Integrative Health Coach Denise On A Mindset for Lyme

Denise Sultenfuss

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Denise Sultenfuss is an integrative health coach that focuses on transforming the mindset and health of women going through medical crises and Lyme. She combines functional health practices with mindset shifts to help patients heal holistically. As a former Lyme warrior, Denise knows firsthand how to eliminate Lyme and live a symptom-free life.

Denise was first diagnosed with Lyme in 2008 and has had a decade-long battle with it before fully healing. She found the help of a Lyme-literate OBGYN doctor that exposed her to the importance of understanding how women’s health interacts with Lyme disease.

Various hormonal imbalances happen in a women’s body during Lyme disease. While waiting for her protocol, Denise used food as a tool to combat the disease and fight symptoms. Her protocol included antibiotics, supplements, and a Lyme eating plan. 

Years into her recovery and remission, Denise still keeps up her protocol style of eating and supplements that she shares difficult in social situations. She describes her lifestyle and way of eating as a relentless fight against the disease. In her efforts to reintroduce grain into her life, Denise started milling her low-gluten grain that agreed with her remission.

After getting her Lyme under control and found a lifestyle that nourished her body and mind, Denise turned to help others going through similar struggles through integrative health coaching. Her approach is patient-centered and whole-body healing, starting with diet and preliminary questionnaires to track their health.

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