Meredith Faucette: Lyme Warrior and Founder of the Nantucket Lyme Foundation

Meredith Faucette Image

Meredith Faucette, Founder of Nantucett Lyme Foundation

After mysteriously falling ill on Nantucket in 2016, Meredith Faucette spent four years searching to explain her debilitating symptoms. Her lab results returned repeated false negatives for Lyme disease at the best hospitals in Boston until she was officially diagnosed with chronic Lyme and numerous co-infections in 2020.

While working to bring the disease into remission, she noticed the lack of preventative discussion on Nantucket regarding tick-borne illness. She saw a dire need for more on-island education in a community that’s at the epicenter of the global Lyme pandemic.

The Nantucket Lyme Foundation works to spread awareness of the dangers of tick-borne illness on Nantucket and provide local resources and support to sufferers of Lyme disease and its co-infections. Through discussion, community outreach, and fundraising, Meredith and her team strive to deliver solutions that make a long-lasting difference in fighting against tick-borne diseases for the Nantucket community.

To learn more about Meredith and the Nantucket Lyme Foundation, check out my conversation with her on the Lyme 360 IGTV



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