Emotional Healing for Lyme with Mollie Lowery

lyme warrior series with Mollie

Mollie Lowery, Energetic Healer & Lyme Warrior

Emotional and energy healing is a critical component for those with Lyme disease, and it is also one often pushed to the side or not ever addressed. Mollie Lowery is a Lyme warrior and Healer who works with clients on this exact component of energetic healing. She lived in Costa Rica and joined our IG Live series to share about her journey, why emotions and negative energy can hold back your healing, and her new program for healing is coming soon.

If you have tried everything your doctor has recommended and still find yourself lost in symptoms and emotions, this is the blog to read and IG Live to watch!

Mollie’s Top Tips for Energetic Healing 

  • Meditation is key to centering yourself and becoming more observant of your thoughts.
  • Look into brain rewiring – a way to shift negative thoughts into positive ones. This will help release the negative energy you are storing inside of you.
  • Reiki and AHAI healing through focused frequency and energy work can help clear dark, low-frequency work.
  • Breathwork – practice what is intuitive to you. Calming your nervous system can be done through doubling your exhales (inhale for three, exhale for six)
  • Self-love through the journey of chronic illness
  • Practice abundance and manifestation to create a better reality for yourself

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