Clearing Emotional Traumato Finally Start Healing Your Lyme with Arnoux Goran

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Arnoux Goran, Founder at Total Health Mastery

Arnoux Goran, Founder at Total Health Mastery

Has your healing journey plateaued? In our society, we are trained to believe a pill or a procedure will quickly make us better. Western medicine addresses the symptoms but not the root cause. Did you know the root cause of many chronic illnesses can be an emotional factor? Our body remembers our past traumas and saves it like a file on a hard drive. Unless we do the hard work to erase these patterns or memory files, our body will continue to relive the trauma. In this week’s podcast, we talk to Arnoux Goran, a renowned international speaker and the author of the eight-book life changing series, Total Health Mastery. Arnoux has created a 7 step system proven to permanently release any old emotion, trauma, or repeating negative thinking to live your best life. During the podcast, we discuss how emotional trauma plays an integral role in your health.

During this journey, I realized that you will not get better unless you deal with the emotional part of your life. Talking to Arnoux, who had a very traumatic childhood growing up, to say the least, was raised by two deaf parents who were crack addicts.  He was neglected, starved, abused, and forced into caring for his other siblings on top of attending school. Through all this hardship, he became very ill at an early age and struggled with his health. After graduating from high school, he realized that something needed to be drastically changed; otherwise, he would die. This set him on a path to finding a naturopath who helped him heal through natural remedies and food. During this process, he realized how important it was to deal with your past baggage and rid your body of negative repeat patterns.  Although the trauma is in the past, your body remembers them, causing negative consequences. Arnoux has become a master in this field. He has helped thousands of people overcome their illness by dealing with the emotional component of their life. Through his seven-step program, he addresses every element of your life to heal. He is also a medical intuitive. He teaches you how to tap into your intuition and heal yourself and identify on your own what is needed. Take a look at his website to find out more. He offers in-person workshops as well. In next week’s podcast, he performs an intuitive medical session on me to help figure out why I am not getting better!  Come back next week to learn what he finds during my session with Arnoux. 

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Arnoux (are-know) Goran grew up in hell with 2 deaf crack addicts, who left him destroyed physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As an adult, he found himself repeating his childhood patterns of starvation, loneliness and depression, until he invented the 7 Steps To Reprogramming Yourself…the first ever way to erase repeating negative thoughts and old emotions permanently. He completely changed his life, and has successfully taught it to thousands of people of all ages, who have had incredible results in their finances, relationships, and health. It’s been studied by the University of California Irvine, showing 100% of the participants erased their negative emotions and could do it on their own after the training. Arnoux has appeared on TV, Radio and been a guest speaker for Universities and Fortune 500 Companies.

Mimi MacLean  00:03

Welcome to the Heal Podcast for all things related to Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses. I’m Mimi MacLean, Mom of five, founder of Lyme 360, and a Lyme warrior. Tune in each week to hear from doctors, health practitioners and experts to hear about their treatments, struggles and triumphs to help you on your healing journey. I’m here to heal with you. Welcome back to the heal podcast. This is Mimi and today we have on Arnoux Goran I’m very excited for you to be on today. Thank you so much. Can we just start out talking about your journey and how you came about, like starting your Total Health Mastery?

Arnoux  00:39

Absolutely. A lot of times when I tell people I grew up in a crack house with two Deaf crack addicts, they think I’m just kidding. But that actually did happen. Both my parents were deaf, so I speak fluent sign language. And they had a horrible Freebase actually caught me smoking cocaine addiction, they actually have drug problems from before I was born. But when I was eight, they started smoking cocaine all day, every day, all the time. And I thought that was the real problem. But really their verbal violence, their neglect, and the physical abuse and all the other types of abuse that I experienced, growing up, nearly killed me. And by the time I was 22, I’d been to every kind of doctor, I could find in a phonebook and had been diagnosed with a long list of so called incurable diseases, and was basically told by my last naturopath, or no, if you don’t do something different soon, you’re not going to be around much longer. So at 22 years old, I was literally told there’s no way I was going to get better. I had tried everything every doctor told me to do so. I’m obviously not dead. Here I am still, and I’m not 22 anymore. So what happened? Well, I started praying and asking for answers. And it wasn’t long before I started learning about nutrition, I found out there’s a lot of information about how the body works out, they’re hidden in books, and sometimes an audio programs that you’re just not going to find anywhere else. If you go to your naturopath, you’re trying to talk to your ayurvedic doctor, obviously not your Western medical doctor. And so right away, I just started putting it all together into a training program, as I saw myself get completely better within six months.

Mimi MacLean  02:05

That’s amazing. Well, first of all, I’m so sorry, you had that upbringing? I mean, it’s awful. And what were your like symptoms out of that? I mean, the fact that you’re here is amazing. But what were your symptoms out of out of that experience? Like what were you experiencing?

Arnoux  02:20

Really, from birth, I had allergies that were horrible. I mean, for someone who’s had allergies, you can understand it’s an absolute suffering, but your nose doesn’t stop running. And I remember being a freshman in high school, and I would run out of the box of tissue that I had brought with me to school. So I’d have to go to the bathroom during class and grab those Brown, like paper towels, you people used to dry their hands and blow my nose and nose all day and my notes are turned red, like Rudolph, and then I wouldn’t be able to breathe through my nose. And that just went on for at least five years. I didn’t breath through my nose at all. 13 hours in the ER with asthma attacks, you couldn’t breathe. They gave me inhalers. He gave me things for my sinuses that I’d have that ever obviously don’t have as many more 16 hours diagnosed with arthritis. Remember, the doctor was at Northgate Hospital in Seattle just north of downtown and he comes out and he says Well, I looked at your x rays and you’ve got arthritis, but there’s nothing we can do. So you just kind of have to learn to live with the pain. I don’t have of any arthritis, I don’t have any swelling. All my fingers were red and swollen. It was six months before I could get my dad to take me to the doctor because he didn’t really care. At 18 or 19. I started having blood every time I went to the bathroom. And it was very scary because I’ve already been to so many general practitioners and I didn’t know what to do. I was only 19. And I had tried everything I knew I knew to do. So by the time I was 22, I didn’t just have blood coming out and pain in multiple areas of my body. I was so tired and my brain was so exhausted. I couldn’t even remember the things I read like I was trying to, you know, go to naturopathic medical school and I was so exhausted that I couldn’t be in A student anymore. I couldn’t remember the chemistry textbooks. So at that point, I declined admission to the Bastyr University which is one of the best naturopathic schools and said Listen, I’m too sick go school. I got to figure out how to get better now I was sleeping 12 hours a day and I would be completely exhausted when I was awak. That’s where I was at and so I wasn’t that surprised when Dr. Molly told me that I was going to die. I was really really ill.

Mimi MacLean  04:18

And you he like diagnosed you with anything?

Arnoux  04:20

Well, Dr. Molly did give me a long list of diagnoses and oldster candida overgrowth. She said having pain in my whole body might be Fibromyalgia but she didn’t want to go down that path and diagnosed me with that but it sure sounded like it you know sleeping 11-12 hours every day could be diagnosis chronic fatigue syndrome, of course are diagnosed with tons of stuff before I ever met Dr. Molly Linton. I’m trying to think there was like 20 different things I was diagnosed with throughout my life, sinusitis, rhinitis, I already mentioned asthma. She told me I had total adrenal failure. My adrenals didn’t work at all I literally zero adrenal functioning. She said I was hypothyroidism. My thyroid wasn’t working very well. I was almost gone. And what she said is once your thyroids gone, then your pituitary is next, and all the other glands will have thyroid are not working right now. So once those go, there it goes, you’re off the planet. That’s it.

Mimi MacLean  05:10

Oh my gosh, that’s awful. What was your takeaway from the nutrition part like you were eating completely wrong, like what is the right way to be eating?

Arnoux  05:19

Well, it’s hard to say the right way. Because if you tell people the right way to be eating, they’ll get very upset because we live in a country, the United States of America that has very, very rigid beliefs about how the body works, and what you’re supposed to eat. And I would like to say it’s much better to know nothing than to really strongly believe things that are absolutely lies and not true. It’s much easier for me to teach someone how the body works, when I’ve already undone the things they think they know that are true that are just not true. The source of all this misinformation is from two places really the main place being the National Dairy Council. They provide and have been since 1915, all the health education to American public schools. So when you’re five years old, and you go to school, and the teacher tells you, you have to drink milk for calcium, they’re outright lying to you because drinking milk causes osteoporosis. The four countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis are the four countries that eat the most dairy so you don’t drink milk for calcium, you drink milk, if you want to get osteoporosis. That’s scientific fact. So why does the National Dairy Council have a right to brainwash all of our children.

Mimi MacLean  06:25

Because they want to get the money for the lunch money?

Arnoux  06:28

Right? Yeah, they are a marketing arm in 1915, they with the meat industry and egg industry decided to build a marketing company, hey, let’s let’s market our products. They thought, well, let’s provide marketing materials to public schools and say it’s education. And it’s said, hey, it’s free stuff, free material. Let’s take it and they are still doing it. Now, look, the NFL has a program called NFL 60, where they try to get kids to work out for 60 minutes every day and get out of their house stop playing video games. And the National Dairy Council is one of the main sponsors. And I’ve seen little kids on TV saying it’s really important to drink dairy milk, because now everyone’s drinking soy milk and oat milk and rice milk and everything but dairy because it’s super bad for you. And there’s still brainwashing our kids. And it’s not just about milk, it’s also about protein. That’s where the big problem is, is that most people think you have to eat meat to get protein. But the reality is, it’s the worst thing you could ever eat. If you want to be an athlete, or be healthy, it actually just undermines everything you’re doing. If you’re trying to have muscles, you’re trying to have endurance, the worst thing you could eat, but I just said something that everyone’s gonna get mad about, because everyone already knows the truth. And that and that everyone knows thing is really strong. So yeah, I changed my diet, but it was very different than what the average person would think is healthy. And if you took what I did to your doctor, they would tell you, it’s unhealthy. And yet here I am alive. And if you followed their program, I would have been dead.

Mimi MacLean  07:46

Right, so you plant based eater now?

Arnoux  07:49

Well, there’s only one diet that’s actually healthy in the human body. If you look at your body, and what happens to when you put food in the body, you’re going to see a negative response to most everything that you’re eating and a positive response to a small amount of what you normally eat. But if you switched it up to only eating foods that your body responds to, well, your body is going to change. So in 1929, there was a study done, you can find this in Dr. Gabriel cousins book, spiritual nutrition. And what they found was that if you eat a meal that has at least 50 milligrams of food that is dead, generally by heating, that your body goes into leukocytosis, which means that white blood cells come out of your spinal cord where they’re supposed to be, and go into your bloodstream to fight a foreign invader. When you’re really healthy, there are no white blood cells in your bloodstream, which sounds contrary, because everyone always measures white blood cell count. And there’s supposed to be a normal range, well, that’s normal sick person range, a normal healthy person has zero white blood cells in their blood, because they’re all waiting in the spinal cord for something to actually do. Because they’re actually healthy and that their immune system isn’t going to do anything. It’s just relaxing, waiting. And it’s going to be very, very strong compared to the average person whose immune system is working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So if you have a healthy person, and you put 50 milligrams, which is like a little pill of food that’s been heated too high, so it can’t grow on the ground anymore in your mouth and you swallow it, the white blood cells are going to come out of your spinal cord and go into your bloodstream to fight that toxic invader. That’s called leukocytosis. Now what they found in that study that that unique cuz we already knew that from before that if you put something in your mouth and eat it that is not dead, like an almond that is raw, or a piece of fruit or some kale or spinach or something that’s not cooked. That’s not dead that could still grow. That doesn’t happen. Your body doesn’t go into leukocytosis. I once did a study with some of my students back in 2004. Where we ate only food that’s a live living food diet. Sometimes you can call it the life food diet. If you look up Dr. David Jebb. That’s Jebb. His diet program is actually a bit more advanced life food diet I actually prescribed to his program so if you follow that program for a month, which I did, I was on for months and couple myself Let’s try one month, and then we did live blood analysis. You know what that is?

Mimi MacLean  10:03

Yes, I do. I’ve done that before. Yes.

Arnoux  10:05

Okay. So for those who are watching, I don’t know, you take a little pinprick of blood from your fingertip. And you put it on a slide, like the chemistry microscope slide, and then you put it under a microscope. And then you look at your blood on a TV right there in real time live blood analysis, you’re looking at your blood. And our blood, both of us looked amazing, all the red blood cells were round. A lot of times people have funky looking red blood cells all round and all able to move around and flow in the fluid. Okay, then my student, a two bites of kale that we seen that we bought from the farmers market out there that had never even been in the refrigerator, it was picked that day, like the healthiest thing you could ever think of. We steamed it, that’s 212 degrees Fahrenheit, 100 degrees Celsius, steam and life dies at 108 degrees Fahrenheit. So we killed it. Right? So my student ate that I eat a peach. 30 minutes later, we looked at our blood again, mine looked exactly the same, nothing happened. Her blood, on the other hand, was completely jacked up. All the red blood cells were stuck together and nothing can move. Actually, the best part was the gal that did the live blood analysis. This is her profession, she had a look of shock on her face.

Mimi MacLean  11:15


Arnoux  11:16

I mean, I said, so what does it mean? The body went into a toxic shock reaction, she didn’t know that’s what happens when you eat even a little bit of things that are dead. So if you switch over from eating dead things to living things, your body is going to work a lot better. The problem with me telling you this is that most people are going to is going to try to do what I just said and start eating more or all living foods and they’re going to feel sick, they’re going to say I feel worse, this doesn’t work. That guy lied to me, this is BS, those studies were false, bla bla bla, because they don’t know what they’re doing. You can’t just switch over directly, you’re going to start detoxing really fast, and you’re going to get sick from the crap that’s been built up in your system for the last however many decades, trying to come out so quick that you feel like you have the flu or worse. And you’re gonna think it’s because you’re not getting that animal protein, which is absolutely stupid and ridiculous. And just like insane, it has nothing to do with it at all. But that’s where we are, we live in a society where people have no idea how their body actually works.

Mimi MacLean  12:12

That’s crazy. So that’s a great segue into your program that you could find online, right, which is like the seven step program, that’s what you’re doing is you’re helping people through this.

Arnoux  12:21

Now you’re switching from the body to the mind, and I am capable of fixing any way on either side. And I know that that’s not very normal. But that is where I’ve gotten to at this point in my career in my life. There’s six courses in my university online school, where you can listen to these courses I’ve taught, and one of them covers how to cleanse the body without cleansing reactions, which is what you have to know if you want to really transition from eating what you’ve been eating to being really healthy. And you’ll see people transform their whole body in a matter of weeks going through that type of detox very quickly without getting sick. So that program is designed to take when it knows nothing at all, you know, normal average person never said anything a Western medical doctor same round, because you know zero about nutrition unless there’s food on their own, they’re not going to learn it in medical school, it’s not their fault, it’s just not part of the training. Someone like that is going to go through my courses on the body. And they’re going to know more about how to fix their body than any other type of training that they’re going to be able to purchase no matter how much money they spend. But not everyone wants to learn about their body. Some people want to learn about their mind. And the reality is, if you’re trying to fix your body, there’s a good possibility that part of or the entire root cause of the problem is emotional, mental or spiritual, which is why we have to learn all those parts of ourselves if we want to achieve our optimal level.

Mimi MacLean  13:39

Right. Okay, so can we talk a little bit about that the mind part and the emotional part?

Arnoux  13:44

Yeah, absolutely. So going through what I went through as a kid, as you know, my parents were very mentally abusive, you know, being screamed at as loud as possible by people who can’t hear it’s very traumatizing to have them scream at each other. And at me over and over and over again. It was like putting stacks of emotional pain on top of more stacks. And I was just like building this giant brick bag that I was carrying everywhere. And it was so heavy that I probably would have been diagnosed with depression when I went to even only child. No, I had three younger brothers, but growing up only a two. So I was the oldest of three. And I did my best to take care of my two younger brothers and I was the one who did the grocery shopping. I started doing the grocery shopping at 11. I would take my mom because she was afraid to leave the house because she was afraid of the satanic cult that she made up in her head worth going to kidnap us and eat us and whatever so she wouldn’t go anywhere without me. So I had to take her to the bank. I had to take her and I did everything. I’ve picked up the groceries I made the shopping list. I budgeted everything I did the shopping with the food away like I go over all duties of being them. And I dad would clean once in a while whenever he claimed you’d scream at anyone who got anywhere near him the whole time. So I did most of the cleaning as well. I did all the laundry, mowed the lawn, watch the dogs like everything. I was loving up until I moved out when I was 18 so Going through that I was severely mentally traumatized, like I couldn’t even talk loud enough to be heard. I had a lisp. I mumbled everything I said, I sorted all my words together. If you asked me how I was doing, the only word I could respond with was fine. And I couldn’t possibly say it that loud. I mean, the emotional pain that I felt was unfathomable for most people like, I should be dead from that.

Mimi MacLean  15:20

Yeah, I’m surprised you even went to school?

Arnoux  15:23

Oh, yeah. Well, I was always top of my class. But it was really difficult. Because I mean, I’d get up getting screamed at or something, go to class, do school, come home and try to do my homework and take care of everything else. So yeah, it was really hard. And I, what else could I do, you know, kill myself, no, other people would have done that, I wasn’t gonna do that. I never had any desire, but to go forward, because I knew that someday, it wasn’t going to be like that someday I was going to turn all that stuff around and make my life into something worth living, and make my life into something of a contribution to the world, I knew I could do something great. And that was just the precursor to it. If I didn’t go through what I’ve been through, there would be no seven steps to reprogramming yourself is what most people start with when they go through my courses as they learn how to start removing those bricks of emotional pain permanently. And when I say permanently, people usually get upset, because that’s not supposed to be possible. You’re not supposed to be able to take the emotional pain of your past and remove it permanently. Everyone says it’s impossible. But yet, you can do it now. Mm hmm.

Mimi MacLean  16:26

And how is that done? Can you give us an example or talk to you a little bit more detail about that?

Arnoux  16:30

Yeah. So what we’re really doing is we’re going into your mind, and we’re removing the negative beliefs that were created, from the original trauma that you went through, that then creates a repeating pattern in your life. Like, for example, let’s say that when you were a kid, your parents got divorced when you were five, and you saw the whole fight and the breakup and your dad yelling, and him screaming, and your mom screaming and dad saying fine, I’m out of here, and he ran out the door and never came back. And that day, a whole bunch of emotion and thoughts were formed. And clumped up into a big rock inside of you, what we’re doing is we’re actually removing that rock. Now, what happens is that rock becomes a magnet, and you begin to attract into your life, an experience that matches that exact frequency, or that feeling, and those thoughts over and over again. And it just keeps repeating and repeating and repeating into forever. And to be able to go and remove that emotion and those negative thoughts is supposed to be impossible, like I said, so here are the basic concept of the seven steps and how it works. If you think of yourself as a computer, that rock is like a file stored in the hard drive of the computer. And you can go into the file folder and find it. And you can even if you really want to identify where it came from, but it’s not necessary to know when it got installed like that original time, it doesn’t matter if you can remember that step one of the seven steps is to open up the file folders of your computer and pick what you want to work on. Okay, I want to go into the folder called money or I want to go into the folder called health. And I want to see if there’s anything mental caused me to let’s say, have Lyme disease, for example. And what if your Lyme disease is there because of a mental cause well, and we want to look in that folder and see if there’s anything in there. So that’s the first step is look into what folder you want to look into. The second step is once you found something like let’s say you go into the folder of Lyme disease, and you find that there’s this trauma, when you were a kid, that’s actually part of why you maybe it’s all of why you attracted the experience of getting that disease, which would be kind of interesting on a metaphysical level, if that was 100% of the root cause sometimes it’s only part of it. Sometimes it is all of it for even for a health challenge. No, someone might have a headache and you erase their anger and all of a sudden their headache goes away. Well, that’s not too far fetched. Of course, that makes sense. But what if we erased the abandonment and then all of a sudden your Lyme disease went away? Well, that’s impossible, is it?

Mimi MacLean  18:47

So I don’t think it is because I think it’s kind of like cancer, everyone’s exposed to cancer. Everyone’s exposed to Lyme, not everyone, but you can be exposed to Lyme I can be exposed like I become a chronic Lyme patient where you don’t even know you even were exposed. Right? And it’s what triggers that. And maybe it’s the emotional component that you’re talking about, or maybe something else.

Arnoux  19:06

Yes, exactly. It could be why you attracted it, it could be why your immune system isn’t able to get rid of it, we can look at it from multiple points of view. So it can be part of or completely the root cause. So you go on the folder. And step two is to start erasing within the folder and steps three and four basically are keep erasing what’s in there until it’s all gone. And once you’ve deleted all the programming, because we’re actually deleting thoughtforms words. And there’s other methods out there that work on the energy body or work on your spirit that work on your your emotions, but we’re actually deleting words, actual beliefs, which is very unique. There’s no other process that deletes the actual thoughts and these rocks inside of you are made up of thoughts, but not pure emotion. emotion is the chemical that we feel in the body that’s generated by thoughts. Every time you think about in your head in your brain. There is a chemical created that we call emotion by Generate emotions, but they’re not the same thing. So if you release the emotion from your body by crying, you’re not erasing the thoughts that caused those feelings in the first place. What we’re doing is actually erasing about causing the feelings in the first place, which is going back to the core level. And so you’re going inside and deleting all the thoughts, all the programs, we call them, because they’re like, HTML code on a computer, you know, it’s the programming that makes up the matrix of reality. It’s like how Neil figured out in the movie, the matrix, everything was just made up of coding, if he could just change the coding to change reality, well, that’s what we’re doing. We’re going inside and changing the coding inside of you. So once we remove it all, then Step five is to write the new beliefs, right? The new programming what you want to be there, no, I’m healthy, I’m strong. I feel good every day, when I wake up in the morning, I feel fantastic. And that becomes the new programming that’s automatically effortlessly there all the time. Just like the old programming was automatically, effortlessly there all the time, we just heard a lot. We got rid of the hurt painful stuff, and we put in what we want. And that becomes permanently there. Now step six is when you essentially make it permanent, there’s a way that you can cause the process to be a permanent process, that’s a step six is, then step seven is Okay, the next day, go look in that folder. Again, make sure you didn’t miss any lines, make sure you deleted every single line, because when you’re actually doing it, you might start to get tired or a little bit worn out. And then the next day you look at like, Oh, I didn’t actually finish it. I thought I was done. But I was just so tired. There was still a little bit left. So you just check. That’s the seven steps. In a nutshell, it actually takes me three days to teach someone how to do it properly. And a lot of people will take the three day weekend course online over and over again. Like literally yesterday, this gal Michelle emailed me and said, I’m taking it again, I love it so much. It’s so good. People will take it the second time, the third time, watch the video of the course. And write to me and say I’m really getting it now it’s my third time I’m really understanding you know how to use it to get rid of procrastination, how to use it to have more money, how to use it to have better relationships, because we’re also talking about the nature of reality, and how we’re manifesting our experience of life.

Mimi MacLean  22:06

That’s really interesting. Now, how does that relate to your five step emotional eraser class?

Arnoux  22:10

That’s a great question. So when you are looking at repeating patterns in life, like let’s say someone has a repeating pattern of being sick, and they don’t want to be sick, like I was sick, I didn’t want to be sick. And they can’t undo the pattern. Like no matter how many courses they take them, or how many books they read, no matter how many diets they go on, they just can’t get rid of the pattern. Usually, it’s something that you need to seven step which is in the mind and or something you need to five step using the five step emotional eraser, which is in the soul, you as a soul create intentions for your life. And sometimes you create intentions that you don’t want to keep replaying. And a lot of these are inherited from your parents. So their ancestral patterns, they can be patterns of your soul you brought in, and they can be patterns that you’ve created as a child. And so you can have a repeating pattern that’s rooted in the intention level or the visualization level, or the soul level, the energetic level, not thought forms, not belief patterns, not the mental level, a totally different part of you, spiritual part of you. And we’ve got to undo those patterns too. And if you don’t know how to do that, you can clear a lot of things with the seven steps, and you can change a lot of your life. But at some point, you’re going to run into a pattern that just won’t go away, no matter how many times you try to apply the seven steps to it. And it’s because you’re gonna realize, Oh, this pattern is not mental, there are no negative thoughts there. This is actually something else this is energetic. And that’s when the five steps comes in. And that’s how you erase the energy behind a repeating pattern. And you’re going to be able to erase 95% of repeating patterns. But just those two tools, I have two other tools for transformation. And those would take probably most of the other 5% of what you need to do, so that you can actually transform your whole life. And this also leads us into things like permanent chakra balancing. chakra balancing is when you clean out the energy centers of your body. And the problem is that if you go to someone who does it or learn how to do it, you’re just doing it temporarily, you’re taking things out on the next time you think about the thing that triggered those blockages in your system, they’ll just come right back. Whereas we’re actually removing the blockages permanently. So each day you’ll look and see less and less in your energy field until one day you’ll wake up in the morning and see nothing in any of your chakras. Everything looks fantastic.

Mimi MacLean  24:24

That’s amazing. How did you like come about making these programs? I’m just kind of blown away right now.

Arnoux  24:33

Well, you know, I’m a very spiritual person. And it really started when I was 15. And then when I was 17, and I learned when I was 17. That it’s not just me praying to the universe, or to God or the Great Spirit and you can call that divine force wherever you want to call it doesn’t matter to me is all the same thing. So when I pray and ask for answers, they come to me, you know, when I was 17, I learned that it’s not a one way conversation me to the universe. The universe can also speak to us and if we can learn to learn Listen, to pay attention to see to feel to know the guidance, then we can follow that guidance to our answers. And that’s literally how I created all these courses as I prayed and asked for answers. And a book came, of course came a person came, a teacher came, and I would just gobble these things up. And I would keep getting answers like the seven steps, it was answered by answer a piece by piece on one day, I had a miracle happened to me. And it was like, all the pieces fit together. And I understood how the mind works, how it’s designed, they’re literally is a design to the human mind. That’s the same for all people and everything just, and then it’s unique, because all the files are different, but the design of it is the same. It’s a structure that doesn’t change. So I understood it. And then I understood how to go in and take something out. Now, I didn’t realize at the time that I was creating something that no one had ever done before. I just wanted to heal myself. I was in hell. I literally was in hell and I wanted to get out. But as time went on, I tried to teach other people I saw like, no one’s ever figured this out ever. Like in human history, no one ever No. Wow. Well, I guess that makes it important. But in the beginning, I just wanted to get out of hell, I wanted to stop suffering, I wanted to stop being upset 50 times a day, I wanted to stop struggling financially, I wanted to feel better. And so it was a matter of a desperate need. Like when I was 22, Dr. Molly Linton told me, I’m going to die. So I either had to figure out how to fix my body or die. And it was the same with my mind, I had to figure out how to heal my mind, where I was probably going to die from that. So those are my choices. And I got to give me some of this some secrets there. Number one, I never believed anyone when they told me that something couldn’t be done. Right, every doctor that told me I’d never get better, I always thought the same thing to myself, I didn’t speak it out loud. I just thought, well, just because you don’t know how to do it doesn’t mean it can’t be done just means you don’t know how I didn’t assume that because they’re a Western medical doctor or a naturopath or a Chinese Doctor Who taught acupuncture in Beijing or Qigong master or a Reiki Master or chiropractor or in these are like, to everybody, right? It didn’t matter that what their credentials were when they said it couldn’t be done. I just thought I just means you don’t know how to do it. And the same thing happened when I tried to figure out how to do the seven steps, try to heal the mind went to so many courses, I went talk to so many people into so many different types of healers, and they all said it can’t be done. And I thought the same thing. Well, that just means you don’t know how to do it. And never ever meant to me that it can’t be done. And I think part of that is I was born that way. And part of it is because I went to a really good martial art school and we trained every day to believe there’s no such thing as can’t. And that anything you put your mind, body and spirit into you can achieve. So if you really, really believe you’re going to go for any goal, you can achieve it. So I achieved these now seemingly monumental goals that at the time were just what I had to do, and there was no such thing as can’t.

Mimi MacLean  27:45

No, do you also obviously pre COVID to have an office or is everything online?

Arnoux  27:51

Well, we’d like to do our workshops in nice venues like hotels, there’s a really nice spiritual center we use sometimes we just because we like to pick locations that have free parking and big cushy chairs. We want to really take care of our all of our students that come to the workshops, although now that we are in the you know, COVID time for a little while longer. We’re doing most things online on zoom. Like next month, I’m doing a course called Life Coaching certification. So once you’ve gone through and learned the four major tools of transformation, then you can learn how to do one on ones for a living. And it could be called mentorship, it could be called something different. But everyone likes life coaching. And it really is life coaching just so different than how life coaching normally is. Well, that course is going to be on zoom, which in a way is better because no one has to travel to go to the course. I need everyone to be on their computer because we’re actually going to build a whole coaching business in five days. So they need to have their computer. Whereas in February, we are going to do a course live in Orange County and it is legal for us to do it there right now. So that’ll probably be the only live one we’re doing this year though.

Mimi MacLean  28:55

Right? And then how do you do the chakra clearing? Is that in person? Or do you also do that online?

Arnoux  29:00

So first, you have to learn the seven steps to reprogramming yourself. Because when you look in your chakras, you’re gonna see solid things, you’re gonna see rocks sometimes around..

Mimi MacLean  29:08

So I could see it? If I take the class and I’m able to see it. It’s not like I’m relying on you to do it.

Arnoux  29:13

Oh, no, I’m going to teach how to do it yourself. You’re going to learn how to do that. Actually, that will be in February. So the first course is the seven steps. And then the second course is life transformation, you learn the five steps, the emotional repolarization technique and completion. So those make up the four major tools of transformation. Once you know those, then you can come to becoming your authentic self. And literally on the first day, the very first thing we started doing is learning how to look at our energy field. Now in those courses before becoming our authentic self, I am doing some precursory training to develop your intuition. Every single human being is born with nine senses. And I actually learned that first when I was 15 years old from a MIT brain scientist named Pete Sanders Jr. So he said every human has nine senses, the five basic senses and then the four intuitive senses that people clump together into the sixth sense, and everyone’s born with them, they’re part of your design. But they get broken down turned off really isn’t I like to say just get turned off. And so I have figured out that if you know the four major tools of transformation, how to turn them on really fast. And so once you know those tools, and you come to becoming authentic self, we start turning them all on. And by the end of the third day of that course, you’ll be able to do a reading, which means you’ll be able to access the truth from the source from the Great Divine, and share that with someone else in session, you can download content, I’ve had students write an entire book or near an entire book during the course, you can download a speech, you can download whatever you want directly from source once you’ve open up these channels. And so what you’re going to learn how to do is open up your vision, which is actually a big part of the second course. Because to do the five steps, you do need to open up your intuitive vision, clairvoyance, and so then your visions open, it’s turned on. Now let’s apply it to looking at our own energy body. Let’s look at our own chakra. So we started looking. And if you don’t see, well, that just means there’s more work to do to turn that part of your intuition on. This is really unique. You know, one of my my top students, she’s been my protege for eight years her name is Mary, she went to a training on clairvoyance, where if you’re under 38 years old, it’s a one year training. If you’re over 38, it’s a two year training and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to see intuitively, I guarantee you 100% of my students will be able to see by the end of the third day, and they all raise your hand every single person who’s ever taken that course raises their hand by the third day and they are all have full access to their intuition every single person. So you’ll be able to see your own chakras, you’ll eventually be able to see other people chakras, we did a little bit of that training on the fifth day last time, like practicing looking at someone else’s energy field, looking at their past experiences and what happened to them, looking at their chakras, looking at who they’re being the vibration they’re emitting, and being able to see what’s actually causing it, which is just magical. So that’s really moving into more like helping other people. You know, if you become one of my coaches, you’ll be able to look at someone else, even over the phone and see what’s in their chakras. That’s what that’s a lot of what I do sometimes with the more advanced students I’ve heard, like, I’ve had some clients for like five years, and they call me and say, Can you look at my chakras and tell me what’s in there? Sure!

Mimi MacLean  32:06

You could look like right now over the phone, and just like three people, you don’t have to be in person?

Arnoux  32:10

No, I can tell you what’s in your chakras right now. Anyone can learn how to do this, I wasn’t born able to do that. So these are all skills I’ve developed over time. And it’s easy to teach them when you know, these tools of how to clear things out.

Mimi MacLean  32:21

The scary, cuz I’m sitting here talking like, wait, what do you thinking already? What do you know about me that I don’t even know about me?

Arnoux  32:28

I’m not actually looking. I’m not like trying to see anything. But if I were to look, I would see a lot. 

Mimi MacLean  32:34

That’s crazy!

Arnoux  32:36

That’s the you know, no one can see anything that you don’t want them to see.

Mimi MacLean  32:39

Oh is that true? So this is kind of off subject. But I kind of this is all new to me. But at the same time, my daughter, I sent her to a woman who kind of believes obviously in in all this and she teaches kids under the age of 12, you have to be under 12. And she can teach them to read blindfolded. So by using that clairvoyant, you know, ability, like Sixth Sense, she didn’t say the word sixth sense, but I’m just saying it. And she was able to like she could literally be up in the top floor. I could call her and she often didn’t even need to be blindfold anymore. I could be like, what am I doing? And she could tell me what I was doing. If she was tuning in. It was crazy. Like, and like, my husband wouldn’t believe me. He’s like, let me see I there’s no way I’m like, pick up any book in the house, give it to her and let her start reading. And it was like one of those masks that you cannot like, see through. And she was able to start, like reading and he’s like, Are you kidding? Like, you know, it’s really hard to comprehend, right? Like, it’s out of our wheelhouse on Earth. We weren’t trained that way. That’s what she’s saying. You have to do it under the age of 12. For her, because after that she’s already been gone. Like we’ve already been trained ourselves to kind of let it leave, it’s very hard to get back.

Arnoux  33:52

Well, that’s because she doesn’t know my tools. Once you learn my tools, you’ll be able to do it for anyone of any age, but it will take longer the older they are because it’ll be more crap to clean out. The first time ever heard of what you’re talking about was one of my students. That’s a yoga master. I guess she’s won a couple of yoga championships. And she said that her yoga teacher trained her to be able to do that, too. So she could see blindfolded, she could see around her and took her along. But she was in her 20s when she developed it. So obviously it can be done before and I think that’s pretty darn amazing.

Mimi MacLean  34:25

It was really cool. Like she’s like mom, I could see like the test on a teacher’s desk, like with the answers on it, like, you know, and then like people were starting to make fun of her. So she stopped like she’s kind of embarrassed now. So she doesn’t do it anymore. But it was really cool for a while like she was insecure like it made her be more insecure than like, be like, Hey, I have this cool thing. You know, when you’re younger, you don’t want to stand out. So you know she stopped doing it but I really wish we would get back to it because it’s cool. going online and doing these programs you get the same benefit as being in person.

Arnoux  34:56

There’s pluses and minuses so when you’re doing it in person, there are some things can’t get online when you’re doing it online, there’s some things you can’t get. But you can only get that weather you can’t get in person. When you’re doing an in person, there is an energy field that we create. My team actually works on the energy of the room before the course begins. And throughout the entire course we call these the volunteers that come to that event angels and some of my stuff, we train people. So once you’re an advanced student, you can become an event and when you can actually work on the room. And like I had this woman come in, he was at with her kids. Her daughter is a medical doctor and her son’s an engineer. And they spent 25 years taking every course on the planet like, Eastern and Western, like they’d been all over there from India originally. And they came up to me on the second day and said, How did you pick this hotel? And I said, Why do you ask? Well, we’ve never been anywhere that feels this good. I said, Well, it’s not actually the hotel. It’s actually our team in the back. And she’s like, yeah, you’re right. It’s not the whole hotel, it’s just this room. I said, No, we worked on the hotel. But this room, this room is the best room I’ve ever been into my life. There’s something to the energy field that we generate. So when you’re in the room, it creates a space a field that you can transform in at a rate that’s higher than you could maybe do on your own, so to speak. So that’s one benefit of being a person. Other benefit is that you’re going to be with a whole bunch of other like minded people, basically, everyone is awesome. If they’re not awesome, they didn’t come, they wouldn’t be in that room, they wouldn’t even want to come get rid of their old crap, and learn how to do that. So you’re going to meet these amazing people, and you’re going to partner up with people and work on stuff. And you’re going to make friends and you’re going to get buddies to practice with after. And you can still do that online. But when you go in person, it’s a little different. So and then, of course, there’s hugging. And there’s like physical contact and experience of loving and being in the community that’s different. Part of what I do in the way I teach is I break down or meltdown, I should say people’s fear of other people. We are tribal by nature, we need love just as much as we need food and air and water. And the American culture, people are afraid of other people, unconsciously, mostly, and they have these shields up all the time. And so I create such a safe space that people start laying their shields down, and they start to feel comfortable. And they start to like the people in the room. And you can see their faces at the end of just the first weekend that they are filled up with love that like they have never been. I had a medical professional, she was a nurse, but her her husband and her both her parents were medical doctors go through my courses. And I asked her if she would talk about my help train. And she got up there. And I thought she was gonna say that my health training was the best training she’d ever been through even better than any medical school training. And she did say that before, she said that. She said, this is the safest place I’ve ever been. And she started crying, I can’t do that on computer, you know on the phone. But if you take the course online, first of all, you have instant access to you can watch the entire three day weekend in two days, you can watch it right now you don’t have to wait, you go to my website, it’s So you go there, you click on Register, you sign up and literally within minutes, sometimes instantaneously, you get a text and an email, and you can log in. And you can press play. Like you don’t have to wait for the next course, which right now might not be for a while because of the pandemic. But even normally, you know, we only do them two or three times a year anyway. So you have instant access. And you can go as fast as you want. You can go through the whole three days in two days. And there’s nothing to stop you from just plowing through it and then watching it again. Right away. Or you can watch it or you can press pause, you can rewind, what did you say? You have the slideshow, you can download that print it out right on the slideshow, if you want to be have a workbook that we created that you can download and right on that. All that is completely different. And then with our online community, we have a Facebook group only for graduates, you can ask someone to be your clearing buddy, and our administrator will partner people up. If someone asked for recruiting buddy, they’ll go to the other people who asked recruiting buyers and say, hey, there’s someone new that means another claim buddy, because you can have more than one person that you meet with regularly by phone or zoom or whatever. And practice erasing things together and getting better at it. And also practice coaching because a lot of people make a career out of using my tools to help other people. So doing it online, there’s lots of benefits, go over it again, start right away, ask as many questions as you want, anytime you want in the Facebook group. And then you can go through all the courses really quickly. But you also can’t hug anyone through your computer. So there you go, right.

Mimi MacLean  39:28

This has been amazing. I know. Thank you so much. I really, really appreciate it and I’m excited to go check out your courses and take them and finish my healing. I’m almost there and I just, I’m still like in pain even though I’m able to get out of bed and get on with my life. But I just want to get to the next level to get me back to normal. So I’m excited to try to use your tools.

Arnoux  39:52

But I would say for anyone that has a health challenge the basic philosophy that should be common sense isn’t common yet is find the real cause of the problem. It might say, well, the causes Lyme disease, okay, well, why do you have that? And why hasn’t your body already gotten rid of it on its own, your immune system is supposed to be able to protect you from everything. So why hasn’t it done it yet? What’s wrong with your system that it’s not able to get rid of it? I’ve had plenty of clients get rid of viruses, and they don’t show up on their tests anymore. So why hasn’t your body done that? So what’s the real root cause, and the root cause can be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual? The four major tools of transformation work on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels, you also need to learn about the body if you’re going to achieve your results. Once you know what the root causes are, you have to figure out what tools are the right ones to use for those root causes. And if you do those things correctly, you should automatically naturally not a miracle, just common sense, get a result of your body working right again. And I’ve seen it so many times are thousands of testimonials, we took them all off of YouTube, because it’s not safe to share what we can do in that way. We only have a formula for weight loss, and no emotional, mental, spiritual. So you know, people becoming rich people find their soulmate, like we have those testimonials up there. But the health ones, we took them all down, but we have them. And if you really want to learn how to find root cause there’s three major methods and one of them is intuition or medical intuition. So you can learn that, if you go through the basic, the seven steps life transformation to becoming authentic self, you’ll learn how to do medical intuition, and becoming your authentic self, which is coming up in February. But if you just try everything, you might waste a lot of time and never actually addressed the real root causes. But if you find the root cause and address it directly, you’re going to get to your results a lot faster. It could be within days or months. Every person is unique and different.

Mimi MacLean  41:41

That’s amazing. Well, thank you so much, and have a great night and I really appreciate your time.

Arnoux  41:45

Thank you very much Mimi, I’ll see you soon. Take care.

Mimi MacLean  41:54

Each week, I will bring you different voices from the wellness community so that they can share how they help their clients heal. You will come away with tips and strategies to help you get your life back. Thank you so much for coming on. And I’m so happy you’re here. Subscribe now and tune in next week. You can also join our community at Lyme 360 warriors on Facebook and let’s heal together. Thank you



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