EMF Hazards Summit for Lyme Warriors

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Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G cell towers, “smart” meters, global satellites… You ARE already overexposed. Learn precisely how to PROTECT yourself & your family from these dangers! The 4-day digital event consists of 18 world-class experts in the field of EMF who are sharing their inside secrets, tactics, and strategies on safeguarding your entire household from the […]

How EMF and 5G Affect Lyme Warriors


Nick Pineault, The EMF Guy Do you know the effects of EMF and 5G on Lyme? How can you protect yourself from them? Tune in to today’s episode with Nick Pineault, also known as the EMF Guy, an expert in EMF and the author of, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMF. His mission is to help […]

Have You Thought About EMF and Lyme?

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Educating Yourself on The Impact of EMF on Lyme with the Upcoming Lyme Summit I have learned I am super sensitive to EMF through my Lyme journey.  It is one reason why I was not getting better.  If you have not addressed EMF in your home, I have just the event for you.  With 5G […]

Oz Garcia Shares His Favorite Tools for Optimal Health

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Anti-Aging Expert Oz Garcia On Why Mornings Matters & Gadgets for Optimal Health Oz Garcia gives us the behind-the-scenes of some of the gadgets he uses as well as his moringa and daily practices to optimize his health. These tips are great for anyone looking to boost their overall wellness but are especially important for […]

How to Detox From Heavy Metals with Myers Detox Founder Wendy Myers

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Wendy Myers, Owner of The Myers Detox Protocol This week on the Heal Podcast we had Wendy Myers as our guest, she is the owner of the Myers Detox Protocol and a functional diagnostic nutritionist whose personal health journey inspired her to create the Myers Detox Protocol founded in hair, mineral analysis, and functional health […]

Healing from Chronic Illness with Dr. Jaban Moore

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Dr. Jaban Moore is a Lyme Warrior and Doctor of Chiropractic Dr. Jaban Moore is a Lyme Warrior and Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Moore has now been symptom-free for over five years and has made it his mission to help others find the root causes of their conditions. When he first sits down with a […]

EMFs and Lyme with Certified Expert Diana Jabour

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Diana Jabour, Building Biology Environmental Consultant What is Building Biology? Building Biology is the science of healthy buildings. Diana, who is a Building Biology Environmental Consultant, studies your space and how it affects your health. For more on Diana and Her Work: https://buildingbiologyinstitute.org/ https://www.instagram.com/buildingbiologyinstitute/ For more Lyme360: Lyme 101 Our Instagram For a more detailed […]



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