SOT Treatment for Lyme Disease with Cole Ebel

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Using Both Antibiotics and Homeopathy to Heal

Lyme disease can occur to anyone at any time, and Cole Ebel was bitten three times during his childhood, but he wasn’t diagnosed until much later. He was diagnosed during his senior of college as his symptoms came to life. He attributes his symptoms to stress as he was going through the stress of college. He took the traditional protocol, but his friend gave him some amazing advice. The advice that really worked for him was to take medications enough to beat down symptoms and then go through the natural path. 

Cole pushed through with Lyme and college at the same time. During his journey he found a passion to help people get their lives back from Lyme Disease. Something that really saved Cole is SOTA. So what is SOTA? SOTA is State Of The Art is a different set of treatments that helps the patient out. Cole used nano-enhanced hemp oil that helps the body relax and destress, ozonated water, a magnetic pulse, and an electric pulse. 

Cole wants to help others with Lyme so some of his tips are: 

  • Stress management: you should take a second to investigate your mind and double-check between your ears. Stress can be huge in one’s life and it is important to look at your environment and evaluate what may be causing your stress. 
  • Manage your diet: eliminate inflammatory food from your diet as you would be eliminating foods that feed Lyme. Cole knows what this is like, and drinking an old fashioned can greatly impact him. 


Anyone can get Lyme, and Cole wants to help others who may need financial help on their Lyme journey. Cole has shared a Go Fund Me Link for his friend who needs financial help as they need help on their journey: .

For the full IG Live interview: .



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