Raising Awareness About Lyme Through Film with LymeTV Founder Adina Bercowicz

Syphilis and Lyme Warrior Adina

Adina Bercowicz, Founder of LymeTV Today, we have Adina Bercowicz and she is the founder of LymeTV, a nonprofit organization focused on educating the global community on Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. They focus on prevention and early detection awareness through film and video documentaries. Adina was inspired to create LymeTV after going through […]

The Elusive Science of Lyme Disease

Microscope Image

Science offers tantalizing hints about what might be the issues with our understanding of Lyme disease. There is a fair amount of genetic variation in the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. There are several species globally that lead to different manifestations of symptoms. And among the species, there are multiple strains that have their own […]



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