LDN Treatment for Lyme with Debbie Goldberg

LDN treatment recipient

LDN Treatment for Lyme , Acupuncture, and Other Treatments That Worked for Her

Debbie Goldberg is a Lyme Warrior, and she is excited to share with others how she navigates her journey as a busy mom with Lyme disease. Her first symptoms started about six years ago, in May 2014, around memorial day weekend. About a week later, she showed signs and was diagnosed with shingles. When she was over shingles, she still had nerve pain, and a friend from high school told her it might be Lyme disease. Debbie did her research and went to different doctors, but she was called crazy and said it was all anxiety. After her symptoms persisted in August 2014, she was officially diagnosed with Lyme disease.

She is now feeling at 70% on her Lyme journey, and what got her there is a combination of LDN and homeopathic treatments. For her, LDN has helped her function, work, and do everything with her kids. Her doctor started her off at a lower increment, and she slowly went up in increments even during her pregnancy after some research. The LDN comes in pill form, and she says it’s not for everyone and wouldn’t recommend it for the beginning of one’s journey. She has done hydrogen peroxide, which is strong but has helped her. It was mentioned that it could burn out your veins, so find what is best for you. Acupuncture has also helped her when done every week.

Debbie’s tips for your Lyme disease journey:  

  • Keep a healthy lifestyle take vitamins and supplements. This is especially important during a pandemic.
  • Find the right doctor. 
  • Slow down, don’t try to do everything.
  • Take care of yourself. 
  • Not one size fits all when it comes to treatments, do whatever works best for you and maintain it and live your life.

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