Danika Robinson: Being Your Own Advocate as a Lyme Warrior

lyme warrior Danika Robinson

My name is Danika, and I initially got sick about ten years ago. Medical professionals couldn’t figure out what was wrong, some even being so dismissive as to make accusations that “it’s all in my head.” Hearing that over and over can really take a toll on someone. Some doctors thought painkillers and antidepressants would do the trick, but I knew I had to keep pushing to find the root of the problem, not just a band-aid to ease the pain. It felt like an eternity, but I finally started treating what I now know is chronic Lyme disease, amongst a laundry list of other things that accompany it. If it weren’t for doing my own research, pushing for specific blood tests, and consulting with as many specialists as possible, I would not have any answers as to what was ravaging through my body. Healing is not linear, and every Lyme warrior walks a different journey. I am passionate about raising awareness for a disease I live with every day that is so deeply misunderstood. If, by sharing my story, I can give hope and encourage others to be their own advocate, then it’s well worth it to me.



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