Lyme Warrior and Runner Shany Baitz On Her Routine

Shany Runes

Her Journey with Lyme

Shany Baitz is a Lyme warrior, mother, and runner who amazes me that she has been able to maintain her avid running schedule while healing from Lyme. She tracks her running marathon journey through Instagram and advocates for Lyme disease awareness. 

A year and a half after her symptoms started, Shany was finally diagnosed with Lyme. She has no memory of being bitten by a tick – something familiar in many Lyme warriors. After two doctors, bloodwork, and a misdiagnosis, Shany was correctly diagnosed and started treatment. 

She treated her Lyme with antibiotics and antimalaria medication for two years and has now been symptom-free for a year but remains on a supplement and probiotic regime. Her doctor, Dr. Piccorela, has a trusted track record of treating Lyme patients based in Rockland County, NY. Shany makes a good point that going to a trusted doctor is key to healing. She focused on healing her gut and building up the immune system by changing her diet and reducing her supplement regime.

Shauna explains that we can’t compare treatment plans and protocols because how patients react to treatments vary. She tended to lean towards holistic medicine but does not regret taking her antibiotics protocol while supporting her body with functional and herbal medicine.

Her approach to Lyme is both healing physically and working on her mental health, and keeping positive during chronic illness. This is where her running has given her a safe space to stay active, mentally healthy, and fighting through chronic, painful symptoms.

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