How Magnets Can Help Heal Your Lyme

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Moses Durazo is a Medical Biomagnetic Pair Specialist

Moses Durazo is a Medical Biomagnetic Pair Specialist

Bio Magnetic Therapy is something I learned about from a fellow Lyme warrior a few years ago, and she swears this is how she healed herself. I did not know much about magnet therapy, so I started researching. There are not many practitioners, but then I found Moses Durazo’s practice within an hour from my home. He is the guru of magnets.  

Moses is an alternative medical practitioner, biomagnetic pair and BEMER specialist, and author of “How Magnets Can Save Your Life.” Moses initially wanted to go pre-med at UC Santa Cruz and become a traditional doctor. He remembers getting excited when he got a wart on his finger, so he could go into the university’s clinic and be inspired by the practice. After explaining his symptoms, the doctor replied, “What do you want me to do about it?” Moses was discouraged and disappointed that the doctor he held at such a high standard couldn’t help him. But as fate would have it, on the way back from his doctor’s appointment, Moses learned about the holistic health program on campus and decided to change his major. He ended up graduating from UC Santa Cruz Holistic Health Program.

A few years later, Moses started developing chronic digestive issues, and even with his health education background, he could not solve his situation. When someone asked him if he had tried magnets, he decided to try it more out of curiosity rather than thinking it would work. However, after one 25-minute biomagnetic pair treatment, his chronic digestive problem had disappeared by the next day. After that moment, Moses decided to dedicate his life to this field. 

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Bio Magnetic Pair Therapy uses pairs of magnets with positive and negative fields, and the practitioner applies them to the body in specific pH distorted areas. The understanding is that when you’re infected with microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, glandular organ dysfunctions, intoxication, or emotional stress, the inside of your body is becoming pH distorted. So one part of your body will go towards acidity and another part alkaline. To learn more about the healing power of magnets, read Moses’ book, “How Magnets Can Save Your Life.” Also, you can get his ebook by clicking here.

Before I met Moses, I was at a dinner party in pain, barely able to move from the coach to the table and someone asked have you tried the BEMER Mat, which I had never heard of. BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. BEMER therapy uses a low-frequency pulsed magnetic field for eight-minute sessions to temporarily increase local blood circulation. It is an amazing technology, and watching the before and after videos of your blood circulation on the companies website is extraordinary. If you haven’t looked into magnetic therapy, it is worth you downloading Moses’s ebook.  

In addition to Moses’ personal experience and our conversation on the podcast, I want to share one of his clients’ stories.

What Moses Did for Me:

I had been suffering from Lyme disease for 20 years or longer with coinfections of Bartonella and Babesiella. My doctor, who specializes in Lymes Disease, was wanting me to go on antibiotics. She said it would be about a year and a half nonstop, maybe longer, that I would be cycling through different antibiotics. Lyme is resistant to antibiotics and changes its shape and form to shield itself from the antibiotics. I knew there had to be another way to get better other than doing that. I have heard from so many other people who have this disease, and they have used the antibiotics, and it ruins many other organs in their body. There is also a high chance that I have had the disease for so long that the antibiotics would not work. The number one cause of death with people who have Lyme is suicide. That is where I was. I was always fighting with myself not to allow myself to drive to the ocean to swim and drown myself so that I could be with God and end my suffering. The suffering that I was having was unbearable. Moses, using his biomagnetic therapy with God's assistance, I believe, saved my life. After a few treatments of biomagnetic therapy, my suicide desires were gone. I was afraid to get my blood work drawn again, even though I knew that I felt better. Moses would tell me that he did not find those organisms in my body anymore. I believed him to some degree. A week ago, I got brave enough to have my blood tested again, and it came back negative that I do not have Lyme disease anymore. There are no words that can adequately express my gratitude for Moses, that he has taken his time and energy and that this is what he has chosen for a profession. When I think of him and what he has done for me, tears of joy and gratitude rush down my face. Without him, I don't know where I would be. He has given my children their mother back. He has given me the inspiration to follow in his footsteps so that I might be able to help other people with their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs and sometimes save their lives as he did mine. God bless you, Moses.
Kelly M.
Oceanside, California

Moses Durazo is an alternative medical practitioner, author of How Magnets Can Save Your Life, chronic illness warrior, and Medical Biomagnetic Pair specialist. I met Moses a few years ago at his practice, Durazo Medical Biomagnetism, and BEMER Therapy in Santa Ana, California. I invited Moses on the podcast today to describe biomagnetic therapy, BEMER therapy, and how each can help with chronic Lyme symptoms.

Mimi MacLean  00:03

Welcome to the Heal Podcast for all things related to Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses. I’m Mimi MacLean, mom of five founder of Lyme 360, and a Lyme warrior. Tune in each week to hear from doctors, health practitioners and experts to hear about their treatments, struggles and triumphs to help you on your healing journey. I’m here to heal with you. Hi, welcome back to Heal Podcast. This is Mimi from line 360. Thanks for coming on today. Today we have Moses Durazo and he is an alternative medical practitioner. He is author of How Magnets Can Save Your Life. He’s also a chronic illness warrior and he is a medical by magnetic pair specialist. I met Moses a few years ago at his practice durazzo Medical bio magnetism and BEMER therapy in Santa Ana, California. I invited Moses on today to describe bio magnetic therapy, BEMER therapy and how you can help with chronic Lyme symptoms. Moses, thank you so much for coming on. I came to you a couple of years ago, and I had read a little bit about bio magnetic therapy. And so I thought it’d be really interesting for you to come on today, to talk to our listeners, most of the people do have chronic Lyme, or some kind of autoimmune disease that is affecting their health. And I do feel like magnetic therapy is one of those therapies that’s not really talked a lot about it was actually when I heard about it. One time from somebody on the East Coast, I started looking into it. And there’s actually not that many people that are practicing it. And so happened that one person that I found in California was actually not far from me, which was you, which was about an hour from me, and you’re close to like, Anaheim area. So thank you so much for coming on today. Yeah. And so I just wanted to start out by talking about yourself a little bit. And I know that health and medical has always been an interest of yours, and you wanted to become a doctor, but then you kind of steered into a different direction. Can you talk about that?

Moses Durazo  01:56

Yeah, absolutely. You know, it’s interesting that you’re asking me this question, and that we reconnected after so many years. Just recently, we started updating our website, and part of the questions that were asked of me, it’s like, hey, could you just give us a summary of how did you get into medical bio magnetism, so I was just recently going through Memory Lane about it. And when I was at the university, I went to UC Santa Cruz, I remember getting so excited that I got a wart in my finger, because that meant that I could go to the medical doctor on campus, because I was just like, I need to be around the doctor, you know, because I had completed a medical assisting program while I was in high school. So I was just looking for an excuse just to be back inside of a clinic and, and talk and just be inspired by the practice. I remember the doctor after you’re telling them oh, and I have this. And I’m also concerned about that. And then he looks at me and he says, What do you want me to do about it? I was 18 years old at the time. And I remember just saying, Well, I don’t know you’re the medical doctor. He didn’t really like that you can his head almost snap like ugh. I think he was in shock that a little 18 year old kid would would talk to him that way. But I remember being just walking away from that medical appointment and being disappointed that he couldn’t help me and it made me think, well, if the doctor can help me for something as insignificant as I wart on my finger, well, how can a doctor even help anyone else? Like with serious things? And I, I went through a little crisis there. But as fate would have it, it was really interesting that the shuttle at the shuttle stop going back to my dorm room, a fellow student at the University asked like, hey, so what’s your major? And I said, Well, I’m going to be doing pre med. This is my freshman year. And the question was, are you going to do the holistic health program here on campus?

Mimi MacLean  03:50

They had that?

Moses Durazo  03:51

Yeah. Have they had that! And I never heard of the word holistic ever in my life. I didn’t know what she was talking about. She said, Yeah, look here, here’s a catalog. And she handed it over to me. And when I got back to my dorm room I was studying in and it just seemed fascinating. And that’s how I ended up in the world of holistic health. But how I got into medical bio magnetism, I mean, it’s all part of the journey. But I had graduated from the university with this belief that I had learned everything I needed to know so that I could be healthy the rest of my life and if I ever got sick, or anyone in my family ever got sick, that what I had learned was enough to help them through the process of healing. And I was so wrong, because in my late 20s, I ended up developing chronic digestive issues, and everything, all the notes, I brought them all out and I started making tinctures and remedies and and then buying supplements and then going to other health care practitioners and I had just figured it out. That what I had was a matter of just getting older, you know, and it’s a it’s a common belief that as you get older, that just things begin to fall apart. And so I thought, Hey, I made it. I guess that’s what late 20s is all about, I’m falling apart. So it was interesting, because someone asked me, hey, Moses, you’re in the holistic health field. You like natural medicine? What do you think about magnets? And I remember telling that person, oh, they don’t really work. And the reason why is because I had purchased some magnetic shoe inserts that I was wearing every single day for the last three years. She said, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about some, it’s like a treatment. And it kind of looks like acupuncture, if you will. But they’re using magnets, and you got to place them in your body. And so I mean, I said, well, heck, let’s, why not? Let me give it a shot. Just out of curiosity, it was really more curiosity than the idea that I was going there to be healed of anything, really, because I had also developed this belief of like, well, natural things are fine and all, but it doesn’t create much of a shift. That’s also another belief that I had adopted. And I was completely blown away with how literally one 25 minute treatment. One day later, when I woke up the next day that four and a half year problem completely disappeared. 

Mimi MacLean  06:23

That quickly? Wow!

Moses Durazo  06:25

Yeah, 24 hours later. And I was completely blown away with that. And that’s why I ended up dedicating my life to this field. And I give thanks to the doctor, I feel really grateful for having had that experience of just being told honestly, hey, listen, I can’t help you. That was a big deal. And I’m really grateful for them.

Mimi MacLean  06:46

Now, can you dive deeper into what bio magnetic therapy is and what it’s doing? Like, how is that helping you heal?

Moses Durazo  06:54

Okay, yeah, absolutely. So So what it’s called my field specifically, it’s called the medical bio magnetic pair theory, bio magnetic pair. So what we’re doing is we’re using pairs of magnets positive and negative field, and we’re applying them to the body in very specific pH distorted areas of your body. So the understanding is that when you’re infected with micro organisms, virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites, when there are glandular organ dysfunctions, when there is intoxication, when there is emotional stress, what’s happening inside of your body is that very specific parts of your body are becoming pH distorted. So one part of your gut body will go towards acidity and another part alkaline. And this isn’t to be thought of in terms of a litmus paper, of, hey, let me see my saliva and my pH is whatever. That’s not how we are looking at pH, but rather, there’s a doctor Dr. Richard Browing Meyer was actually one of the scientists who first discovered that you can use magnets to the body, and you place it there. And what happens is that your leg gets shorter. There’s a reaction it like pulls inwards. So let’s say your feet are even. And you place a magnet in a certain part of your body. And if it’s pH distorted, your leg comes in. And that’s the diagnostic part. So Dr. Gois took that a step further. And Dr. Gois is a medical doctor. But he thought, Wait a minute, if you can detect, can you correct. And that was the birth of so the understanding, like I was saying is that like, let’s just say COVID, we’re going to use use that as an example. The understanding is that it’s creating a pH distortion in the urethra, that’s what we would call the biomagnetic pair, that the area the cells of the urethra, on the body become pH distorted. So in order to neutralize that pH of those cells, you’re adding a positive and negative field there and that area, and then depending on our latitude on Earth, it would determine the amount of time so here on our latitude where I am in Orange County, California, I leave the magnets on for 27 minutes. And then what that does is it neutralizes your biochemistry, and then it renders those micro organisms. They die for example, that was that’s why I healed so fast. My issue was pinworms, I had pinworms. 

Mimi MacLean  09:28

Oh, wow. 

Moses Durazo  09:29

And so I thought it was the weirdest thing. I mean, the PubMed

Mimi MacLean  09:32

Did you find that out though?

Moses Durazo  09:34

Because depending on where you place the magnets, depending on your pH distortion, that’s how you know that’s how we diagnose what the problem is. So for example, COVID will always distort the urethra. That’s an example. Let me see another one is Candida, right? That’s a common one that we see here at the office all the time. So that will always distort the diaphragm area. So if you wanted to diagnose someone that way you get a magnet, you place it on the diaphragm, you check leg length, if the leg shortens, you can say, yes, that person has that problem.

Mimi MacLean  10:11

Do you have that ability for Lyme?

Moses Durazo  10:14

Well, Lyme is the label they give the disease, right?

Mimi MacLean  10:18

Yeah. Right. There’s like the whole, like, there’s cofactors borrellia.

Moses Durazo  10:23

Exactly. So So now, if we’re talking about borrelia, yes, there is a way to test for borrellia. Now, just so you know, and to give a little bit more in depth explanation about medical bio magnetism. And as it relates to diagnoses, if you have 100 people, let’s just say 100 people diagnosed with Lyme disease, I’m pretty sure that what’s going to happen is that we’re going to be placing magnets, every one is going to be unique. The question is, what is the pH distortion that have led to that diagnosis? It’s not as simple as just getting rid of brilliant sometimes it’s there’s other co infections taking place. And, and also the emotional issues that we’ve seen are also part of the equation.

Mimi MacLean  11:05

Mm. Are you talking to me about that? When we were there? You did a little, I don’t want to say lecture. That’s not the right word, but a little kind of presentation on the board about, you know, I don’t know if something came up, or why if you did it to everybody, but when I came, you did something on the board. And you talked about like my past a little bit and emotionally dealing with stuff. I think my dad had just passed away when I came to you. And I think if that came out or something, anyway, yeah. So you do have an emotional component to it when people come visit you as well.

Moses Durazo  11:36

Yes. So Dr. Gois, you know, our teacher, the one who discovered or developed this understanding, he’s a medical doctor. So he’s very medically oriented, you know, and in spite of this being a natural healthcare field, the approach is still very medical. It’s just we’re using magnets. And you know, when I studied with him back in 2008, I, I said, You know what, I’m just going to disconnect from the holistic way of thinking, and I’m going to adopt the way he’s teaching us to do it. And I did that for a good two solid years. But a person’s well being is not just a matter of applying science and technology, it really has to be a holistic approach, how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about our world, how we feel about others in the world, all of those things are very important in a healing process. So yeah, for the most part, I do, I do like to talk to people about the emotional component, because I mean, who doesn’t face challenges? I’ve learned a few simple shortcuts through life. And I like to share those shortcuts. And that’s why I do talk a lot about the emotional component with people.

Mimi MacLean  12:50

Do you mind sharing, like one or two of those shortcuts?

Moses Durazo  12:54

Yeah, absolutely. So what I find is that we’re really good at hiding things or pretending that yesterday’s issues are no longer bother us. We’re really good at that. And that’s what we call armoring. Just protect ourselves. And of course, you know, today’s is gonna bring its own set of challenges. And so then we get busy just thinking about today, we get busy thinking about tomorrow. And so one of the things and and I wrote this in the here I have the very first book that I published this one, now magnets can save your life, I thought that this exercise that someone once gave me was very important. And what happened was that, you know, doesn’t matter if you’re in the health care world, and we help people every single day, but, but when one is in trouble, we still should be seeking help from other people. And I remember this was about five years ago, my life was going through a little storm, not a little storm, a big storm, it was so important that I felt like I needed to talk to someone. And you know, it was interesting, because this man, he’s an energy worker. And he said, Hey, listen, your problem has no solution. Really, I can’t really help you. But I’m going to ask you to do something, and promise me you’re going to do it. And I didn’t feel comfortable promising him anything. But I said, Okay, well, I asked for help. I may as well follow through on whatever it is that advice is going to be. He gave me the the most simple but the most powerful advice I had received in a very long time. And I thought it was so powerful that I share it with everyone. The exercise is this, that you go out into a place in nature. So you go to the beach, you go to the desert, you go to a meadow, you go to a hill, you go to a lake, you can find a creek, wherever but it has to be a natural place, can’t be your bedroom. Not in your car, not in your backyard it I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work. It’s not the same. So I went over down to the beach. It’s really close to us here. And so the exercise, it’s a pretty purging exercise and emotional purge. And what we do, males and females do it slightly different see, so males pretend that we are speaking to our mothers and females, you pretend that you’re speaking to your father’s. There’s something very special about that mindset. So I discovered a lot, I discovered, as I was going through this, first of all, and I’ve talked to other people who’ve done it, it’s a little bit of a challenge, especially when you don’t have that type of relationship with the parent of the opposite sex. And I think that’s why it’s so such a powerful exercise, because I think most of our issues do stem from the relationship with a parent of the opposite sex. And so it took me a while even just to begin to say something, I was at the beach for, like 20 minutes, and I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. But the moment I did that, it’s really interesting, because it flashed me back to adolescence and before to childhood. And I realized, you know, when it was all said, and done, you know, it took me about an hour of just, it, just things started popping up. And then by the end of that hour, I just felt amazing. And so I’ve shared this with people over. Since then I pretty much said, Hey, by the way, you should try this. And I want to say that 99.9% of anyone who’s ever done that exercise will come back and say, Oh, my God, I had no idea just how much emotional baggage I’ve been carrying on my life, and then what we discover, because I discovered it, but other people come to the same conclusion. I don’t tell them what the outcome is going to be. But they also tell me the same thing. I realized that the problem is not the current problem. The problem stems from something in the past that we never resolved. When you don’t resolve that thing. You’re living it every day, whether you’re aware of it or not. It’s just an act of conflict that’s never been resolved. So that’s, I would say, like the main shortcut.

Mimi MacLean  17:04

And you have to say it out loud, right? You can’t write it, you can’t, you have to say it out loud.

Moses Durazo  17:08

You have to spit it out. You have to spit it out. Inside wanted to say it’s a it’s like shining light on it when you shine light on it.

Mimi MacLean  17:16

And it usually like one or two situations, there’s a bigger issue like what would you say typically, like an ongoing challenge. You don’t it can be just one time something happened? Or it could be?

Moses Durazo  17:27

I mean, most people are really surprised with what comes out of their mouth. So people might go with the idea of like, Hey, I’m having relationship problems, marital problems, problems with their children. I mean, these are the common things. So they’ll go there. And then all of a sudden things come up about childhood, about their parents about discipline about not feeling worthy, not being loved. Not feeling good enough. You know, these are these are all common experiences that we share. But yeah, I mean, whatever it’s going to take to get you out there to just go. I mean, you’d be surprised what you’re carrying.

Mimi MacLean  18:03

Yeah, no, it’s emotional piece of this is huge. I keep going back to that. It’s the days when I’m not like I have kind of been in a funk lately and not feeling great. And I definitely think I just came from acupuncture. And it’s definitely an emotional piece to it. I think just everything that’s been going on, you know, I think it’s wearing on everybody, including myself right now of just COVID. And the elections, everything. So it’s just a lot of stress, a lot of negative energy out there. And I think it wears on everyone’s health. So I think everyone’s in the same boat for the most part at this point. So just learning how to de stress like you’re talking about. Now, your therapy, how often do you I know you can buy the magnets through you? How often do you suggest coming to you? Or how often do you suggest putting it on your own body? And doing it from home?

Moses Durazo  18:49

Yeah, so if you will, it’s kind of like, so you have the the medical approach where you come to me, and then there’s the over the counter approach your own self care approach. And when I meet a person for the first time, I generally say hey, let’s let’s see each other, back to back about a week between sessions. And depending on their situation, I might say, Hey, listen after the second one, I’ll see you in one month. Of course, there are people who come from all over the place and they can’t, they just can’t be back. They’re traveling they’re passing through or they just wanted to have this one experience. It’s not easy to come back. But you know, I always think that a little bit of something that’s better than nothing at all of it. So what I ended up doing and as a result of the pandemic it also inspired me to create a service where because you’re right us we started this conversation talking about how inaccessible it is. There’s just a tiny number of practitioners like myself in the world, so hardly anybody knows about it. That was my intention in developing simple biomagnetic kits that people could use at home. So what people started saying, Well, hey, listen, I’m using them at home. But I want something more specific, more diagnostic. Can you help me and I, and you know, the cool thing about what we do with bioenergetics, or muscle testing for the lay person is that we’re able to determine where you would place it. I mean, you’re in the East Coast, right? It’s my understanding. So right, if you were to say, hey, Moses, I’ve got magnets, will you help diagnose me? And will you tell me where I need to place the magnets for my current situation right here right now today? And that’s what we’ve been doing for people. 

Mimi MacLean  20:35

oh, that’s great. I could zoom like, is it through zoom to like a video?

Moses Durazo  20:39

I have not done zoom yet. I’m open to it, though. But it’s more of an illustration that I label. So a little picture and I say, put the magnet here, here, here. It’s all very simple. But you know, as we’re going through this journey together, it’s also you know, there’s a lot that I juggle here, but I, you know, be very open to the Zoom conversation, as well. There’s so much to actually teach. And, you know, I’m glad that you actually invited me to this conversation, because I’ve been thinking like, it’d be nice to have conversations with other people. And I think this is why why you came around to remind me how important it is to connect, you know, at least this way through zoom. Thank you.

Mimi MacLean  21:18

Yeah, it’s true. And it’s I think, people don’t really talk about it. I’ve been talking, you know, each week I talk to different practitioners doing different things. And honestly, this doesn’t come up very much and the reason why you came up is the next area I want to bring out, I bought a BEMER mat, and one of my friends this summer, I went into her house and she had one and I didn’t know anybody else that had one except for you. And so I was like, wait, you have a BEMER mat and she’s like, Is it bemer or Beamer? 

Moses Durazo  21:44

We call it Beamer. 

Mimi MacLean  21:46

Yeah. So I was like, you have a BEMER. And she’s like, you know what it is? And I said, Yes. And I’m like, Oh, my gosh, I left mine in LA and I haven’t gotten it, I’m so bummed and, and then that’s what made me think of you. And then I was like, wait, I got to circle back and like, have Moses on and talk about, you know, his magnets and also the BEMER mat. So I would love for you to tell people about the Beamer mat, and how that kind of works with your practice.

Moses Durazo  22:09

Absolutely. And one of the things, you know, that I was reminded, with this whole experience with how BEMER came into my life is, you know, it doesn’t matter how smart we think we are, if we’re going to be successful in life as a whole, we need to be open minded. And one of the big things that I learned, and it’s, it’s important, we have to look at the fact that we don’t know everything. So I used to, I used to celebrate, you know, every single day, you know, in practice of like, wow, I have really high success rate helping people, even people who have like, incurable issues that they’ve been doing medicine and supplements and all that stuff. But through bio magnetism, it’s been able to improve their quality of life. And I always thought to myself, well, if people just knew about bio magnetism, and they read my books, and follow those tips, and use magnets at home, that that would be enough for them to be self sufficient, and take their wellness to a whole nother level. And so what happened is that God, or the universe threw a wrench into that belief system. And so my office got flooded, and I had to make an emergency move. And as a result of this emergency move, you can’t open up your doors until the city comes and does a walkthrough inspection and gives you the green, you know. But it so happened that this some man that I’ve met in a summer, he’s also in the holistic health world. He called me up out of the blue when he said, Hey, Moses, I’m going to this talk about this technology that’s supposed to be really wonderful. And I’m going you want to come with and I swear that if I was not had my office been open, I never would have gone to that presentation. I never, because I’m just like, why am I already doing something phenomenal? I don’t need to throw something else into the equation. But it was a real blessing. I look back to that experience to about the flooding. And I say so. You know, it’s important. I think everybody also needs to look at other challenges are going through right now. And see what is the lesson there’s something great that’s going to come from this. But here’s the thing, this might be true for other people who have come across BEMER distributors depends, you know, so the moment I got to this presentation, so they were getting people on the BEMER first and the lady who got me on the BEMER was just yapping, yapping yapping about how great and I should buy one and, and I was like, I’m being sold something. And it just felt icky. I’m like, yeah, just to learn and to have an experience. Not to sit down and within 10 

Mimi MacLean  24:47

Yeah, back off. Let me just experienced it. Yeah!

Moses Durazo  24:50

Yeah, back off. But, you know, once I understood the science, I was like, Huh, that’s interesting. This might work. But of course, I didn’t feel any Anything at the moment? I mean, it doesn’t you don’t even know if it’s on!

Mimi MacLean  25:03

I know I don’t even know if it’s on. I finally had to provide a thing and be like, Wait, is this thing going on? I’m so confused. Like, you don’t feel anything. You don’t hear anything you’re like.

Moses Durazo  25:10

Yes. Exactly, exactly right. It doesn’t feel like anything. But it was the most beautiful sleep that I had ever had that night. I never in my life had ever experienced such beautiful, enjoyable sleep, like I was floating in the clouds. And when I woke up in the morning, I like, bounced out of bed. It was like, let’s go conquer the world type thing, which I always usually wake up that way. But there was something extra special about that bounce that morning. And the second time I used it was four days later. And I remember being exhausted. It was like 9:30pm, exhausted, like, nobody talked to me. Nobody, I just can’t, I got to go home. 

Mimi MacLean  25:55

That’s all you use for the eight minutes you felt exhausted?

Moses Durazo  25:58

No, no, no. So it was prior to hopping on it. So office for a talk that I gave and they wanted to put people on the BEMER and all the people came to my presentation. And so before I left there, like what just hop on for eight minutes, and then you know, we’ll talk tomorrow about you buying, right. So again, I was so turned off by the whole you got to buy one, you got to buy one. But here’s what ended up happening is that laid on the mat. And within two minutes, that feeling of exhaustion just left my body. It was like you’re out and I felt completely energized. And I was so ecstatic. With that feeling that I immediately I just jumped off the mat. I said, there it is, I now have the experience the understanding of what it is, yeah, I don’t need to be told what I need to buy. People need to have the experience and get the value out of it. And that’s what I jumped off. And I get this made complete sense to me. And I immediately purchased it right there on the spot. And it was and I have to say that’s got to be one of the you know, besides my education, I’d have to say that that’s one of the best investments I’ve made in my life in terms of buying a Gizmo. And I’ve purchased three ever since and we then incorporated it here in the practice. 

Mimi MacLean  27:16

Do you use it every day?

Moses Durazo  27:18

I do try to use it every day in the morning before I get started. And I find that, you know, it’s now been three years, but I find like it just keeps my energy levels up. I don’t since I have them here in the office. I don’t use them on Sunday. So I would say I’m using it about six days a week for only eight minutes.

Mimi MacLean  27:35

Eight minutes. You don’t do the nighttime one.

Moses Durazo  27:38

You know, it’s interesting because I’ve only used the nighttime one twice in the three years that I’ve ever used it. I mean, I just feel great all the time. 

Mimi MacLean  27:46

So for me I haven’t had I think it’s because my body has been in such bad shape. I haven’t had like the visceral reaction like you had like the immediate like, Oh my god, I feel that much better. For me. What I believe in. I don’t know if this is true or not is the videos like if you go online and you watch the video of the vein pumping, where they have that tight, I don’t know how they have that video of the cells going through the vein. And before the BEMER they’re like slow and sluggish, which I know my blood is that way just from the line. And then eight minutes later, they show you halfway through and then they show you after the 8 minutes and just how much faster your blood is moving through your body by the BEMER is just amazing. So that’s another something for anybody to look at online and Beamer technology. Can you talk about what’s happening there? Like what what does the BEMER do? 

Moses Durazo  28:35

The BEMER and so just so people know what Beamer even stands for. BEMER is an acronym for bio electro magnetic energy regulation. What the BEMER does is it emits electromagnetism, you have a unique patented wave that’s different from any other pulsed electromagnetic frequency technology. So if you will, they all fall under that umbrella. It just so happens that BEMER as it’s been presented in the in their literature and their studies that BEMER is let’s just call it the Rolls Royce of these types of technologies. And so when that wave goes into your body, what it does is it stimulates blood flow at all levels. But you know, the most difficult the most challenging part of lead flow issues are the microscopic vessels. And about, I think it’s about 73% of our entire circulatory system is comprised of these tiny, tiny vessels where like the diameter of your hair is 10 times bigger than what the majority of our circulatory system is comprised of. So that’s the beauty of the this technology is that it will enhance your blood flow even though it doesn’t really feel like much. I mean, if even if we ask ourselves right now, well, we know that our heart is flowing right now. What does that feel like? And doesn’t really feel like much And so same thing to once you’re off of the eight minutes or 16 minutes setting, whatever you choose, it’s just enhancing that blood flow. So, you know, in terms of when you’re feeling off, and you’re using, I mean, you’ll notice that later because, oh my god, I have more energy or my quality of sleep was better, or you start going to the restroom a lot. There’s just changes that happen as a result of when use.

Mimi MacLean  30:25

Does anybody ever have a negative effect to it? One time I put my kids out at once, and they were like, Oh, I didn’t feel well after that. Why would that have been? Was it in her head? Or is there a chance of having kind of a negative effect to it?

Moses Durazo  30:37

It is a very real, it’s a it’s a real thing. I’ve had people stand up and lose their balance or they get dizzy, or they feel tired. Most definitely, most definitely. It’s real. And the reason is, because there’s a lot a lot moving through your body waste, for example, see, your blood not only nourishes you, and transports nutrients and oxygen and all these beautiful things throughout your body and feeding itself. But all of our billions of cells also produce metabolic waste. And sometimes that stuff is just stuck. You know, the moment it starts moving, people do feel funky. And so what happened to me was, I was so excited about the BEMER technology, I ordered it. And within two days, it was already in my hands. And then I was so excited. And I use it, I started using it. And for I want to say an entire week of using it my first week of using it. I felt terrible. I was like, Oh my God. But that was celebrating at the same time. It’s like that’s a great sign, because it’s moving. So, you know, that’s just part of the healing response.

Mimi MacLean  31:49

Right, right. Right. That’s true. Now for any of your patients that come to you and either do the BEMER or the biomagnetic pair therapy. Is there anything else that you would recommend somebody who has Lyme or chronic illness to do as well? Besides those two things?

Moses Durazo  32:05

Yeah, absolutely. An email that was sent to me with someone from Lymes, you know, if I find it, I’ll email it forward it to you, because it’s a very special testimonial I got from someone. And woman, I want to say maybe four years ago, she told me that she thinks about committing suicide every single day. And she’s got the beach right there. And she wonders what it would be like to just go drown herself. And you know, what I ended up suggesting that she do besides the biomagnetic pair treatment, but what I do that she also take the recalibration system here, I have the book right here. So I ended up developing a bio magnetic system. For the layperson, it’s a it’s a protocol that any human being on Earth would submit themselves to, I think 80%, if you will, of this system is to do a mind body spirit evaluation that probably looks backwards to you, right? So I show people how to a, I’m going to call it a self diagnosis. But in terms of Mind, Body spirit, like hey, what what are your challenges in life? How do you feel about them emotionally, whether we’re frustrated, or mad or angry resentment? And then what it what it’s about, you know, we can pick? pick anything, relationship or childhood, any any kind of trauma? And basically, how are you feeling? What are the symptoms that are manifesting them? How are they manifesting themselves, and then I asked people to then pretend that if life was perfect, let’s just pretend you can snap your fingers. And then everything magically changed. And now you’re living the life you’ve always wanted to be. Now Mimi is living. She’s now the woman, she’s always wanted to be in Moses. Now the man he’s always wanted to be. And Yay, we’re living that, how would that even be? What does that even look like? What would your life have? And so I encourage people, then, on the other side of that list, on one side, you’ve got your challenges. And on the other side, we’re going to fantasize in a perfect world, I wouldn’t be this way. And I wouldn’t be that way. And, and so then you apply. So you do this throughout six days, where you apply magnets to very specific areas of your body with just that one thing in mind. So if we’re going to focus with the emotional challenges, we’ll do that one day, night. On day number two, we’re going to focus on the spiritual challenges. The three we’re going to all you’re going to have your mindset is on where your body is hurting. And then on day four, you’re going to think about if you were living emotionally, what are the emotions you’d want to feel joy, peace, tranquility, excitement, euphoria, whatever that is, and then the opposite of what you want of your challenge your spiritual challenge. You know, if we call it low self esteem or we’re angry about that But in a perfect world, I’d be happy with politicians because they’d actually be helpful and constructive or whatever it is, you know. So you’re writing

Mimi MacLean  35:09

They’re not lying, whatever.

Moses Durazo  35:13

Yeah, all those things. And it’s a phenomenal process in any case. So going back to this lovely woman, she took the system, she was excited to learn and submit herself to the process. And I did bump into her. Some time later, she ended up taking a course with a good friend of mine who, who’s in the holistic health education field, and I bumped into her there. So she was taking his courses and, and then she got up, you know, because I went there to talk about what I do. And she got up and I was surprised to see her there. And she says, you know, Moses cured me of Lyme disease. And I was just like, what? And that’s when she ended up telling me what happened with her. 

Mimi MacLean  35:56

Was it the protocol? The protocol that you’re just talking about?

Moses Durazo  35:59

Well, I want to see that it’s both you can, what I’ve learned over the 12 years is medical biomagnetic pair science or this modality is very powerful. But you also have to have a solid foundation on which to stand on. Because if we go back to the same old patterns, yeah, I’ve might have the science might have helped, you know, and you’re fine. But if you don’t change who you are, how you live, how you process this world, how you understand your, your place in the world, how you whether you’re living with purpose, hey, next month, two months down the line, maybe the same thing comes back, or maybe something new happens. And so I want to say that it was both things that she did.

Mimi MacLean  36:45

That’s amazing. And how long is that? Did that take her? Did she say?

Moses Durazo  36:50

Well, I had bumped into her. I want to say like about five months after when I had first met her.

Mimi MacLean  36:56

Yeah. And who was the other health care provider?

Moses Durazo  36:59

He’s a educator, Arnoux Goran. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of him.

Mimi MacLean  37:02

I’ve heard his name, but I’m not that familiar with him.

Moses Durazo  37:05

Arnoux is, you know, we became really good friends over the years. And it was really interesting, because when I first got started in medical bio magnetism, people started, a lot of people started coming into the office and saying Arnoux Goran. And, and, and he just started sending a lot of people. And I was like, I’ve never met this individual. Who is Who does that? You know? Because most people will say, Hey, I’m gonna send someone to you what’s in it for me? That’s how over the years, it’s kind of been that way. I’ll send people but what’s in it for me? And for the first time ever, it was such a unique experience where people just started showing up. And they were like, Oh, yeah, this person sentence. And I was like, what this is a very special Angel. And then I reached out to him. And we could, you know, we were right there. We just understood each other. And we’re, we’re all about empowering people. And you are, too. I love your website. And I love what you do, these educational resources available to people. One more thing I want to add is that, you know, I find that people are not very motivated to read, and everything’s more about video or audio books, that’s seems to be easier than to pick a book book and read. And this pandemic, it’s also been a blessing in terms of moving this mission forward of the spiral magnetic mission forward, because I ended up recording the training, the recalibration training. And because you’re so sweet, and awesome, if you don’t mind, I’ll give you access to the course. No, that’s great.

Mimi MacLean  38:41

Thank you.

Moses Durazo  38:42

Yeah, there’s the zoom training. And, you know, people who have had this system will look at it will go through the lessons, and then they say, Oh, my God, I knew I understood it. But now that I heard you explain it, it makes completely just clicks.

Mimi MacLean  38:56

Yeah, it’s awesome. Thank you. Yeah, sure. This has been amazing. And so if someone wants to find you, or find your books, or more about you, what what’s the best website for them to go visit you?

Moses Durazo  39:06

Yeah, people should go to So just the way to save me help save me magnets . com. And I would say most definitely goes there for all updates. Just so you know, you know, the current climate out there with alternative medicine practitioners, it’s gotten a lot tougher, the FDA and the FTC have sent me notices, because you don’t like what I do. And so if people can no longer find our magnets easily, like on websites, you know, third party websites, or Amazon, it’s because of the FDA and their censorship around that. But I’m going to try my very best to at least if you go through our website, we might be able to pull it off that way.

Mimi MacLean  39:48

Thank you so much, Moses for coming on. I really appreciate it. It’s so interesting to me, and it’s not talked about enough because it seems like it’s very simple and not that expensive compared to what other options are a few people, I definitely have people calling all the time saying, you know, I don’t have a lot of money or just found out, like, what do I do. And I think a lot of people’s hands are tied because of the resources, either they’re not in the right location, or they don’t have the financial resources and things aren’t covered by insurance to get better. So I like this option of trying to heal yourself, right? You know, or trying to build your immune system up and let your body do the work.

Moses Durazo  40:25

Absolutely. And just so you know, that’s one of the great things that I personally love about bio magnetism is that magnets are forever, when I’m way gone my great grandchildren will still have my magnets and they will still work. So it’s not one of those that you have to there’s no expiration date to magnets. And you can just if you have the knowledge, and that’s what I’ve, you know, been trying to do with online courses and the books that I’ve published, that so long as you have that knowledge, you can pick up some magnets and use them, and you get some very phenomenal results in your own self care.

Mimi MacLean  40:59

Yeah, yeah. Well, thank you so much. I appreciate your time. And I’ll give you a call when I’m back in LA.

Moses Durazo  41:05


Mimi MacLean  41:11

Each week, or bring your different voices from the wellness community, so that they can share how they help their clients heal, you will come away with tips and strategies to help you get your life back. Thank you so much for coming on. And I’m so happy you are here. Subscribe now and tune in next week. You can also join our community at Lyme 360 warriors on Facebook and let’s heal together. Thank you!

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