDA for over 50 years. It typically has been used as anesthesia but recently has gained popularity in treating health issues. Doctors have found that Lyme disease pain, acute and chronic, can be treated with […]

Colonics & Why It Is My Go-To Way To Detox

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Colonics For Detox Colonics has also become one of my go-to ways to detox. Also called colon hydrotherapy, colon cleansing, and colonic irrigation effectively remove waste from the large intestine. It is like having an hour-long enema. It is a treatment used to help the body detox the large intestine and the entire body of […]



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