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Mental Health Tips for Lyme Warriors

Sophie Wardy is a Lyme warrior in her 20s dealing with Chronic Lyme and co-infections. Her first symptoms came about during a visit to China in 2008 and persisted throughout her teenager years. Doctors kept assigning her different rounds of medication and telling her it will pass. Sophie had to give up her swimming, something she had been training in her entire life. Her Lyme made her intolerant to many foods leading to drastic weight loss which led her to see a specialist who connected the dots of her symptoms. Her diagnosis finally came up after doing a TickPak test in Germany.

Now actively healing, Sophie has focused on embracing her journey and raising awareness in the UK. Her own healing includes probiotics, pancreatic support, plant-based eating and colon cleanses. Her work focuses on educating and raising awareness around mental health and the struggle for those dealing with chronic illness. She also runs the Chronic But Iconic podcast where she shares her and other Lyme warrior’s stories. 

Sophie Wardy’s Mental Health Tips for Lyme Warriors

  • Start small even if it is just actively drinking water or walking around the block
  • You have to try and let go of the shame that you feel from being ill
  • Celebrate every day as it comes
  • Have a support system but also remind yourself you can be your own support system
  • Find a way to laugh every day – be around people who alleviate the pain, watch your favorite show, listen to music etc.
  • Find something just for you outside of the chronic illness community

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