Heather Glo: Lyme Warrior and Fitness Guru

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Heather Glo, Fitness Guru

Heather Glo is a Lyme Warrior and fitness guru. I met Heather at a Ride Out Lyme event in March, and I was so happy to reconnect with her on Instagram Live a few weeks ago to learn more about her healing journey.

Heather is from Michigan and spent the summers up north with her mom. She had many tick bites over the years but never the classic bulls-eye rash, so she never thought anything of it. In high school, Heather was tired all the time. It was fatigue she really couldn’t describe. Then in college, it got worse. Doctors said she was overworked, stressed, and depressed; however, she knew it was more than that. A few years later, in 2017, Heather was finally diagnosed with Lyme. The doctor who ultimately diagnosed Heather said he was sorry for her having this debilitating disease. Heather remembers thinking that this disease would not dictate how she lived her life or get in the way of her passions. Instead of getting upset, Heather immediately started to think about how she could heal.

Heather went straight to Dr. Lehman, an infectious disease doctor in Beverly Hills who treated Justin Bieber. Dr. Lehman had Heather on antibiotics for about nine months until her body couldn’t handle it anymore. Then they switched over to an herbal protocol in addition to weekly ozone and IV treatments. Ultimately, the drive to Beverly Hills became too much, so Heather switched over to the Holtorf Medical Group, where she sees Dr. Hunt. At Holtorf Medical Group, Heather continued doing Ozone 10 Pass treatments, IV therapy, herbs, and peptides. The peptide that boosted her health significantly was peptide BPC 157. It is excellent for healing the gut, brain, and inflammation. Recently, Heather started Plaque X to help rid her body of mold toxicity. Her other favorite weekly treatment is the NAD IV, a four-hour session but so worth it because it removes brain fog and eases anxiety almost immediately.

One treatment I was curious to ask Heather about was SOT therapy. Heather did her first-round five months ago. After two weeks, she was surprised to find her neck pain and inflammation were gone, her energy came back, and she started to feel like herself again. After six months, you can get another round of treatment, so Heather thinks she will get it within the next month because she can feel it starting to wear off. Heather believes that SOT therapy was the number one thing that propelled her to total health.

Heather is a fitness inspiration. I can do walks every day, but I can’t even imagine doing Heather’s tough, weighted HIIT workouts. If I try to do something like that, I am wiped out for days. Heather is motivated to continue her passion for fitness and adapt it to how she feels each day. For Heather, it’s her fitness routine. For me, it’s my daily walk and watching my kids play their sports. Heather’s challenge to all of you, Lyme and Chronic Illness Warriors, are to find something that brings you joy and don’t give up on it.

If you missed my IG Live with Heather, it is still up on the @Lyme360 profile to watch it any time. And be sure to follow @justglowithit for fitness and daily motivation.

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