Managing Chronic Pain as a Lyme Warrior

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Pain management can feel like an uphill battle for anyone battling with a chronic condition. At times it feels like a breeze and other times there seems to be no solution to the pain. A recurring guest on the Heal podcast, expert in Lyme disease, and Lyme warrior himself – Dr. Rawls goes into his tips for long-term pain management. And spoiler alert, it is all about the long haul and not about quick-fix solutions.

Stress Relief: You Hear It All The Time And For Good Reason

Stress can not only aggravate symptoms it can unlock much more pain and fatigue if not managed. Dr. Rawls emphasizes the importance of finding a moment every day to destress and allow the body to heal and reenergize. Destressing can come in many forms such as meditation, yoga, and even napping – the form is not the focus – the focus should be on the best form for you to relax. “I think different things work for different people, your classic meditation, sitting in a Lotus position because my body is pretty tight. So just lying down or sitting in a comfortable chair was better for me. And I think it’s anything just to let things go.” Letting your body destress and your cells repair is the surest form of long-term pain management and prevention.

Detoxification Through Movement

Movement is everything for your organs to function optimally and to lessen pain due to chronic illness. As our body repairs and reenergizes during periods of rest it creates waste from dead cells which need to be actively discarded so there is no excess inflammation and build up contributing to symptoms like pain and brain fog. Dr. Rawl’s number one recommendation is investing in an infrared sauna as a way of detoxifying and moving your body’s cells without causing stress and joint pain. “The infrared sauna is one of the most important ways that we can promote detoxification because it’s moving the blood and moving the fluid that bathes ourselves and helps flush that debris and that junk so cells can get what they need to do, that repair. So upfront, that’s one of the first things I recommend is investing in an infrared sauna or trying to get access to an infrared sauna.”


Cannabinoid Oil is an effective natural way to treat chronic pain and insomnia without overloading your organism and causing more damage than benefit. While CBD won’t replace the strong and immediate effects of narcotics, it will provide a safer long-term option for pain relief. CBD work by attaching to the endocannabinoid system and upregulating it. Through high-quality CBD use you are indirectly affecting and balancing hormones, sleep, immune function, and endorphins. Use CBD cream directly on your joints for immediate relief.  I love the Wink brand.   The founder of Wink also talks about the benefits in her podcast.  You could use THC as well but it is much more addictive as well as immune-suppressing so use marijuana more sparingly.  

Turmeric for Inflammation

Herbal and food supplements are an empowering and effective way to step away from long-term narcotic use to manage pain. They are easier on our system and similar to CBD provide more longevity without the extra stress on our cells. Dr. Rawls mentions his full supplement regime and recommendations in our newest Heal episode but his number one recommendation for fighting off inflammation is turmeric. It acts in the same way as ibuprofen by blocking the formation of COX-2 enzymes but slowly over time and it does not inhibit COX-1 enzymes which are crucial for heart and gut health (something typical in ibuprofen use)

Managing chronic pain can be a daunting task so I hope this list of simple and daily solutions can help give you a clearer path to some of the solutions out there. Every person and every condition will have a different journey when it comes to pain management but it is possible and longevity is achieved through consistent, small, and natural remedies.

Product Recommendations

Dr. Bill Rawls mentions the powerful benefits of using natural alternatives like CBD and turmeric to fight chronic pain. Below I have listed for you some of my favorite products and the ones he mentions have helped him build a routine in managing and preventing chronic pain. If you want to try out any of the products listed below or other products by Dr. Rawls use my code HEAL15 to save on your order.

1. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

A full-spectrum CBD oil can be a truly healing addition to your daily routine when it comes to managing pain and stress. Vital Plans Select Full Spectrum hep Oil contains terpenes that promote healthy tissue and digestive function. Over time, CBD can help you create a routine of calmness and pain management without all the side effects and negative long-term effects of pain medication. 

2. Joint Care with Turmeric and Boswellia

Developed by Dr. Bill Rawls, this potent blend of ingredients supports the healthy joint function to promote a more active daily life. As he mentions, turmeric is an amazing alternative to pain relief medication like ibuprofen as it creates the same response in the body without preventing other natural responses such as COX-1 enzyme production. 

3. HPA Balance for stress relief 

Stress is a major cause and aggressor of chronic pain so managing and lowering stress could be a big key to lowering your symptoms. HPA Balance is a unique herbal supplement with adaptogenic and calming herbs that promote ease in the face of persistent daily stress and prepares your mind and body to relax at night. Proper downtime and sleep are crucial to giving your body a chance to reset and recover which in the long term gives you more strength to fight the cause of your chronic pain.



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