Have You Thought About EMF and Lyme?

Educating Yourself on The Impact of EMF on Lyme with the Upcoming Lyme Summit

I have learned I am super sensitive to EMF through my Lyme journey.  It is one reason why I was not getting better.  If you have not addressed EMF in your home, I have just the event for you.  With 5G rolling out, I am so excited to attend this event as there is so much to learn to help safeguard you and your family.

My friend and Summit Host, Nicolas Pineault have allowed me to pass along an Early Bird link to you, so be sure to give this a quick read so you set a reminder to attend this free online EMF protection event.

This FREE online event will help you…

  • become empowered with all the knowledge you need to protect yourself from electro pollution
  • discover the top EMF-related symptoms that are telltale signs you’re sensitive
  • eliminate the technologies that are covertly hurting you and your family
  • improve your entire life by using technology in a way that supports your health, and not the opposite
  • and receive a blueprint from the world’s leading experts to help detoxify your home, family, and life from EMF pollution


  • You will finally know exactly how to protect yourself from EMFs and their health hazards…
  • You can quickly know how to minimize your exposure at home and how to avoid buying the wrong gadgets…
  • You will effortlessly apply these new low-EMF solutions in your household without much friction from your family…
  • And Much More…

EMF Experts Will Be Attending and Presenting

Nicolas called in some serious favors to get 26 expert presenters together for you during this free 4-day online event, created exclusively for health-conscious people who are concerned about the dangers of EMFs and 5G.

You will also have the opportunity to purchase the summit so you can save them to watch when you want.

A Few Of the EMF Experts Will Include:

magda haves

Dr. Magda Havas, PhD

The Shocking History of EMF Science

Dr. Magda Havas has unveiled 50+-year-old documents which prove that authorities have known that EMF radiation is a health hazard. Learn the real truth about EMF science in this riveting interview.

ty bollinger

Ty Bollinger

Pet Cancer, EMFs and 5G

We know that humans are affected by EMFs, but animals are also the case! Learn how to protect your pets from these health risks.

veronique emf for Lyme speaker

Dr. Véronique Desaulniers

Can Your Phone Increase Breast Cancer Risks?

More and more people tuck their phone in their bra or keep it in a shirt pocket. Could this behavior increase their breast cancer risk?

kirklan newman speaker on emf summit

Kirkland Newman

The Link Between Devices, Stress and Anxiety

Are you feeling anxious, stressed or depressed on a regular basis? In this interview, mental health expert Kirkland Newman reveals why your tech gadgets might be the culprit.

olle johnson emf speaker

Prof. Olle Johansson, PhD

The 5G Impact on Your Health & What to Do About It

The installation of new “5G” (fifth generation) cellular networks have stirred controversy around the globe. Learn how 5G might impact your health, and how you can protect yourself against this new environmental threat. 

andy mant lyme emf speaker

Andy Mant

Protecting Your Eyes and Sleep From Blue Light Damage

Overexposure to blue light is increasingly recognized as a health hazard. Learn how you can minimize its impact on your sleep quality and overall health.

michelle riddle emf for lyme speaker

Michelle Riddle, OT, R.H.N.

Why EMFs Are NOT Safe for Kids & Teens

Our kids and teens suffer from more chronic diseases and autoimmune conditions than any other generation before. Could EMFs be one of the factors harming their immune systems and wellness?

lyme doctor tom o bryan

Dr. Tom O’Bryan

EMFs & the 4 Pillars of Autoimmunity

Autoimmune conditions are rampant. Could EMFs be one of the factors making our immune systems so confused? Dr. Tom O’Bryan, one of the foremost experts on autoimmunity, explores this controversial topic.

Josh Del Sol EMF expert

Josh Del Sol

The Hazards of Smart Meters & How to Tame Yours

All around the world, utility companies have been replacing old analog meters with so-called “smart” meters — an important source of sleep-disrupting EMFs. How can you protect yourself?

daniel pompa

Dr. Daniel Pompa

How to Reduce EMF Sensitivity With Real Detox

Most electrosensitivity sufferers are found to have high loads of environmental toxins in their blood or tissues. In this session, Dr. Daniel Pompa shares how you can detox your body from these toxins and start your journey to recovery.

emf for lyme - speaker

Dr. Marco Ruggiero, MD, PhD

Microbiome Breakthrough: An “Inner Shield” Against EMF Damage?

Dr. Marco Ruggiero has pioneered advanced research in the field of “inner EMF protection” using microbiome science. Learn about these remarkable breakthroughs from these cutting-edge scientists, and learn the truth about how EMFs impact your delicate microbiome.

emf for lyme summit speaker

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Have Telecoms Captured Washington?

Is the wolf guarding the hen house when it comes to EMF regulations? In this stunning discussion, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reveals how corrupt the FCC has become, and shares ideas on how we can restore democracy.

Event Details

  • Starts March 24, 2022 
  • Online and Free!
  • Each virtual session will be available for free access for 24 hours after it is held meaning you don’t have to attend every single one if you have a schedule conflict! After 24 hours, recordings are moved to the EMF Hazards Summit VIP Access Pass Holder Member’s Area. If you think you might miss any of these vitally important training sessions, you may want to consider securing access to the recordings, professional notes, and amazing bonuses.  You’ll see the VIP Pass Offer after you register for your free pass above.





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