Lyme in the Military with Jenn Hyla

Lyme in the Military and Her New Book

Jenn Hyla is a Lyme warrior, author, and coach. She wrote The Lyme Ease Survival Guidebook, which is made to help readers navigate Lyme disease with helpful resources and treatments. Jenn’s Lyme disease journey started in 2011 while she was on deployment for the airforce at basic training. She didn’t check for ticks in basic training, never saw ticks, and never had a bulls-eye rash. She wasn’t experiencing significant symptoms, just a swollen knee and some flu symptoms. During her time in the military, her knee would swell up frequently, and her symptoms didn’t get worst until four years later. She got Lyme disease in the army and was diagnosed while in the military. She experienced extreme weight loss, GI system crash, loss of feeling in her arms and legs, short-term memory loss, and depth perception loss. She was going to different specialists, and no one could figure out what was wrong. She tried other treatments, from antibiotics to herbal medicine. 

Now Jenn is in remission with Lyme disease and doesn’t consider herself sick with Lyme disease. Her gut is still healing from the antibiotics she took on her journey. Her gut has never been the same from the antibiotics. 


Jenn’s tip on where to start: 

  • Find your local support group. They can be Facebook groups, sources from iLab, and the Global Lyme Alliance. They are great because they can provide which doctors they see and insider tips. 
  • Do whatever you can to reduce inflammation, such as an anti-inflammatory diet, reduce household chemicals and toxins, really support the detox system, and reduce stress.
  • Prioritize your sleep as this is the time your body kills off damaged cells.  

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