Use Your Mind to Heal Your Mold and Lyme

Use Your mind to Heal from mold and lyme author

Dr. Diane Mueller, Founder of My Lyme Doc Dr. Diane Mueller believes there needs to be a holistic mind and body approach to heal from Lyme. This belief led her to start My Lyme Doc (formerly known as Medicine with Heart Institute and Training School) an institute that focuses on healing chronically ill patients as […]

Her Holistic Lyme Journey and Advice

Lisa Winston holistic Lyme warrior

Lisa Winston is a Lyme warrior and the host of the Mindset Reset tv show! She joined us on our Lyme warrior IG Live Spotlight Series to talk about her Lyme experience, holistic healing, and show. She is still fighting her Chronic Lyme but has achieved 80% of the healing – her fabulous personality and […]

Lyme Disease: Ticks and You Author Shelley Ball

Lyme Disease Ticks and You Author Shelley Ball

Shelley Ball, Chronic Lyme Sufferer and Author of “Lyme Disease, Tick and You” Lyme Disease: Ticks and You – An Essential Read Shelley Ball, a chronic Lyme sufferer and author of “Lyme Disease, Tick and You,” joins us on the Heal Podcast to discuss her experience with this debilitating condition.  She shares some incredible insight […]

Innovative Products for Lyme with Mighty Well Founder

Emily Levy, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Mighty Well Innovating for the Lyme Community Emily Levy found that taking care of her PICC line and living a normal college life was a difficult combo when the line was getting caught on various things throughout her day. Her background in fashion and attentive nature inspired […]

Investigative Journalist Mary Pfeiffer on the Lyme Epidemic

investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer

Mary Beth Pfeiffer, Author of Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change Investigative Journalism and How Climate Change and Lyme Are Connected Since 2012, Mary Beth has become the leading US investigative journalist on the growth of and controversy surrounding Lyme disease. A hidden menace that she argues has been fostered by a warming world […]

Mud Packing As A Detox for Lyme

mud packing

Have You Heard Of Mud Packing As A Detox Treatment? Have you tried mud packing to help detox your Lyme?  If not, I would strongly recommend it. I recently was introduced to this practice and have come to see the benefits.  You can buy Medi-Body Pack Botanical Clay Pack HERE.  I had a practitioner apply […]

The Ayurvedic-Inspired Milk Cleanse & How It Helps Lyme Symptoms

milk cleanse

How A Milk Cleanse Helped My Symptoms Subside I recently had the pleasure of having Jody Levy on our podcast to talk about her Lyme journey and how milk cleanses helped her gain her health back.  Jody was so ecstatic that after 18 years of trying everything she found something that made her feel better […]

How Lyme Warrior Julie Yakunich Healed and Helps Others

Julie Yakunich, Integrative Health Coach Lyme warrior Julie Yakunich used her project management training to approach her years of chronic symptoms and pain and now is on the other side of remission from Lyme. She went 5 years undiagnosed and has firsthand experienced healing from a complex chronic disease. She uses her experience in her […]

Oz Garcia Shares His Favorite Tools for Optimal Health

oz garcia

Anti-Aging Expert Oz Garcia On Why Mornings Matters & Gadgets for Optimal Health Oz Garcia gives us the behind-the-scenes of some of the gadgets he uses as well as his moringa and daily practices to optimize his health. These tips are great for anyone looking to boost their overall wellness but are especially important for […]

Anti-Aging Expert and Celebrity Nutritionist Oz Garcia

anti-ageing expert Oz Garcia

Oz Garcia, Anti-Aging Expert and Celebrity Nutritionist Anti-Aging Expert and Celebrity Nutritionist Oz Garcia give us his daily routine and gadgets he uses to bio-hack his health and optimize his brain.  These hacks are handy for chronic Lyme patients to improve: Sleep Learn to optimize lung capacity through breathing Destress through his meditation practice How […]



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