Colonics & Why It Is My Go-To Way To Detox

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Colonics For Detox

Colonics has also become one of my go-to ways to detox. Also called colon hydrotherapy, colon cleansing, and colonic irrigation effectively remove waste from the large intestine. It is like having an hour-long enema. It is a treatment used to help the body detox the large intestine and the entire body of toxins quickly without using drugs. Licensed professionals perform colonics. Infused filtered water is put into your body through the rectum and helps loosen up stool resulting in the easier evacuation of waste. This process is repeated several times throughout the hour.  

Two Types of Colonics

There are two different types of equipment or systems used in a colonic. Usually, a person prefers one over the other. One system is called the closed system, in which a practitioner controls the quantity of water inserted out at a time, and then she turns it off for you to release the waste. The other system is an open system with continuous water flushed into your body while releasing your waste. In addition to clean water, you can also have probiotics, coffee, garlic, and chlorophyll in your closed system colonic. Each aids the body in different ways and enters the blood system immediately.    

Are they safe?

There is debate if colonics are safe and effective. The conventional medical community does not believe colonics are safe or helpful. Colonics are even banned in some states or have strict rules on what can be done or not. Some believe that colonics deplete the good bacteria, or you become dependent on them, or that your intestine can become perforated from a treatment. Therefore, colonics fall into the alternative treatment world.  

I am not a doctor, so I can not say what is clinically effective or not. I know that they always make me feel better, especially if I add chlorophyll to my treatment. I try to go once a month and have gone up to 2-3 times a week to do an intense cleanse. Colonics are not painful except for maybe cramping. In addition to detoxing, I always feel lighter after a good session.

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