Mimi’s Daily Routine FOR OVERCOMING LYME

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Before Lyme, I pushed myself by staying up late to do work, not exercising, eating poorly, stressing, and always putting myself last.  Having Lyme has caused me to finally indulge in the self-care I usually put behind my children, work, errands, etc. Depending on how I am feeling, I spend one to two hours a day making sure I do most of the following items to maintain my health and not relapse. 

Mimi’s Daily Routine for Overcoming LYME

  • Meditate– take 5-10 minutes to clear my mind and set the positive intentions for the day
  • BEMER mat– 8 minutes a day in the morning and night has shown to increase the red blood count in your body
  • Rebound– a few minutes on my rebounder getting my lymphatic system going
  • Dry brush my body before a shower or sauna
  • Infrared Sauna– this is really good for me to sweat to detox- 30 minutes
  • While I am in the sauna I put on my infrared nose clip
  • 2 minutes Ozone ear insufflation– I just bought a machine for my home so I do it every morning and night, before I did the Ozone TenPass IV treatment
  • Celery Juice in the morning after a 16 hour intermittent fast
  • Drink Cistus tea through out the day, including at least 10 cups of filtered water
  • 10,000 steps including stretching and light weight exercises
  • Supplements– I have my supplements prescribed by my integrative practitioner that I need to take twice a day in order for me to maintain my immune system. I definitely notice when I skip a day.
  • If I am in pain or not feeling great, I will take a bath or do a coffee enema
  • My Wave 1 device to be worn twice per day for 8 minutes

This list has taken me 4 years to test what works for my body.  I wish there were a set course of action for all of us to get better, but it is so individualized so see what works best for you. Always feel free to reach out if you have any questions, we are here to help you on your journey!

Xx, Mimi



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