How to Detox From Heavy Metals with Myers Detox Founder Wendy Myers

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Wendy Myers, Owner of The Myers Detox Protocol

Wendy Myers, Owner of The Myers Detox Protocol

This week on the Heal Podcast we had Wendy Myers as our guest, she is the owner of the Myers Detox Protocol and a functional diagnostic nutritionist whose personal health journey inspired her to create the Myers Detox Protocol founded in hair, mineral analysis, and functional health tests. Her goal is to communicate and educate her clients that the Western medical system is not the only solution to medical issues and the answers lie in detoxification, natural supplements, and the right nutrition.

Her protocol takes clients through individualized nutrient therapy to heal the adrenals and thyroid. Myers is also the creator of the Mitochondria Detox supplement regimen and hosts the Myers Detox Podcast that focuses on interviewing leading experts and advocates for toxic metal and chemical awareness and detoxification. If you have not started detoxing for your Lyme, this is the podcast for you.

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Background & Creating the Myers Detox Protocol

Mimi: Wendy, thank you so much for coming on today. I’ve been following you, and I get your emails and all your notifications. So I’m excited to talk to you in-depth about your Detox Protocol. So thank you for coming on. I would love to start out by just talking about how you got into this, how you decided to specialize in detoxing.

Wendy: So I got really passionate about it when I discovered that my own health issues about 10 years ago related to heavy metal toxicity. And I was one of those people, I was very into my health. I ate all the right food. I ate all organic from the farmer’s market, I cooked it myself. I was a full-time job being healthy and exercising four to eight hours a week. I was taking all the best supplements like a huge shopping bag full of supplements and the highest quality, and I still felt like crap. And I think a lot of is doing this. They kind of have a similar story where they’re just doing everything right. They’re checking all the boxes that they feel like they’re supposed to check, and they still have brain fog and mood swings and sleep issues and fatigue, and really struggle because of that. Heavy metals can certainly be a big underlying root cause of those symptoms. Lyme and other Lyme-like infections, retroviruses, and things like that can be the underlying root cause of those symptoms as well.

Wendy: Everyone has heavy metals. You really want to be thinking about detoxification if you are kind of doing all the right things, you’re checking all the boxes and you’re still not getting the results that you feel like you should be getting, that ROI you should be getting based on your efforts and how much time and effort and money you’re putting into your health. You definitely want to look at heavy metals because they’re everywhere. They bioaccumulate in our tissues. They’re in the air, food, and water. They’re impossible to avoid. And then there’s the 90,000 chemicals or 100,000 that we have in our environment that these things are not helping our metabolism. They’re interfering in every different metabolic function, organ system in our body. They poison proteins and enzymes and just really generally screw up so many different ways in which our body functions and produces energy.

Mimi: No, it’s so true. And I do think for Lyme patients that are listening, detoxing has become a huge part of us getting better because our world is so toxic now. But if you could just speak specifically to your protocol, because not only are you detoxing protocol but from what I understand, you personalize it. You go and you help find them if they do have heavy metals and what exactly they need to detox.

Wendy: Yeah, absolutely. Because everyone is different and everyone has a different ability to detox, and a different ability to tolerate various supplements. So we have a team of practitioners. I mean, we have about 15 practitioners and we have a medical doctor that’s coming on soon as well, and all of them have different kinds of aptitudes for different pieces of training they’ve done and whatnot. But the main thing is that everyone needs to detox, but some people need to be stabilized first. So that’s the kind of mistake that people make is that I’m all about getting a person stabilized, getting them feeling better no matter what their issue is, if it’s Lyme or whatever, what’s chronic fatigue syndrome or whatever’s going on.

Getting Back to the Basics

Wendy: I want to get back to the basics with people and get their body functioning well with their digestion, their sleep, their energy levels to a certain degree and kind of build this bomb shelter before we dropped the bomb. Because the last thing that you want to do when someone is really ill is starting mobilizing all of these metals out of stored sites and out of the brain and the bones and cause all this just metabolomic havoc and the person ends up feeling much, much worse. And some people just are not ready to detox. We need to work on their detox pathways and getting their liver working better. Maybe some people have kidney stuff going on.

Digestion is a big one. Leaky gut’s a huge one. A leaky brain also. So we need to kind of get people stabilized and there’s a certain kind of basics we go through. Some people are just kind of not thinking. They’re thinking it’s really complex thing, but many times it’s just very simple. Hydration is super important and there’s a lot more to that than just drinking water. People need minerals. That’s really important. Some people aren’t stable enough to even take minerals yet. We need to work on digestion healing and sealing the gut and then EMF protection, EMF sensitivity. That’s a big problem for a lot of people.

Wendy: Some people are very, very sensitive to EMFs or electromagnetic fields from computers, cell phones, wifi. And then also there’s something with the body’s energy field. We all have an energy field and it can be very dysregulated. We can have a lot of energetic blocks from emotional trauma, from heavy metals and chemicals, from just other stuff going on in the body. And the energy field controls the physical body. So it’s much easier to get different information to the energy field and clear energetic blocks, and that will improve the body’s physical functioning and it will work better, and it will work more efficiently. The immune system will work better. People are less reactive to foods because their immune system is getting proper information. So there’s a number of different modalities that I use with people to get their energy field regulating better. And many times that’s a step they need to take before they began a heavy metal detox, especially if they have multiple health diagnoses, chronic fatigue syndrome. They’ve tried detoxes and it makes them feel terrible. Many people know they need to detox, but they just can’t. So working in bioenergetics, working in the energy field is a great way to get people kind of stabilized, stop reacting to foods, give them some more energy. They’re sleeping better. They’re absorbing their nutrients better. And then stress reduction, huge.

You can not kill it well if your body is stressed – if you’re stuck in that sympathetic dominance mode.

So I have a couple of different things that we do, including the bioenergetic program that we do call NES Health, N-E-S Health. So those are the kinds of like the basics that I kind of like work from. And then once people have those down, then they’re going to be ready to do a detox.

Mimi: My gosh, you’ve covered so much. I mean, you pretty much checked every box. So I mean, it’s so all-encompassing, first of all, how did you learn all this? How did you know to even and then put it into a program?

Wendy: Well, Just over time, just on my own health journey and talking to different experts and doing my own research for my own personal health. I’m constantly looking for that next best thing and I was always meeting people, doing my Myers Detox Podcast. I’m just very passionate and genuinely interested in everything that has to do with the body. And as of late, the last few years, I’ve been much, much more interested in frequency medicine, bioenergetics, quantum healing, and all those things because of how much progress, tremendous progress I made in my own health. And releasing emotional trauma to get to that next level where I felt like “God, I’m doing everything. I’m totally detoxed. And I still just felt like..” I just didn’t really feel great where I wanted to wake up with joy. I wanted to wake up happy. I wanted to kind of feel like I had tons of energy and my brain was just clicking, everything syncs. I still didn’t feel in alignment even after detoxing for so many years and making a lot of progress and headway in that respect. So it was really bioenergetics that got me to that last leg where I took that baton and I kind of finished the race.

Bioenergetics 101

Mimi: So what about specifically for people who don’t know what bioenergetics means? Is it a program? What’s the modality that you use?

Wendy: Yeah. So there’s a lot of different ways to work with energy. So bioenergetics just means where we have an energy field and you can work in that energy field, give new different information, correct information, correct operating instructions to the energy field because the physical body takes instructions from the energy field, from our environment. And so when you feed the body correct information from, there are all kinds of different ways to do that. And you can do that with sound healing. You can do it with music that has frequencies imprinted on it. You can use a device called MyHealth that sends correct information on energy waves to your body.

You can do it with a rife device, R-I-F-E, which was invented over 100 years ago, just sends frequencies on light to your body. There are so many different ways. I also do biofield tuning that’s like taking a tuning fork, it’s sound therapy that just helps to clear your body and transmute negative emotions and trauma. So there are lots and lots of ways to work in the energy field.

I also have this device called a Harmoni Pendant. And so this Harmoni Pendant also dramatically reduces stress. It works on an energetic level. And so we’ve shown with 100 different patients with eight different doctors doing this study that it lowers your heart rate variability by 700% on average. And that’s going to potentiate any other modality that you are doing because a lot of people, like I said, their biggest problem is just they’re just stressed, especially the last two just nonsense years. These last two completely crazy or less than a year and a half has just been so stressed, there was so much collective fear. So much stress in the United States and in the UK and all over the world.

And so people are just they’re on edge. And so a pendant like this like wearing this and just reducing your stress a tremendous amount is a really good start to help to get you on a road to healing. And it’s a very easy thing to do and you can track it yourself if you have an Oura Ring or any kind of HRV tracking device. You can see for yourself the before and after wearing the pendant. And people even tell me when they take the pendant off, their HRV scores go down, their heart rate variability scores go down.

Mimi: But doesn’t that pendant also protect you from EMF?

Wendy: Yeah. So it’s not an EMF protector, so to speak, but in our study we wanted to explore this. So we found that people had a 48% improvement on average from the stressful effects of EMF. So what is EMF? What does it do to your body? EMF is a frequency, it’s a non-native frequency that comes in and negatively impacts your brainwaves, which are energy fields, negatively impacts your heart’s functioning, which is an energy field that sends out an energy wave 10 feet in diameter around your body. And so EMF is interfering with all these natural kinds of energy frequencies that our body and our DNA throw off an energy field. So it just throws all that out of sync. And so the pendant helps to regulate your energy field and kind of almost, I don’t want to say put a forced fuel around you, but it just helps to improve your and clear your energy field so you’re more resilient of the stressful effects of EMF.

Mimi: Oh yeah, that’s great, the description of it. Is there anything else that you put on your phone to protect you from the EMF besides the Harmoni Pendant?

Wendy: Yeah, yeah. So I have all kinds of different devices that I love. I love the Blushield for your whole house. If you want something like just they have like a Blushield cube that will do like a whole room or I have the Blushield, I think it’s called the Premium Ultra. It protects my whole house and it works in three different ways to kind of mitigate EMF and there are other devices. I like the Arestech. Those are great things to put on your phone and on your devices. And so those are the two that I would recommend.

Mimi: So why do sometimes people say, “Oh, those don’t work? Because you see the studies of how with the head, with the phone and with or without it, whatever and they do the… So they seem to work for me, but then why do people say they don’t work?

Wendy: Well, they definitely work. I mean, those two devices work. I’ve noticed there’s a lot of garbage on the market. There’s a lot of products out there that don’t work as they claim. But these companies that I mentioned have plenty of studies. They have plenty of information to back up their work. And sometimes people just don’t understand. People can be pessimistic about products like this. Some people don’t even believe in EMFs to begin with or that they harm you. Some people don’t know how to read research and they just discount them. People are just naturally pessimistic, but there are products out there that do work to mitigate EMF.

Myers Detox Protocol

Mimi: Now how often should you be doing a Detox Protocol, specifically yours?

Wendy: You need to be doing something daily to detox your body.

I’m not going to sugarcoat things. I mean, it takes years to detox.

Wendy: These toxins bioaccumulate in us from the air, food, and water. They’re stored in our fat cells. If you’re having trouble losing weight because your body is storing all this garbage in your fat. So it’s not going to let it go. Getting rid of that fat would flood your body with toxins you can’t handle if you’re ill. So the body is innately intelligent in that respect.

You need to be doing something on a daily basis. What I do is I do an infrared sauna, another day I’ll do a coffee enema. I take supplements and binders and different types of products, supplements to detox my body. I’ll take a silica. I have a product called Ageless AF. That’s a type of silica that gets rid of arsenic, aluminum 10, thallium, and cesium. I’ll take binders like I have a product called CitriCleanse. That’s a grapefruit citrus pectin, but you can take charcoal. There’s all kinds of products out there that are great.

I date a lot of different detox foods. So the top five detox foods are egg yolks where they have choline in them and very important for detox and they have sulfur. Onions, garlic, ginger, and broccoli sprouts. So broccoli sprouts are super, super important. They’re the number one detox food. And I also created a product called a Daily Detox, which is mostly fermented broccoli sprouts. They have lots and lots of sulfur in them. It also has fermented ginger, fermented turmeric. It’s basically a liver support superfoods kind of a product. So that’s really, really key to help support your liver. Coffee enemas, amazing for your liver.

Mimi: I love it.

Wendy: Yes. Lemon water, super, super simple. Drinking lemon water in the morning. Sleep, sleep is so important, but you need to be asleep by 11:00 PM because your liver starts kind of going to town and detoxing about that time. Everyone’s a little bit different, but you get the deepest sleep in the beginning because if you’re not sleeping, you’re not detoxing and you’re going to be stressed.

Mimi: I always tell my kids. It’s like, “The cleaning crew shows up at 10 o’clock at night in your body and if you’re not asleep, it knocks on your door and it leaves” because they sees you’re having a party and it’s like, “I’m not going to clean while you’re having a party” and it leaves at night. The other analogy I like to use explaining detox. I’m like your body is like a pot of boiling stew and everything that you keep throwing in it, at some point it boils over, and whatever that boil over is. If it’s Lyme, cancer, chronic illness. It’s boiling over. So you have to start reducing it.

Wendy: Yeah, yeah. I think people don’t realize heavy metals dramatically impact your immune system. You have metals like mercury lead, cadmium, arsenic are shown in the research to dramatically affect your neutrophils, your macrophages, leukocytes like all of your killer T cells. They dramatically impact them. They slow them down or they kind of look uninterested in looking for pathogens. They kind of slow down and these metals poison different components of your immune system and they can really impact it dramatically.

Cadmium will cause yourselves to not divide properly and cause your DNA to kind of miscopy. And then you get this mutant cell that might be able to grow into a tumor. So these metals really wreak havoc on your immune system and your body’s ability to protect itself from other pathogens. And that’s how it can affect Lyme disease to a certain degree. Because if your immune system is compromised, you have leaky guts, your immune system is battling all these huge food proteins that are coming into your bloodstream because of the leaky gut. And then you have a lot of different heavy metals that impact your immune system’s functioning. And the metals also reduce your body’s ability to produce energy. Opportunistic infections love low-energy bodies because you just don’t have the energy to fight it. Your immune system needs energy and if you’re not getting enough sleep, also your immune system just is trashed after a certain number of years of doing that. You’ve just taken out too much credit for that loan. You have to pay that off at some point and you pay it in your lower immune function if you don’t get enough sleep. So these metals just impact your body’s ability to fight pathogens.

Wendy: And so detoxing is definitely part of restoring your immune system, fighting Lyme disease or another kind of coinfections, Lyme-like coinfections that you might have as well. Our medical director, Dr. Bruce Jones, he gets a lot of Lyme patients referred to him from doctors that kind of throw their hands up and they’re kind of like they don’t feel like they can do anything more for this patient. And he’s just found over 35 years of clinical research that to address Lyme, you have to detox the body first to be able to adequately address Lyme and successfully resolve it.

Mimi: Yeah, that’s the problem I’m having right now with my Lyme doctor is I’m still holding onto my heavy metals and parasites. And she said that is like the key to not getting rid of your Lyme. You’re not addressing either of those.

Wendy: Yeah. And so detoxification it’s really, really important. And it’s also much easier to get rid of infections using bioenergetics because using bioenergetics you can feed information to your immune system. You can feed energy to your immune system very, very easily. Like using NES Health, you can go on and you’ll see under programs you’ll see it says NES Health, N-E-S Health. That is unbelievable for addressing a lot of the different issues that people have when they have Lyme or other types of diagnoses. It just helps regulate every different part of your body, but I think any type of diagnosis that people have, emotional trauma is always at the root as well.

Wendy: For any kind of physical or mental health issue, emotional trauma is always a component. And so this is firmly established in the research. People that have more adverse childhood events have more chronic health issues when they’re younger, two to three times two to 300% of the number of chronic health issues. So doing a program like NES Health helps to easily address the emotional trauma because these emotions and trauma, where are they? They’re not living in your brain cells. They are in your energy field. That’s where they reside. So you can transmute them easily doing bioenergetics or sound therapy or sound healing or what have you. And so it’s just a very easy way to address those things and doing that can be able to give people a huge shift in their health when they feel like they’re not meeting their health goals, they’ve hit a wall. They’ve tried all these different supplements and protocols and programs, and nothing’s really working. Doing something on the emotional or bioenergetic level can really give people that shift that they’re looking for and get them on the road to healing.

Mimi: It’s true. I definitely feel like until I started addressing that piece of it, which kind of is the hardest part almost to deal with I find. Because you got to like dig deep and you got to start peeling the onion and figure out you got to get to the gritty stuff that you don’t really want to talk about.

Wendy: It’s just sitting in your energy field and you can transmute it with sound therapy or with doing bioenergetics. It’s so easy. I did 10 years of talk therapy. I wanted to be a marriage and family therapy counselor. I’ve taken all the courses and read all the books and done all the therapy. I still had all the trauma. I still had bulimia and all these different things I was struggling with. And within three months of starting this NES Health bioenergetic program, the bulimia was gone, it never returned because the underlying root catalyst was gone, just disappeared doing this very various simple protocol. And it’s relatively inexpensive too compared to a lot of other protocols out there.

Mimi: I know. Everything’s so expensive. Well, thank you so much. Are there any last things that you think we haven’t covered that especially people with a chronic illness like Lyme should be addressing?

Wendy: Yeah, and I know we covered a lot. I’ve touched on a lot of different things, but I have a quiz you can take, it’s called You can take that and you get like a free video series after that that will tell you kind of where you get started with detox, how to get started. You can also just do some very basic things like hydration. Hydration is so key. This water here is called Watt-Ahh. You can get this on and this stuff it’s unbelievable. This will get you detoxing your body. It’s got oxygen, hydrogen, and electrons infused into it. So it grounds your body. We’re electrical beings. You have to be grounded for your body to work properly.

Wendy: So a lot of people that have a chronic illness, they’re not getting these really basic things correct. They need to have proper hydration. They need oxygen. A lot of people don’t get enough oxygen and hydrogen in their bodies. It’s not enough to take a hydrogen capsule. That’s only one part of the puzzle. You need oxygen, hydrogen, and electrons for the whole-cell mechanism to work. So this water alone, I was high for about four days after I started drinking this, but it does start detoxing you pretty quickly so you have to start really slow.

Wendy: If you’re really ill, I’d probably only do like maybe a few tablespoons-

Mimi: So you just can’t chug a full one.

Wendy: Do not do that. Do not chug a whole one. I do a whole one every day now, but I’d fly into the US and bring cases down from Mexico because I have to have it. So yeah, just start slow and titrate up. And this will detox you. You have a ton of metals and chemicals. It’ll get rid of radiation in your body. This alone is a crazy detox. So it’s amazing.

Why You Should Avoid Fluoride

Mimi: Well, that’s good to know. But you know what I would love for you to talk about is that fact that you brought up water is fluoride. Because I feel like we’ve all been trained to think that fluoride is good. You go to the dentist and they want to give you fluoride on your teeth, I mean, that’s a huge misnomer.

Wendy: Run for the hills if anyone tries to give you fluoride.

Mimi: You do not buy toothpaste that says fluoride on it. You want it without fluoride. You do not want to take fluoride. You want to make sure no fluoride is in your water at home because we’re all been trained that fluoride’s good. It’s not good.

Wendy: No, it’s not.

Mimi: It’s bad.

Wendy: No, because what fluoride does, number one is it calcifies your pineal gland. It destroys your ability to have intuition, which you need to make sound decisions for your life and your health. It’s also competing for iodine in your thyroid because if you look at a periodic table of the elements, there’s iodine, fluoride, chlorine, and bromine. All those block iodine uptakes in the thyroid and your thyroid hormones are made of iodine. So if you have too much fluoride if it’s added to the drinking water and the shower water, hey, guess what? Your thyroid is not going to work. You’re not going to have any energy or human growth hormone, depression, weight gain, low energy, et cetera. And also is very toxic for your bones. It causes cancer. It’s so bad. There’s tons of research on this.

Mimi: Well, this has been amazing. And thank you so much for all you do and for helping so many people. And hopefully, we can get more sick people better.

Wendy:  Yes, absolutely. And if you guys are thinking about doing a detox, I’ve got hundreds of free articles, hundreds of free podcasts on that you can go check out and don’t miss my quiz. It’s where you can learn more about how to get started on detox. But I assure you if you feel like you’re doing everything right, you feel like you’ve got the diet down, you’ve got the supplements, you’ve got the exercise and the sleep. And you’re just doing all kinds of things and feel like you’re that hamster in a wheel spinning your wheels. You want to think about adding detoxification and I advise energy medicine or bioenergetics, thinking about adding these things to your health regimen.

Mimi: Great. Thank you so much, Wendy.

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