Lyme Warrior Jeanette Fischer Shares Her Journey

Lyme warrior Jeanette Fischer

Mold Exposure Can Cause Lyme Symptoms to Come Back

Jeanette Fischer is a Lyme Warrior, and she talked about her journey and what helped her. Jeanette had some ups and downs with Lyme and was in remission after finishing her treatment at New York Center for Innovative Medicine. She was getting better, but then the humidification system in her house quit working, resulting in mold growing along with the different frames in her house. She left her home for mold remediation to be done, but her symptoms had already been triggered by the mold and resurfaced. Mold is hard to get rid of in the body and the house. Jeanette did start using a nasal spray because it is easier to remove mold from the nasal cavities. The mold made her feel like her Lyme was back. 

Jeanette got rid of Lyme by going to the New York Center of Innovative Medicine, which started with testing with a prick of blood which gave her a full panel; she also got her toxicity ranked and started different treatments there. Detox sessions, IV, and blood radiations are included at first. Once your toxicity is down, they treat you with antibacterials and rejuvenation therapy. It does require a lot of time and financial commitment. 

Conventional medicine does not always completely understand the chronic illness, so Jeanette abandoned it. She spoke about trying different herbal therapy, especially because she recently got bit by a tick again. Some treatments prevent Lyme, and Dr. Rawls does a recommended herbal protocol. Dr. Rawls healed himself and has maintained it by doing an herbal protocol that requires three bottles of supplements to help you rebuild your mitochondria, help build up your immune system, and help prevent Lyme. Check out the IG live!

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