How Chinese Medicine Helped Kelsey Watkins

lyme warrior and Chinese medicine practitioner

Kelsey’s Treatment Journey Using SOT and Chinese Medicine


Are you curious about Chinese medicine and SOT Therapy? Lyme Warrior Kelsey Watkins joins us to give more insight on both. Kelsey was diagnosed in 2019, and she was diagnosed by her primary care doctor. Once she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, she was treated by a western-based Lyme literate doctor whom she found on Lyme Facebook groups and from a friend. Her journey began with different antibiotics without any detoxification. Going through this led to her going on the alternative route. 

Alternative Treatments with Chinese Medicine and SOT Therapy

The alternative route involved Chinese Medicine and SOT Therapy. She went to a doctor on oriental medicine who introduced her to herbs and acupuncture. From this, she discovered SOT Therapy. You may be wondering what is SOT? SOT stands for Supportive Oligonucleotide Therapy This involves a lot of testing to find out what infections are haunting you. In this therapy, the doctor takes a vile of blood and sends it to a lab that identifies the DNA of the pathogen you’re trying to target. It then creates an mRNA to the DNA of the pathogen that you’re carrying then they inject the molecules back into you. The mRNA molecules attach to the DNA of the pathogen, and it tells the DNA to no longer replicate. It’s kind of like birth control for Lyme. What you’re targeting finishes its life cycle with SOT. 

With these, Kelsey has made progress, and she has some recommendations: 

  • Before you start doing anything open up your detox pathways. 
  • Try dry brushing, saunas, coffee enemas, eating a healthy diet, binders, and more.  
  • Do your research and trust your gut!
  • Try to document your journey because it can help you look back and see how far you have come on your journey.

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