Daily Dental Routine as a Lyme Warrior

Lyme Dental Routine 1

Over the course of my healing journey, I have learned throughout my healing journey is how important the health of your mouth is in overcoming chronic illness.  Your dental care needs to go beyond brushing.  The health of your gums directly impacts your immune system because any infection goes immediately into the blood stream.  So it  s important to come up with a daily dental plan to keep your teeth and mouth in tip top shape. 


On top of that, it is important to take care in finding the right products to use every day. You can look at EWG’s Skin Deep App or Healthiest Plug-in to review dental products.

Continue reading to find my favorite products and daily routine below!

Daily Dental Care

Tongue Scraping

I scrape my tongue every morning to remove bacteria and build up that happens overnight. Check them out here.



I floss twice a day before brushing my teeth to avoid build-up that can lead to plaque and gum disease.



I rinse my mouth with this mouthwash after I brush my teeth to help the PH of my mouth plus remove any bacteria that might be present.  



I use this electric sonic toothbrush with soft bristles and use a natural toothpaste that does not have fluoride.


Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a great way to help kill harmful bacteria in the mouth, reduce bad breath, prevent cavities, decrease inflammation, improve gum health, and whiten teeth. I do this 20 minutes a day. It helps to create a routine, like putting it in your mouth when you are in the shower, getting dressed, or folding the laundry.

Once you have been to a Biological dentist and maintain a proper daily routine, you will see it have a direct impact on your health.  To lean more about biological  dentistry head over to our other article here


xx, Mimi



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