Mud Packing As A Detox for Lyme

mud packing

Have You Heard Of Mud Packing As A Detox Treatment?

Have you tried mud packing to help detox your Lyme?  If not, I would strongly recommend it.

I recently was introduced to this practice and have come to see the benefits.  You can buy Medi-Body Pack Botanical Clay Pack HERE.  I had a practitioner apply mine, but there is no reason you could not use it on yourself.  

Why Mud Packing?

We live in a very toxic world, and our bodies are continuously exposed to toxins and heavy metals that our body holds on to.  Eventually, these built-up toxins cause illness, and we need to be constantly detoxing these toxins.  In addition, if we have scars, broken bones, tattoos, vaccinations, or any trauma to the body, this disrupts the bio-energy fields.  Because our energy fields are weakened in these locations, this is where the heavy metals and toxins accumulate and make the energy throughout the body stagnant and interfere with lymphatic, blood, nerve, and lymphatic flow. Mud packing helps draw these toxins out of the body.

How Does Mud Packing Work?

Medi-Body Pack is negatively charged and attracts and pulls out positively charged heavy metals, vaccines, and toxins when placed on the skin.  Medi-Body Pack contains premium-grade volcanic and bentonite clay and cleansing herbs with an osmotic pulling effect that draws out heavy metals and toxins while eliminating pain and dramatically lessening the load on the immune system.  This practice can quickly help eliminate years of build-up accumulated toxins and help improve the body’s energy flow, referred to as Chi.

Is There Any Research on the Muds and Clays?

Yes. An enormous amount of research…over 840 worldwide clinical studies are available on PubMed ( alone, which proves how extraordinary these mud packs are.  You can also learn more about research on mud packing HERE.

My Experience

The practitioner muscle-tested me for which areas needed it.  She placed many mud packs on my scars and problem areas such as my liver and kidneys.  Areas of possible applications of medic-packs are as follows:

  • Extremities Areas (left foot, right foot, left hand, right hand)
  • Vaccination Sites and surrounding Toxic Focal Sites
  • Chakras sites
  • Detoxification Organs – Kidney, Liver, Large Intestine
  • Target Areas: interference fields, tattoos, scars, surgical, injury, pain, toxic focal sites, etc.

Mud Packing Resources

For Mud Packs Instructions, Please click here.

Video about mud packing here.

If you don’t wish to apply your mud packs, do an internet search to see any practitioners in your area. 



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