Lyme Advocacy Through Campaigning with Ali Moresco

lyme advocacy expert Ali Moresco

Ali Moresco, Co-Founder of Advocacy Express Lyme advocacy is essential to raising awareness, securing funding for research, and boosting community support. This week on the Heal Podcast, Ali Moresco joined us to talk about her Lyme journey, the importance of advocacy, and speaking out against government underfunding. She is the co-founder of @advocacyexpress as well […]

Don’t Miss The Touched By Lyme’s Virtual Lyme Fly-In

Center for Lyme Action Image

Lyme Warriors, we need you!  It is no secret that government funding for Lyme disease awareness and treatment is incredibly low and causes incredible resistance for people suffering from the illness with little to no insurance coverage, rejection from western medicine, and overall misunderstanding from those around. This past year, Lyme advocates and the Center […]



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