Lyme Mom Bryn Alexander on Raising Kids with Lyme

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Bryn Alexander is a Lyme warrior and a mom of two children who were born with Lyme. Bryn has had Lyme for most of her life, having been bitten by a tick at 5. Eight years after her tick bite and being a wheelchair user, She was diagnosed with Lyme. She was misdiagnosed and overlooked by the medical community repeatedly before finding a Lyme-literate doctor in New Jersey.

She started IV antibiotics and went to Texas for an experimental trial with Hyperbaric chambers. After two years of treatment, Bryn was able to walk and get on the track to healing.

Bryn’s two children have gestational Lyme, and during her pregnancy, Bryn suffered a relapse that she is still on the path to recovering. She talks about the struggle to get on a healing plan for her kids since they are young, and treating Lyme cannot be as aggressive as it can be with adults.

During their development, her kids also developed PANS due to the infection. She has modified her family’s diet to be gluten, corn, dye, and egg-free and has seen incredible improvement in her children’s health and behavior. 

As a special needs and Lyme mom, Bryn has struggled to find the time to refocus and heal from her Lyme relapse. Some of the practices she is applying to feel better are detoxing, optimal diet, and gut repair. 

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