Oz Garcia Shares His Favorite Tools for Optimal Health

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Anti-Aging Expert Oz Garcia On Why Mornings Matters & Gadgets for Optimal Health

Oz Garcia gives us the behind-the-scenes of some of the gadgets he uses as well as his moringa and daily practices to optimize his health. These tips are great for anyone looking to boost their overall wellness but are especially important for Lyme warriors. Prioritizing things like deep sleep and nutrition is crucial in the healing journey. Your brain and gut health are the two leading factors when it comes to aging and overall health, Oz Garcia stresses how important it is for us to take care of them.

“Taking a break from the digital world in that regard, I think, is really key to actually improving your health.” – OZ GARCIA

Oz Garcia’s Top Tips for Better Health

Sleep is KEY

We need sleep to maintain a good state of being; both mentally and physically. 7-8 hours of deep sleep is essential for your body to rest and repair. Prolonged inadequate sleep will lead to your brain aging faster.

Oz Garcia recommends tracking your sleep in order to get a better idea of how much rest your body is getting and where you can improve. He recommends the Oura Ring, a tracking ring that hooks up to an app and measures your sleeping patterns throughout the night.

"Most people don't know that within the eight to nine hours of sleep that they get, a certain portion of that has to be deep sleep, a certain portion has to be REM, rapid eye movement. That's where we consolidate memories, we're doing a lot of our dreaming, and then the rest of it is like sleep." - Oz Garcia

In Order To Get Good Sleep, You Need A Bear Cave

Deep sleep is easier to achieve if our rooms are pitch black: no light from outside and especially no light from devices. We all know that blue light is no good and its adverse effects so shut those devices down, get some black-out curtains, and if it helps an eye mask is a great option!

Garcia also states that getting into sleep mode is important. For him, it might include listening to a book or stories. However, if you are someone who struggles with falling asleep or worse, staying asleep Garcia suggests looking into an Ebb. This is a a forehead piece you put on and it cools down the frontal cortex and helps keep people prone to anxiety and stress in that deep REM sleep.

Some More Tools and Gadgets For Better Sleep

Welltiss – a headband-like PEMF device that helps you throughout the day depending on your needs. You can put the settings on stress if you have a busy day ahead or if you need help sleeping there is a mode for that. The pulses adjust to various parts of your brain to alleviate your stress, sleep, anxiety, etc.

Haelo – a bigger PEMF device option that you can place on different parts of your body such as your stomach or back. These devices have amazing long-term effects in terms of better clarity and tranquility. 

Books Oz Garcia Recommends To Get Insight and Clarity

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Why We Sleep by Matt Walker

Oz Garcia’s Advice for Overall Wellness and Strength

Limit TV and News Consumption

“There are different chemicals in your brain that are being affected that think to work in your favor or not. And those chemicals that you need that should be working for you, psycho-immunologically, in terms of maintaining your states of mind in the right place are affected by being exposed to news, especially bad news all day long. So taking a break from the digital world in that regard, I think, is really key to actually improving your health.” – Oz Garcia

Neurofeedback Provides Key Insights

Oz Garcia recommends the neurofeedback device Muse to help get you into a deeper meditative state. Think of it like a portable EEG machine that will give you feedback on the brainwaves you are falling into.

For someone more interested in devoting the time to achieve a deep meditative state, Oz Garcia recommends looking into courses like Biocybernaut and 40 Years of Zen.

His Morning Routine and Why It Matters

"The mornings have to be your setup so that you can punt the rest of the day unless you've got your morning routines down, you pay a price"

Morning Routine Breakdown


3 -4 x week after exercising he does Cryotherapy

"There's a lot to be said for that in terms of controlling inflammation, how it improves brain function. There's a lot of evolutionary data that seems to indicate that periodic exposure to extreme cold seems to make the brain develop itself a little bit more. There's an enzyme that we produce called BDNF, a brain-derived neurotrophic factor. And it's also dendrite nootropic factor."

To learn more about Oz Garcia and hear our full interview head over to the Heal Podcast and tune in.

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