Hyperbaric Treatment for Lyme with Sam Lesch

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Sam Lesch, Lyme Warrior, and College Student

Sam Lesch’s Lyme journey started in her senior year of high school; for her, this was three years ago. She first started with strep throat, and then when she was at a seminar with her dad in New Jersey, she felt pain in her leg, but she thought she had pulled a muscle. After a few days, she had pain in both of her legs, and a few weeks later, she couldn’t use her hands and got arthritis markers which came back negative. She was in a ton of pain for months, and she still had to go to school. Luckily she reached out to a family friend who also had Lyme, and then a kinesiologist diagnosed her with Lyme. 

Hyperbaric Treatment for Lyme

Her regular doctor first treated her with doxycycline, but she couldn’t take it. Then her first doctor prescribed so many supplements that she became pill fatigued. Her treatments included hyperbaric chamber and IV treatments with the Myers Cocktail. She thinks doing the hyperbaric chamber, and Myers Cocktail consistently would help, but it is expensive. Now she is feeling 80% on her Lyme disease journey. 

Sam’s tips on where to start: 

  • Change your diet. Sam is currently sugar, dairy, and a little bit grain-free. This has made her feel 40% better. 
  • Take your supplements. 
  • Find other people who have Lyme.

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