Toni Wolley’s Lyme Journey and Her Advice

Lyme warrior toni wolley

Her Lyme Journey, Tips for Lyme Warriors, and Working at Indianapolis Integrative Forum

Toni has had Lyme for about 3 years as her symptoms started to become present in 2019, around Thanksgiving. She knew about Lyme Disease as she worked in integrative medicine. Her career helped her go to a friend to get tested for Lyme. Toni used a few labs to detect mold mycotoxin Vibrant America in Fecteau labs but she also used antibiotics to help her get better as it did help 80% of her symptoms go away in 2 weeks. Lyme is tricky as it does have an 80-day life cycle. 

She thinks that there are three things that need to happen in order for you to have chronic Lyme they are genetic predispositions, something like a leaky gut, and then a trigger like a loved one’s death. In order to help her on her journey, she used herbs and supplements SOT therapy for this she went to the Genesis Center in Atlanta Georgia. and then you need to support your liver through glutathione. Toni feels like she is B+ or A- on her journey as she still has lingering issues and flare-ups. 

Toni’s Tips and Tricks on Lyme: 

  • Make sure you do self-care such take time out of the day to relax, taking a magnesium bath, and enhancing your detoxification.
  • Be on probiotics and they have to be well-comprehensive binders. 
  • Get educated on SOT Therapy! 
  • Support your liver through glutathione. 

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