Hyperbaric Treatment with Lyme Warrior Carly Taylor

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Hyperbaric Treatment and Her Lyme Journey

Carly Taylor is a Lyme warrior, and she has a blog that helps fellow warriors on their Lyme journey. In 2016, Carly was having a lot of flare-ups and was having different health issues. She went to different doctors but no one could tell her what was wrong, so she went to her functional medicine doctor who diagnosed her with Lyme after the CDC standard test. From the beginning of her journey, Carly did not take the antibiotic route and instead did different forms of treatment. 

Some treatments that Carly did were Bioresonance and the hyperbaric chamber. Bioresonance uses a machine to detect the energy frequencies that are coming from your body. Carly went to Dr. Anderson in Roswell, GA, and treating her Lyme with Bioresonance helped Carly out. Carly also did the hyperbaric chamber treatment which helped her out the most. A hyperbaric chamber helps you get more oxygen by using a pressure chamber to increase the amount of oxygen in your blood. The whole idea is that oxygen is getting into your cells and it creates an atmosphere where bacteria or Lyme can’t live in. It does put a strain on your ears and jaw muscles, and it can be pricey. She did those treatments, but some other factors helped her out as well. 


What to Consider Before Hyperbaric and Other Treatments: 

  • You’ll have to follow the standard Lyme diet. This can mean EATING CLEAN and cutting out inflammatory foods. Carley eats real foods in order to stay healthy.
  • Your mindset has to be considered especially when you have Lyme; you’ll also have to consider your self-talk on your journey.


Now Carly feels that she is at 95%, but sometimes she has flare-ups when she is under a lot of stress, so some of her symptoms pop up again. She also does light workouts now in order to stay healthy.


For more tips and to hear more from Carly check out her blog and Instagram

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