My 6 Take-Aways From Hitting My New Low

Just when I thought my health was on the upward trajectory, my Lyme journey has decided to take a detour and put me at a new low. I thought I had experienced every symptom possible, but a new one appeared over the past few weeks. I have severe inflammation in my body, leaving my ankle, fingers, and elbow twice the size they should be with unbelievable pain and limited movement. This relapse has caused me to dig deeper and review everything I am doing. I knew about these things I am going to highlight, but I didn’t take them seriously. I did it about 75% of the time, but now I realize if I want to get better, I have to do it 100% of the time, no excuses. Here is what I am focusing on right now.

  1. Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free ALL THE TIME. I never went completely dairy-free because my blood type diet works with dairy. But with my inflammation, dairy had to go. I only eat veggies and fruits now and occasionally nuts, brown rice, and fish, but my diet consists mostly of real food made from fruits and veggies. Period nothing else. The benefit is I have lost the unwanted 10 pounds in the last month, and my inflammation is slowly subsiding. I did cheat one day and was back in bed for the weekend.
  2. Minerals- If you are not drinking ionic minerals every day in your water, you need to start ASAP. I was deficient in my minerals, and I bet you are too. I am taking this BodyBio Liquid Minerals and Superior Fulvic Humic.
  3. Green food and Chlorella- You need to be having super green food in many forms throughout the day. Greens are the basis of any cell, so it is like feeding your cells directly. I take Vital Mineral Green Superfood Powder. I also put chlorella drops with my water.
  4. Water, including alkalized water- When you think you have had enough water for the day, drink more. I keep getting reminded by many professionals that water is the most important thing to your health, so don’t take this lightly. It helps you flush everything out of your body while keeping your cells hydrated. It is also very beneficial to have alkalized water because it helps get your PH back to where it should be to ensure you are not too acidic.
  5. Take a food or digestive enzyme every time you eat to help your body break down your food. It will make it easier for your body to digest everything.
  6. Saunas and Epson salt baths. I do either a sauna or bath every day to help flush out my toxins and get my body moving. Because of my MTHFR mutation, it is hard for my body to detox, so I have to assist my body in detoxing. I like saunas and baths the best, probably because they give me time to unwind and meditate, which reduces my stress.

To summarize above, it is essential to make your PH level more alkaline. This will help you properly detox every day, improve your gut health, and ensure your cells receive proper minerals, water, and nutrients. These six simple steps should be your top priorities to strengthen your immune system and defend itself from outside bacteria and infections like Lyme. 

xo, Mimi



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