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“Anything to feel better”

Recently, I had the opportunity to write on the Lyme Disease Org blog about my experience with chronic Lyme and alternative treatments. I also joined the founder of Lyme Disease Org, Lorraine Johnson on her podcast to continue the conversation and learn more about her work in spreading awareness and advocating for the Lyme community.

In the blog post,I dove into what it is like to see my health change overnight and the desperation I felt for finding my way back to health.

The efforts to stay healthy and regain my wellness have ranged from hyperthermia treatment to going sugar and alcohol-free. Here is a snippet of the blog:

Chronic Lyme and My Journey Shared on the Lyme Disease Blog and Podcast with Lorraine Johnson (listen to episode)

In 2015, my life drastically changed. A tick the size of a pinhead attached itself to my arm. The decision to not immediately take antibiotics has forever changed my life.

I had a fast-paced life as a working mom of five, but my life came quickly to a halt. The last six years have been a long, painful and lonely battle.

The symptoms first started as plantar fasciitis (heel pain). Then I had a frozen shoulder that I thought was from tennis, then my right hip started hurting, then debilitating fatigue.

After a few months, I knew it was Lyme because my children and husband have had it. I got tested by a doctor in New York City, who confirmed my suspicion. I did a mixture of antibiotics, herbs, tinctures, and IV treatments for six to nine months. I started to feel better and thought I was back to normal.

Check out the full blog post  and check out Lorraine’s episode on the Heal Podcast HERE.



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