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If you haven’t done so already, Lyme will cause you to reexamine everything in your life. To overcome Lyme, you will need to make some lifestyle changes in every aspect of your life. Your body is completely overwhelmed and can not improve until you address and detox from toxins and negative things in your life. Here are the things I would recommend to begin your detox: 

Detox your Home:

Your home needs to be free and clear of chemicals and mold. The mold piece is crucial. You will not get better if you have mold in your home. If you do not see any and are not sure, I recommend having a mold specialist come and test your home as soon as possible. There are also home tests for mold available from Amazon you can use. Ensure any cleaning supplies or pesticides you use in your home are organic and free of chemicals and toxins. I would also recommend using white vinegar and water for a 100% all-natural clean. Be sure you have clean air filters and water filters for your home. Regularly sterilize your washing machine and refrain from using fabric softener or dryer sheets. Switch out your plastic containers for glass or stainless steel. Check out the Heal podcast episodes with Aida Garcia-Toledo, the Non-Toxic Munchkin, and Diana Jabour, EMF specialist, to learn more about what you can do to detox your home. 


Detox your Body:

What you are eating is extremely important in the healing process. It is ideal if you can get tested for allergies or food intolerances. If not, we have found eating gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, and alcohol-free is helpful. The goal is to reduce inflammation. I would recommend shopping mostly in the produce aisle and eating as many vegetables as possible. I even like to sneak some in a green juice in the morning. It helps to eat real, organic food that does not contain chemicals or preservatives. Many people get help by doing an Elimination Diet until they are very clear about what can trigger their body.

It’s essential to also think about what you are putting on your body. The last time the United States passed a federal law regarding personal care products was 1938. After the war, companies started using these chemicals in many of our products without ever testing for safety. We have no idea if the ingredients used in your shampoo, baby lotion, or toothpaste contain toxic chemicals that can cause health issues. Most Americans assume the products lining the shelves of our pharmacies and department stores are safe for us, but the personal care and beauty industries are virtually unregulated. I am not trying to discourage you but to empower you to make better choices. One of the reasons I use Beautycounter for my personal-care products is because they have already done the work for you. I know their products are safe and high performing. They test every ingredient against the highest of standards and have placed over 1,800 ingredients on their “Never List.”


Make Better Choices

I like to think of our bodies as a boiling pot of water that when we add chemicals, stress, viruses, etc. eventually it boils over. Your goal is to do everything in your power to minimize the toxic load in your body. There is no better time to find safer products. Download the app from the Environmental Working Group called “EWG’s Healthy Living App” or the Chrome plugin called Healthiest that connects directly to your Amazon account. Both applications rate products, helping you choose healthier and safer options.



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