Ozone Therapy For Lyme and My Experience

ozone therapy administration

Ozone Therapy has been instrumental in my healing process. I have used Ozone in several ways, which I will discuss below. I am not a doctor, and some states do not allow ozone therapy, so you will have to ask your doctor or research your area. But for me, I found my symptoms subsided, especially my exhaustion and brain fog. It was the pick me up I needed when I was feeling low. I continue to use ozone therapy today.  

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone, known as O3, is superpowered oxygen because it has three atoms. As we all know, oxygen is imperative to live, but the more oxygen we have going into our body, the better. So ozone therapy is just high-quality super charged oxygen put into your body to help alleviate medical conditions, and Lyme is one of the illnesses.

Positive Effects

As cited by Dr. Jay Rowen, research has found Ozone therapy to have several positive effects:

  • including modulating the immune system 
  • enhancing circulation
  • destroying microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses
  • enhancing oxygen delivery and consumption by the body

How is Ozone Therapy Administered?

There are several modalities to receive Ozone therapy.

Intravenously: One of the most effective ways is through intravenous. A nurse removes blood from your body, adds Ozone, and then puts it back into your body through an IV. 

Then, there is something called a 10-Pass. I LOVED this. A particular machine with a vacuum technique removes your blood then Ozone is added to the blood and infused back into your body. This process is completed ten times, so it is referred to as 10-pass. The 10-Pass can be done every week, but it is costly. It is also hard to find a place that offers a 10-Pass. You may feel tired the first day, but you should have a boost of energy after that. Also, your veins may become overused and difficult to access.  

Insufflation: Insufflation is another popular way to received Ozone. Insufflation is performed in the vagina, rectally, through the ears and nose. You use a catheter or tubing to allow the Ozone to enter the specific. DO NOT BREATHE THE OZONE!!! I would not try the nose application without a doctor.

Prolozone: Prolozone is injecting Ozone directly into a joint that is having targeted pain. I have done this with some of the migrating inflammation I had in specific areas that were painful and limited movement.

Ozone Sauna: I recently tried an ozone sauna, which was amazing! I had jet lag and generally felt awful, and after 30 minutes, I could not believe how good I felt. You sit in a sauna with your head sticking out, and Ozone is piped into the sauna. Not only are you detoxing, but the Ozone is also helping to kill bacteria and viruses.  

As you can see, there are many ways to have Ozone administered to help with your Lyme. Treatments from doctors can get expensive, so you can choose to buy an at-home ozone machine. I decided to buy an at-home machine. But, again, this is a bit controversial, so it is hard to find Ozone machines to buy. Truly Heal is my go-to resource for everything Ozone. You can also learn more about Ozone by listening to our podcast with Marcus here.

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