Emily Hogan Shares Her Lyme Journey for the First Time

lyme warrior Emily Hogan

Bitten at 18 She Shares Her Lyme Journey

Emily Hogan told her Lyme journey story for the first time. She was first diagnosed towards the end of 2017, but she had been bit by a tick two years prior. At the beginning of her journey, she did a slew of things to help with her Lyme. At first, she did try it all, especially in western medicine. She also had surgeries for her swollen stomach which was a symptom of Lyme, and it was caused by Bartonella. Bartonella attacked her gut and caused a massive inflammatory response. Her journey continued as she talked to a friend who had Lyme, her friend referred her to a doctor, and Emily was diagnosed with Lyme by using hygienics. 

Once she was diagnosed she go on the antibiotic route for about the first year and a half, but she then changed her treatment. She went towards the herbal route and went back and forth with herbs while also trying acupuncture, supplements, and detoxing aids. Currently, she feels healthy, her health is at a normal level and symptoms wise she is good. She does say that the main struggle is her mental health as she always has to think that her symptoms can come back. 

Emily’s Advice for your Lyme Journey: 

  • Get in touch with your body. It will tell you what you need. 
  • Nutrition is very important! A different diet can be daunting, but you will get used to your new diet once you start. 
  • Find a community and create a positive support system

Emily also thinks that hearing other Lyme warrior stories is important because you can learn from others and see how their journey is going or went.

For the full IG live interview, click here.

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