Lyme Disease, The Perfect Storm

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Lyme disease is not just Lyme

Lyme disease is the perfect storm. I am not a doctor, but after years of research, hundreds of doctor appointments, talking to countless doctors and Lyme patients, and from my own experience, I believe if you are not getting better from Lyme, there are several things you need to consider.


If you have not changed your diet, you will not get better.  You need to cut out Gluten, Dairy, and Sugar until your body has the chance to build itself back up.  You need to cut out the processed crap, stick to natural, wholesome foods that nourish your body. 

You may even need to give up alcohol and coffee.  I know I probably just named all our favorites.  This could be temporary or even permanent, but just tell yourself it is temporary until you feel better.  This took me a long time to realize many of my symptoms were from food sensitivities.  There are many podcasts that I have done that talk about changing your diet for Lyme disease. 

Go to Erika’s podcasts HERE and here as well as Dr. Todd Maderis’s podcast HERE.

Mold and Lyme Disease

Have you been checked to see if you have mold?

Mold is a significant reason why people can’t get better.  It also causes many of the same symptoms as Lyme disease.  You need to get tested and remove yourself from any home or work environment that has mold.  You will not get better until the mold is out of your life and body.  Seek doctor care to remove mold properly from your body. 

You can also listen to our episode with mold expert Brian Karr. He is the host of The Mold Guy’s podcast, an amazing resource for how to find, remove and heal from mold exposure.


The same goes for parasites.  We all have parasites.  If you have traveled outside the country, you may have more parasites than average.  Parasites go hand and hand with Lyme.  Parasites also have a host of similar symptoms as Lyme disease does.  You need to do a proper parasite cleanse either with herbs or medicine with a doctor’s care.  

Learn more about parasites from our episodes with Rachel Sarnoff and Dr. Solis.

EBV (Epstein Barr Virus)

Many people who are not healing from Lyme have also had mono or Epstein Barr Virus.  For some reason, EBV, which never leaves your body, goes haywire when your immune system is run down and causes Lyme to go crazy as well.  Medical Medium talks about this quite a bit and believes EBV is the cause of many ailments.  

MTHFR Mutation and Chronic Lyme Disease

MTHFR Genetic Mutation is another common thread I see between people with Chronic Lyme.  MTHFR is an enzyme that breaks down the amino acid homocysteine. The MTHFR gene that codes for this enzyme has the potential to mutate, which can either interfere with the enzyme’s ability to function normally or entirely inactivate it.  This makes it difficult for many to detox, thus causing some health ailments.  

I spoke with Dr. Amy Yasko about MTHFR mutations on this Heal podcast episode.  

Emotional Stress

If you have checked for all the above and still are not getting better, you need to address your emotional and spiritual aspects.  There are many tools and professionals out there to help you. 

There are several people I have spoken to on the podcast that addresses this aspect of healing. Amy Scher gave her insight on releasing emotional baggage and Marlize Joubert walked us through her breathwork practice and gave us a special 10-minute session.

Your Symptoms Will Subside

As you can see, if you are dealing with Lyme, it is most likely not just Lyme. Your symptoms are a cascade of many health issues and factors going on in your body.

Lyme is the perfect storm of many things happening simultaneously, causing your immune system to go haywire.  You need to build back your immune system and figure out the issues at hand. Once you address each case, your symptoms will subside. 



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