Sara Brunner’s Lyme Journey From DC to Switzerland

lyme journey and warrior Sara Brunner

Sara Brunner, Registered Dietician and Lyme Warrior

Sarah Brunner was living an incredibly active lifestyle, running her own diet and nutrition company, when she was bitten by a tick. Sarah was unfamiliar with tick and knew little about Lyme disease, so she relied on her husband, who had experience with tick bites due to his upbringing in Switzerland (a country where Lyme awareness and education is accepted and pushed forward.). She immediately went to a clinic but was quickly sent away with her bite deemed a “spider bite,” and her treatment was ointment. 

Sara’s symptoms quickly worsened, from fatigue to sore throat to chronic joint pain. Looking back on it now, Sara talks about the common Lyme warrior problem of “explaining symptoms away” and ignoring signs of Lyme. By the end of 2015, Sara’s whole body and life had been affected, yet she still had no idea it was Lyme disease. 

After watching the documentary, Under Our Skin, the puzzle pieces clicked. Sara and her husband spent some time researching and learning about the ILADS. Her family doctor was a trusted partner in Sara’s journey and helped her get the initial tests that ultimately led her to the correct diagnosis. After her diagnosis, Sara spent a year and a half at the JemSek Specialty clinic in Washington DC doing antibiotics through a center line. Once she hit a plateu with her antibiotic treatment, Sara sought holistic options. 

She and her husband spent time in Switzerland at the Paracelsus clinic specializing in magnetic, neural therapies, IVs, biological dental services, and more. After stabilizing for a few years, Sara regressed and is now back at the DC clinic doing oral antibiotics. She started her blog to share her experience, inspire others, share nutrition tips, and connect with other Lyme warriors who are on the same rollercoaster Lyme journey.

Sara’s top tips for someone who has recently been diagnosed:

  • Advocate for yourself and a proper diagnosis
  • Focus on gut health and feeding your gut microbiome
  • A morning routine is great for creating stability and habits to support your recovery
  • Dry brushing is an easy tool to support detoxing
  • Journal and release the negative thoughts
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out and join Lyme communities to learn more, connect with others, and escape the loneliness that comes with Lyme disease.


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